10, October 2017: Justin Bieber has a good fan base all around the world. Most of his fans like to follow his fashion trend and dress worn by them. Buying clothes worn by some of the famous celebrities has been a common practice among fans all around the world. Most of the fans like to make a purchase through an online store from the comfort of their home. One of the companies that have been selling designer hoodies and jackets through their online store is Shenzhen Mibaospace Technology Co., Ltd. 

The pop-star has been a trendsetter for the present generation. Buyers can go through the dresses available on the online store and make a comparison. Celebrity jackets and t-shirts can be in expensive as they are in demand. It is important to buy them from an online store that provides exciting discounts on its latest stock. Justin Bieber denim jacket is available at just $39.99 and it is available in all sizes. These are blue colored purpose tour jackets that has been worn buy Justin Bieber in many events. Buyers can go through the size chart before they finalize the jacket. Having a look at the pictures and the size chat makes the job much easier in order to make a smart purchase. 

Buyers have the option to make a price filter before having a look at the jackets and shorts. Stadium tour shorts are available in the price range of $29.99 and $55.99. The online store keeps updating its stock and the buyers can subscribe to the online store in order to remain updated with their stock of products. Making comparisons among the shorts, jackets and t shirts is easy through the options provided in the online store. Customers can easily check out their order history by entering their order ID, along with dresses the website also sells various accessories. 

Justin Bieber sweatshirt has discounts as high as 43% and they are available at a very cost effective price. Thought the price is less but there is no compromise on the quality of the dress material. Among the colors the buyers can select between gray, red, green, white, black and various other color options. If the dress does not meet the requirements then the buyers can easily go through the order and returns section to get a replacement. In the accessories section the buyers can go through the caps, bags and necklace worn by Justin Bieber. Almost all the dresses and accessories available on the website have been worn by the pop sensation in some or the other event. 

About Shenzhen Mibaospace Technology Co., Ltd: 

Shenzhen Mibaospace Technology Co., Ltd is a company situated in China. They have been selling the Justin Bieber hoodies, jackets and accessories for a long time now. 

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Person Name: Tyler Liu
Company: Shenzhen Mibaospace Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 13058706453


06, October 2017: For businesses disgruntled by high audio-visual prices, the misery may be about to come to an end. Stephen Sockol, a man with more than 19 years experience in the audio-visual industry, has launched a new retail site,, which enables everyone to access wholesale prices - a deal previously only available to large firms.

The website, which has been designed from the ground up to be user-friendly, now provides a range of professional equipment at prices simply not available to small companies in the past. There are many high-quality audio-visual equipment deals to be had, including offers on headphones, mixers, bass guitars and much, much more. Kindsound also says that if customers can’t find what they want on the site, then it will source the stock for them, offering them the best price possible in the process.

Kindsound Custom AV Solutions

Kindsound has adopted a direct-to-supplier approach in a move that it hopes will drive down costs for small businesses that need access to AV equipment at wholesale prices. With continuously updated inventory and expert advice, the company wants to be able to offer a better level of service than its competitors while holding prices below that which others could achieve. Every customer, Kindsound says, can expect to receive assistance navigating what can sometimes be a complicated market, with support available directly through the website.

Currently, Kindsound offers retailers, restaurants, dispensaries, conference rooms, spas and gyms, professional sound systems, all at wholesale prices. The service includes not only the sound equipment itself - including professional AV and musical instruments - but all the backup services to provide an exceptional customer experience. These including lighting, custom furniture, video conferencing and cloud solutions and networking. As part of the complete service, Kindsound also provides displays, project management, installation, and services nationwide. The company says that if its customers can dream it, then Kindsound can source it and build it.

Vast Array Of Products

Kindsound offers an impressive range of products. The company can source practically any AV-related piece of equipment that its customers can imagine, all at low prices. Available instruments include guitars and basses, keyboards, strings and even harmonicas. The company also sells a range of music lesson curricula, amps and networking devices.

