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When Do You Need a Nephrologist’s Consultation?

Everybody knows who is a nephrologist. It is a doctor that deals with the diagnostics and treatment of our kidneys. These diseases are very tricky and difficult to diagnose.  Often they show themselves only when the operation is the only option to treat them.

The renal diseases may have an acute chronic form. They occur because of genetic issues or after inflammatory and infectious diseases. One of the difficulties in the diagnostics of renal diseases is the fact that the symptoms of the urogenital and kidney diseases can be very similar. This is why they require urologist’s consultation as well to make sure the diagnosis is correct.  

What symptoms require a visit to the nephrologist?

  1. Anuria. The absence of urination can occur because the kidneys are not working properly. There is a disorder of transferring the urine to the bladder up to the full dysfunction of the process. This pathological state leads to the venous engorgement, body intoxication and excessive strain on the heart.

  2. Oliguria. This is a state when the urine is driven out of the body in a very small amount (400-500 ml per day). This is also harmful for our cardiovascular system.

  3. Polyuria. Here everything is the opposite. The urination is frequent and the amount of urine is big. This may serve as a warning about endocrine problems or a chronic renal insufficiency. Still, such state can sometimes occur because of diuretic drinks.

  4. A pain on one or both sides of the lumbar area.

  5. Hematuria or proteinuria – blood or proteins in urine.

  6. Arterial hypertension. It can be a symptom of the renal failure.

Do you need any preparations to visit your nephrologist? Yes. You must be hungry (not less than 12 hours from the last mealtime). The same with cigarettes and alcohol. Control your consumption of liquid – it must not be excessive. Medications during the day before your visit are also not desirable.

If you are taking a course of medicine that cannot be stopped, inform your nephrologist about it to help the proper diagnostics of your problems.


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Monday, July 9, 2018