18, July 2017: Modern day living requires the assistance of various products and services at every level. Machines are needed to do jobs ranging from the most mundane to the most complex tasks. In order to be able to perform all tasks efficiently and on time, humans need machines. Industries are able to manufacture machines in bulk quantities so as to cater to the demands of the vast population. 

Kuntai Machinery is a company based in China. It offers a wide range of machines that are used in the production process in various industries. They use quality raw materials to build the machines. This is done to ensure that the products manufactured by the company are efficient and yield good results. The company has gained a reputation for being able to deliver quality services to its large number of customers belonging to different countries around the world. 

The company manufactures shoe material laminating machine. It is used to gluing material and laminating it with other materials. It is suited to be used on cloth, plastic, non woven material, sponge, leather, synthetic leather, etc. These machines are used for shoe making, cloth, luggage, interior decoration, toy, car interiors and other such industries. It has an improved drying effect due to the close contact between the material and the drying cylinder. It is equipped with a high quality heat resistant net belt. It has two set of heating equipment to reduce energy consumption and the cost incurred. 

Kuntai Machinery also offers EVA PBC fabric laminating machine. The product is suitable for products that require water based glue. It has a vertical structure. It is also equipped with high quality heat resistant material. It is designed to make the product soft, washable and to strengthen adhesive fastness after the product has been laminated. The surface of the drying cylinder is Teflon coated to avoid glue. It is controlled by a hand wheel controlled clamp roller. The product is designed to have a long service life with low cost of maintenance. 

The company also produces Nonwoven Lamination Machine. The machine is used to glue fabric, non-woven, film and other material. It is used in industries that deal in the manufacture of garments, shoe materials, bag/luggage sports products, medical products, equipment industries, etc. Engraved rollers in dot shape are used to spread the oil glue evenly over the surface. 

The details and descriptions of all the products are available on the company’s website. Customers can contact the company’s representatives in case of any doubts. 

About Kuntai Machinery: 

Kuntai Machinery is a company that produces a range of machines used for industrial purposes. To know more please visit their official website. 

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Person Name: Job.Lu
Company: Kuntai Machinery
Phone: +86 18261228899


17, July 2017: Bump keys are a major cause of concern to law enforcement authorities in Austin. These are keys that were originally used only by locksmiths open a lock. But now that bump keys are sold on sites such as eBay, almost anyone can get their hands on them. Authorities blame bump keys for the spate of burglaries across the country.

Bump keys are so effective because they don’t leave behind any trace whatsoever. In many cases, people don’t realize until too late that they have been burglarized. One homeowner, Michelle James, said she had no idea that someone had broken into her home until a few days later when she realized that many of her precious belongings were missing. It was only later when she went to the police that she saw the surveillance video with a couple of teenagers running off with the things that they had taken from her house.

Michelle says, “Gosh, it was so dreadful. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how they did that, as I always thought that my home security was perfect and that there was nothing to worry about. The police officers then said that the burglars had used a bump key – no house was safe because of that.”

The suspects have since been arrested, but there seems to be no end in sight to burglaries in Austin. A local locksmith company, Henry's Lock & Key now offers free home security audits to all customers as a complementary service, where they look into the vulnerabilities in the home security.

Mr. Henry, a veteran locksmith technician who works for the company said, “I really think a law should be made where it is illegal for anyone except a licensed locksmith to carry a bump key. Regardless, there are some locks that are resistant to bump keys in most cases. During the home security audit, we look at how we can improve the home security. One of the things we do is to advice homeowners to replace their old locks with those that are much stronger and bump-proof.”

Mr. Henry recommends investing in bump-proof locks such as those made by Medeco and Mul-T-Lock.

About Henry's Lock & Key:

Henry's Lock & Key is a leading provider of residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services in Austin, Texas. They have been in operation since 2008 and are noted for their excellent customer service. Visit their website at to know more.

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Company: Henry's Lock & Key
Address: 3210 Esperanza Crossing #5128
City, State, Country: Austin, Texas, 78758 USA
Phone: 512-400-0004


15, July 2017: One of the most notable things about the United States is that we have one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. Because of the economic downturn in recent years there has been a spike in the need for technically advanced automotive lock systems. As a response many locksmiths have begun to offer car lockout services.

It is only logical then that there would be a huge demand for reliable car lockout services, especially for one that provides fast and responsive emergency lockout assistance at affordable rates. Pro's On Call is a popular provider of both regular and emergency car lockout services. The company provides a 24 hour emergency lockout assistance available around the clock.

