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Stay Away From This Food If You Have a Yeast Infection!

An important part in the treatment of the yeast infection is a special diet. It may sound absurd but what we eat may influences the disease development a lot. It can boost the multiplication of the candida fungus, or, on the opposite, oppress it. How does this connection work?


The candida fungus is a normal dweller of our body.  It can live in the mouth, in the bowel, in the vagina, and on the skin. A wrong diet interferes with a normal pH level, oppresses the useful microorganisms and boosts the development of the pathogenic ones. A proper diet stimulates the immunity and helps our body replace the “bad guys” by the “good” ones.

The best friends for the pathogenic flora are antibiotics, sweets and carbs, the increased acidity (the consequence of the unhealthy diet), stress and hormonal therapy. All of this influences our metabolic processes negatively. The Brooklyn Gyn Place specialists recommend you to stay away from fast food, sweets, and dough. Even fruits rich in carbs must be limited.

The best food for the yeast infection treatment is vegetables and non-sweet fruits. The way you cook them is also important. Avoid frying; prefer boiling, baking, stewing or eating them raw. A lean fish and meat cooked the same way are also useful. If you eat bread or crops, they must minimally proceed.

Spicy food is unwanted, except garlic, chili pepper and natural herbal spices that have an anti-fungoid effect. Dairy products containing lacto bacteria helps your body build the useful microflora. Any vitamin products, berries, and juices boost the immunity and are a good option.

It is important to exclude such products as alcohol, chocolate, fermented dough, any sweets and products cooked on smoke. Such diet will significantly help your body to fight the infection and get recovered much faster.


Stay Away From This Food If You Have a Yeast Infec
Tuesday, June 5, 2018