Returns Policy And Shipping

Kindsound offers customers returns on most new, unopened items, so long as they are sent back within 30 days of delivery. Customers can get a full refund as well as payment of full shipping costs if the problem is due to an error by the company.

Kindsound says that it can ship virtually anywhere in the world, so long as there are no statutory restrictions on the products. It sends customers estimated shipping times and delivery dates when they place their orders.

To find out more about custom AV installation and get equipment at wholesale prices, visit the company’s new website at Alternatively, contact support on 888-746-8045.

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Person Name: Stephen Sockol
Company: Kind Sound
Phone: 888-746-8045


03, October 2017: Metairie based entrepreneur, real estate investor, and budding philanthropist Michael Wagner have provided an acre of land in New Orleans East to help create the first Santosha Village, a new start-up intended to help New Orleans’ homeless populations. 

It should be evident to anyone whose commute takes them through the CBD, underneath the I-10 bridge or down any major neutral ground that homelessness is a mounting issue for the city of New Orleans. A 2015 Unity report estimated that, on any given night, 1,703 people are sleeping on the streets of our city. Even worse, a new study conducted for the first time in 2016 found that 44 of New Orleans’ homeless died that year, the youngest of which being only 28 years old. 

Michael Wagner’s contribution will help realize the vision of Haiyan Khan, the man behind Santosha Village’s ambitious mission—to create a self-sustaining community of homeless New Orleanians and provide them the tools to feed, house, rehabilitate, and educate themselves. The community will be comprised of 30 “micro-homes”—small, one-room structures that house, protect, and cost just $2,500 to build. For two dollars a day, residents will have unrestricted access to personal space as well as amenities and resources Santosha will offer, provided they take an active role in the community’s betterment and abide by the community’s alcohol and drug prohibition. 

The Santosha village will feature a community vegetable garden, complete with the tools and educational materials necessary to successfully grow one’s own food. A community kitchen will provide residents with the means to cook for themselves and the village will offer members the permanent address necessary for most forms of employment.By providing the homeless with both personal space and a role in their community, Santosha Village hopes to foster active rehabilitation by giving people a sense of purpose and hope.Khan modeled his idea after the Opportunity Village, a similar resource for the homeless currently operating in Eugene, Oregon. Opportunity Village has expanded into a non-profit organization called Square One Villages. The success of their community-based rehabilitation for the homeless has Khan and his partners excited about Santosha’s potential for New Orleans. 

Michael Wagner’s contribution checks off one of the most pressing and difficult boxes on the Khan’s long list of necessities—dedicated space. His acre in New Orleans East is now on its way to housing, feeding, and rehabilitating hundreds of homeless in the coming years. As a member of the project’s board of directors, Wagner had a vested interest in fast-tracking Santosha’s progress and saw his land as the best way to help. 

Khan and his team are still working through some of the permitting and design plans before construction begins. Fortunately, the generosity of volunteers and local businesses has helped make this project a reality. By donating time and expertise to help clean, survey and organize the property, Santosha has come a long way with very little. If you’d like to get involved in Santosha, or if you’d like to contribute to their success, more information is available at 

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Person Name: Michael Wagner


29, September 2017: Airwheel M3 is the firstelectric skateboard in Airwheel and makes revolutionary changes in design style. However, the design of A M3 similarly reflects design concepts of Airwheel series, which plays an important role in the success of M3.

Have interest and click the website to consult:

Many people are familiar with skateboards and the people who play skateboard are often seen on the streets. Airwheel M3 makes revolutionary changes in design style.The premium performance and supreme quality of M3 electric drift hover board is actually realized by the optimized design concept of Airwheel series. In fact, the realization of Airwheel design concepts plays the most important role in the success and popularity of M3.

In the very first place, Airwheel M3 self-balancing air board is designed with high-tech intelligence, which realizes its automation system for better working conditions. 2.4 G wireless remote control works within 10 meters. M3 supports variable speeds like cars. Thanks to the modular design, M3electric air board can work normally even there is one modular going wrong.

