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How to Deal with an Ankle Fracture

Ankle fractures are the most common injuries in the traumatology practice. Mostly it happens as the result of a sports injury. There can be two types of ankle fractures, and both of them require different treatments.

A closed ankle fracture damages the inner tissues in the ankle. Sometimes the hematomas appearance is the only symptom. That is why people underestimate the seriousness of their injury and may visit the doctor only after several weeks of getting injured. Of course, in such cases, the treatment process is long and may be less successful.

An open ankle fracture is much more serious. You can literally see the torn soft tissues and the fractured bone underneath. In addition, the important thing is, if there is a displacement or not. A bone can be broken but the pieces may not have been displaced towards each other. If they have, such fracture is much more dangerous.

If there is a displacement in an open fracture, surgery is the only way to recover. If in cases with a closed fracture or without displacement, the conservative treatment can be successful, in this case, it will not help. The best time for surgery is the first hours after the ankle injury, so emergency medical help is highly recommended.

The main goal of treatment is a reconstruction of the anatomically right space between the bones. It is an essential feature for the proper functioning of an ankle. It can be achieved with the help of conservative treatment, but not all cases. If the goal was not achieved, it must be done with the help of an operation.

When the bones have completely grown together, it is time for rehabilitation. The measures of the recovery include massage and special physical exercises.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018