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Converting Sales Orders to Invoices after Updating

In the dynamic landscape of business software, staying current with the latest updates is crucial for optimal functionality and efficiency. However, sometimes these updates can bring unforeseen challenges. One such issue that users of Sage 2019 Edition may encounter is the difficulty in converting Sales Orders to Invoices. This hiccup can disrupt the seamless flow of operations, but fear not – there are solutions available to address this matter.

Understanding the Issue

The challenge arises when users find themselves unable to smoothly convert Sales Orders into Invoices after upgrading to the Sage 2019 Edition. This shift in functionality may be perplexing for those accustomed to a straightforward process in previous versions. Read More : Installation of Sage 50 Rebuild Server

Possible Causes

Several factors could contribute to this issue. Some common causes include:

1. Configuration Changes:

   - The update may introduce new configuration settings that affect the conversion process.

   - Reviewing and adjusting these configurations may be necessary to align with the updated version.

2. Software Compatibility:

   - Third-party integrations or plugins used in conjunction with Sage might not be fully compatible with the new edition.

   - Ensuring all integrated tools are updated to their latest versions can mitigate compatibility issues.

3. Data Migration Glitches:

   - During the update, data migration might encounter errors or inconsistencies, leading to disruptions in the conversion process.

   - A thorough examination of the migrated data can help identify and rectify any such anomalies.


1. Update Third-Party Integrations:

   - Verify that all third-party applications or integrations are compatible with Sage 2019.

   - If updates are available, apply them to ensure seamless interoperability. See Also - Delete an Account from the Chart of Accounts Sage 50

2. Configuration Review:

   - Examine the updated configuration settings in Sage 2019.

   - Adjust the settings to align with your business processes and requirements.

3. Data Validation and Cleanup:

   - Conduct a comprehensive review of migrated data.

   - Identify and rectify any inconsistencies or errors that might be hindering the conversion process.

4. Consult Sage Support:

   - Reach out to Sage customer support for assistance.

   - Provide detailed information about the issue, including any error messages encountered.

   - Sage support can offer personalized guidance and solutions based on your specific circumstances.

5. Community Forums and Resources:

   - Explore online forums and community resources where Sage users share experiences and solutions.

   - Often, fellow users may have encountered similar issues and can provide valuable insights or workarounds. Also Read ; Setup Sage 50 Direct Deposit Payroll


While encountering challenges after a software update is never ideal, it's essential to approach the situation with a proactive mindset. By understanding the potential causes and implementing the suggested solutions, businesses can overcome the hurdle of converting Sales Orders to Invoices in Sage 2019 Edition. Remember, continuous communication with Sage support and leveraging community resources can significantly expedite the resolution process, ensuring a smooth transition to the enhanced features of the latest software edition.

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