Secondly, the humanized design concept is also well reflected in Airwheel M3. All the design details are trying to realize skating comforts for Airwheel skaters. For instance, the elastic anti-damping block is designed to reduce the discomforts caused by skating on bumpy and rutty roads. TPU material damper mass mounted could absorb shocks and guarantee stronger sense of control. Gliding with M3 electric skateboards will be smoother and safer. The four large wheels are engraved with patterns to increase the land-holding capability and skid resistance, and therefore, M3 can conquer varied terrains and makes skating smoother and more comfortable.

Last but not least, the fashionable style is another important feature inherited by Airwheel M3. The design style of M3 electric air board is elegant and streamlined, reflecting brilliant designing capabilities. What’s more, the panel sticker of Airwheel M3 is removable and can be changed by skaters according to their own preferences. If you have little interest in the maple board, it can be replaced by the wood you like most and paste your favorite paster.

In a word, Airwheel M3 electric skateboard is actually leading a new fashion of skating for personalization.

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Company: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Phone: +8618651968700


26, September 2017: One of the largest hurricane impact window and door providers in Florida is providing a fantastic opportunity for homeowners and residents. The company has always strived to provide homeowners with the solutions they need to protect their properties and their family. Now, they are pleased to announce a forty percent off sale on all their products.

Every year Florida is battered and bruised by Hurricanes sweeping through the sunshine state. These terrifying tropical storms can cause serious damage to properties, and without the right protection in place, they can be deadly, even for people indoors. This is why it is crucial that Florida residents have hurricane impact windows and doors that they can count on and that’s exactly what Florida Window & Door provide.

Florida Window and Door and its affiliated businesses have been in business since 1983. The company has been a trusted source of materials and structures for families eager to hurricane-proof their home. Since their initial set up, the company has protected and serviced over eighty thousand homes across Florida, the Midwest and the entire east coast.

The company offers a wide range of different products for families desperate to provide the ultimate level of protection for their home. As well as catering to residential properties the business has also helped service commercial buildings and condominiums, keeping the entire state of Florida safe from the storms. Their staff are fully trained to design and implement a complete level of protection for any home or building.

The benefit of having hurricane impact windows and doors is that it can prevent dangerous debris flying into the home and wind infiltration. If wind from a hurricane infiltrates a home it can be powerful enough to live the roof and cause serious structural damage. With the products Florida Window & Door provide, families can keep their families safe and their homes in one piece.

As well as providing the products that customers need, Florida Window & Door also offer complete installation, ensuring that the new materials and products are fitted securely and safely by experts. Florida Window & Door want to make sure that customers know when a hurricane arrives, they are as safe as possible in their home.

To make sure that everyone can afford full hurricane impact home protection, the company is now offering a massive forty percent of all products available for purchase right now. To gain access to this fantastic deal, customers only need to request a free quote. This can be completed through their website or by contacting the company directly. Once a free quote has been provided, customers can look forward to getting the products they need for hurricane impact protection for a fraction of the standard price. This is the company's biggest sale of the year, and they aim to ensure that all families have hurricane impact windows and doors installed on their home to prepare for the next tropical storm.

More information on their full range of products and services can be found on the company website. Alternatively the information below can be used to contact the local sales office.

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Person Name: Scott Berman
Company: Florida Window & Door
Phone: (561) 340-4300


25, September 2017: Trading and investing has been a concept that has been there since ages. The forms of instruments and the kind of returns they provide have definitely evolved over the years. One of the recent additions that have gained popularity in the past couple of years among global investors is Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. It is an definitely an investment avenue that has seen a staggering increase in terms of valuations and returns recently. There are a few platforms that offer the opportunity to invest and trade in such currencies. One such platform is offered by Trusty Hour Ltd The platform can be accessed from anywhere and investors or traders can create a free account. 

The registration process is quite simple wherein interested investors need register using the online form which can be done in a couple of minutes. They can start investing immediately once their account has been verified. The overall principle of this platform is ensuring maximum profits to the investors with a very low capital loss risk. The overall environment is secured and safe as the platform is secured using the most advanced forms of online security. Additionally, the company secures its customer’s data and there is no chance of any leakage of the inputs provided by the investors. The trust payment system at the website accepts payments through multiple modes which include Bitcoin, Bankwire, litecoin, payeer, and more. 

Moreover, the platform has a team of analyzers and consultants that facilitate its investors to tap on the available opportunities. Hence, customers would never miss any of them that might come in their way while trading at this platform. The trading platform is backed by a strong and prompt 24/7 customer support. Hence, to start making the most out of the available opportunities from the world of cryptocurrencies, investors can go ahead and process their trust deposit

The portal today has over 17,000 registered members in a span of merely 5 months. In case there are any queries regarding trust instant deposits or withdrawals, the customer support through live chat or customer support email can be used. Features such as instant withdrawal, hourly profits, SSL security, user-friendly interface and around the clock customer support is all that has contributed towards the immense popularity of this platform. 

About Trusty Hour Ltd: 

Trusty Hour Ltd is a unique platform that offers investors and traders an opportunity to trade in different kinds of cryptocurrencies. The portal is available to users from across the world and accepts payments from multiple sources. For more details about the platform or to start investing, customers can visit their website. 

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Company: Trusty Hour Ltd


23, September 2017: Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Flex Studio, a digital marketing agency Belfast, helps people grow their business through offering web design Belfast and digital marketing Belfast services. This marketing agency Belfast is composed of an innovative team who can create a clear and concise plan that works. Before proceeding with the website design Belfast process, they first ensure that they understand the business of their clients. That way, they can create a design that best suits their needs and will provide a fresh look to their business. 

The company is also known for their expertise in digital marketing as well. To be more specific, they offer personalised marketing at a competitive price. They also provide their clients with access to metrics tools and web analytics for them to measure how effective the campaign that has been implemented is. This has also been a way for the company to ensure that their clients have all the valuable information they need right at their fingertips. 

One thing that distinguishes this marketing agency Belfast from their competitors is that the web design that they create for their clients is not only capable of grabbing the attention of their target market but encourages them to stay on the site longer for they are considered smart as well. By smart, it means that the website is fully functional. It is loaded with all the necessary information without making it looked cluttered. They are also well structured and very responsive. 

Now, as the competition gets fiercer and fiercer every day, there is a need for businesses to keep up with the digital world. So, apart from offering digital marketing Belfast services, this company also offers mobile app development services for both Android and Apple devices. The company highly specialises in developing mobile apps with dynamic content. This has allowed their clients to stay ahead of the competition. 

With the Flex Studio specialising in digital marketing Belfast, business owners can now fully focus on their business operations and in running their business. They can simply leave all digital requirements to the company with a guarantee that they can get the results that they have been expecting to get from it. For those who are interested in the services that the company is offering, just visit the website. 

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Company: The Flex Studio
Phone: +44 (0)28 958 10500


22, September 2017: Matelas is one of the common but essential needs of the human body, apparently it seems to be a normal commodity at home, but for a good sleep it is necessary to have the perfect mattress with you. No matter how long you work, you need peaceful and relaxing sleep that can only be possible due to the availability of a good mattress. Previously the sleeping mattresses were not of the same shape as of today, the mattress industry has formulated more options for us and has added much to our comfort. The mattress with a spring box comes up as the best shock absorbent and let the human body relax ultimately.

Moreover, to that, there are numerous types of mattresses available in the marketplace for the people who do not want to compromise their quality sleep for anything. You can have the perfect and ideal mattress according to your desire and need. There are types ranging from the material, size, use and many others. According to the design and manufacturing, there are different mattresses available that do have their own properties and comfort utilities for the users. The mattresses are designed considering the uses and users accordingly so they could have the best time with them and do not have to face any problem while sleeping.

Furthermore, there are Matelas, according to their uses, such as the location or purpose of the mattress. Sometimes in small houses, people do not have a particular room for everyone. So, to ensure the perfect sleep for everyone they do have different solutions. Commonly, in these houses, they use Clic Clac mattress that is more of like a sofa - come - bed type mattress. It seems to be a great utility for the people as they could have the best use of the small space at home and provide comfort to everyone. The other type of the mattress is inflatable that are widely used in campaigning and poolside parties to have the ultimate relaxed time.


It is totally a buyer's guide blog that provides ultimate information related to the common products and lets the readers pick up the best suitable products. In the selection of your mattress, the most important thing you need to consider is the type of matters, its compositions, material, size, lining and comfort that is provides your body. Most importantly, you need to consider the posture of your back on the mattress, if the mattress put stress on your back it will not be a good choice. In sleeping positions, you back should be relaxed and should have a perfectly shaped support.

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Person Name: Comforte Dupont


21, September 2017: Prestige Locksmith provides both regular and emergency locksmith services to commercial and residential clients across San Diego. The company works with a number of different industries and serves all sorts of small and midsized businesses and corporate offices with their locksmith requirements.

While the company is still relatively young, having been founded only in 2008, they have already picked up a sizeable clientele in San Diego and surrounding areas. Prestige Locksmith is a close knit family owned and operated business that supplies and installs only branded security hardware.

Owner of Prestige Locksmith, Shy Lavy, said that they prioritized the security of their customers’ homes, offices and businesses, over and above everything else: “We take pride in our ability to provide high quality locksmith services to our clients in San Diego at affordable rates. We have a team of highly talented locksmith technicians who are well versed in the latest lock and key systems and security solutions.

“Our technicians are always learning and we make sure that they are up-to-date with the latest trends in the locksmith industry and are knowledgeable about the latest technologies such as keyless entry, electronic lock and key systems, access control systems, master key systems, smart locks, digital locks, cabinet locks, biometric fingerprint access, smart alarms, CCTV cameras, and more. We have highly qualified techs that are fully capable of working with transponder keys and are certified to reprogram such keys,” Mr. Lavy added.

The company provides emergency locksmith services in addition to the regular service provided to residential and commercial clients. Their phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with no breaks for holidays or weekends.

About Prestige Locksmith:

Prestige Locksmith is a highly reputable locksmith service provider that serves residential and commercial clients in San Diego, CA. The company works with the latest security solutions. They supply and install only branded lock and key systems.

Prestige Locksmith can be contacted directly by their 24/7 helpline 858-353-7430 and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company stays open even on holidays and weekends. Customers can also contact them by visiting their website at

For Media Contact:
Company: Prestige Locksmith
Phone: (858)353-7430


20, September 2017: In recent times, a number of locksmith scams have come to light in Houston. This has made Houston residents wary of hiring just about any locksmith service. There is a real demand for legitimate providers of residential and emergency locksmith services in the city.

713 Locksmith has been a leading provider of automotive, commercial and emergency locksmith services in the Houston area since 2012. The company recently announced that they would be providing residential locksmith services as well.

Speaking to the media during a company event, Daniela Brito, manager of 713 Locksmith said, “We are very happy to provide residential locksmith services to our customers within the Houston area. Now, you may ask us what took us so long. Well, two things. One, it was important for us to establish a reputation for ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy locksmith service provider before offering taking on this responsibility. I think we have been able to do that.”

“Second,” Mrs. Brito continued, “It was very important for us to build on our resources and be prepared for the rush of orders we now expect to get. We have added a fleet of locksmith vans and have hired new locksmith technicians after a thorough vetting process. So, you can say we are ready to serve the residents of Houston!”

Mrs. Brito said that his company would be handling all issues related to lock and key systems, such as lock repair, installation and replacement. 713 Locksmith has a 24-hour hotline to help out residents in emergency situations such as home lockouts. It takes the technicians from the company about 30 to 45 minutes to arrive on location after a call. The company only hires licensed, bonded and insured locksmith technicians.

About 713 Locksmith:

713 Locksmith provides residential, commercial locksmith and automotive locksmith services to Houston. The company has been in operation since 2012. Visit the website www.713locksmith/ call 713-955-1009 to contact 713 Locksmith.

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Company: 713 Locksmith
Phone: 713-955-1009