Carlos Figueroa, a senior technician who works for Pro's On Call spoke to the media at a recent event. He made an impressive claim. “We are proud of the work we have done and always look for opportunities to serve our customers better. We felt that there was a crying need for a really fast emergency car lockout service – one of the fastest in the USA - because, trust me, nobody likes to be locked out of their car for too long.”

Mr. Figueroa explained, “We operate a fleet of locksmith vans that allows us to (in most cases) get to any area within the cities that we operate in within 30 minutes flat immediately after receiving a call from a customer. We request car owners to use our 24/7 helpline anytime, anywhere if they find themselves in such a situation.”

Car owners who need a car lockout service may contact Pro's On Call on their toll free phone 888-601-6005. Their phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – no breaks for holidays or weekends.

About Pro's On Call

Pro's On Call is one of the most trusted and dependable locksmith companies in the United States with over 10+ years of experience in the industry. They are renowned for their speedy but affordable 24 hour service. They provide a full range of regular and emergency locksmith services. Visit their website at to know more.

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Company: Pro's On Call
Phone: (888) 601-6005



14, July 2017: Topharmaco Limited brings all widely used and popular steroids and hormones at a single place for people to purchase them easily as per their choice. For building muscles, people often rely on effective steroids, and Topharmaco Limited has the genuine and powerful steroids for every muscle building enthusiast.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they supply the steroid powder with 99% purity that can be very effective in muscle building. Some of these steroids increase the amount of free testosterone that circulates in the human body. Thus, besides building muscles, the steroid could also provide the testosterone supplementation and improve the sexual potency. The spokesperson maintains that they have many types of steroids in their stock that several renowned athletes use profoundly to enhance their energy level and power.

The company aims to become the top source of the steroid supply China, and they are already supplying their products in American, European as well as Asian markets. They maintain high quality of the steroids and supply them at competitive prices. At the same time, Topharmaco Limited manufactures steroids as per the international standards with not less than 99% purity. This is the reason why a user could remain assured of fast results after using the steroid in the prescribed dose on a regular basis.

Topharmaco Limited also specializes in supplying Anabolic Steroid that is suitable for the refrigeration preservation. Available in the form of an odorless white powder, they can supply the steroid in a pack of minimum 10 gram. The company ensures a fast and safe delivery of the product to their clients all across the world. Besides bodybuilding, the product can also be used to cure anemia resulting from the long-term kidney failure. The steroid is remarkably recognized for its fast tissue building actions.

To know more about the steroids the company supplies, one can visit their website

About Topharmaco Limited:

Topharmaco Limited is a high-tech chemical company, established in 2005. The company’s main products are steroid and hormone. The company specializes in the R&D, production and sales, and provides global customers with high quality products. Topharmaco Limited manufactures products that strictly meet the GMP compliance with the most advanced production equipment and technology they employ in their production unit. The company exports hormones and steroids overseas, to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas and provides professional products and quick and safe transportation.

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Person Name: Frank
Company: Topharmaco Limited
Phone: (+86)15629110210


China, 08, July 2017: With the modernized tools being developed in today’s world it UPVC granule is important to focus on quality raw materials. PVC granules and compounds tend to be the best materials that can be used in almost every industry. The industrialists need to make sure that they buy these products from an experienced manufacturer. One of the companies from China that has been supply well researched PVC granules is Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd.

UPVC compound is mainly useful in the pipe fitting and door frames field. Real estate sector requires quality UPVC granule in order to get come up with well finished doors and window frames. The rigidity of this compound helps in constructing good quality frames that last long. Walls, building profiles, ornaments and various other products can be easily manufactured with the help of good quality UPVC compound. Along with this they are quite effective when it comes to pipe fittings. Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd is a certified company that follows all the modernized techniques in order to provide quality solutions.

PVC particles tend to be quite flexible and they provide good amount of rigidity to any product. The compounds required in medical industry need to be high in quality and durable too. Using quality PVC materials can be a good solution for the buyers as it helps in producing blood bags, urine bags and various other products required in the medical industry. The properties of all the products are listed on the website and it is important for the buyers to make their own research. A good research can help the clients to have an idea of the experience of the company and understand the modernized techniques used. They can also get various products custom designed depending on their requirements.

A flexible PVC compound can help in manufacturing sealing strip, injection parts, footwear and garden hose. These materials can work well in both cold and warm climates. Companies involved in footwear industry can get in touch with the professionals and discuss about the fabric and color that meets their needs. Sealing strips also require flexible compounds that can give a proper finishing to the seals put on various products. It is important to mention the industry where they will be used and the professionals will manufacture them as per the needs of the client. When it comes to a sealing strip the standard hardness needs to be around ASTM D2240 and the tensile strength needs to be of ASTM D638. Having a look at all the specifications mentioned on the website gives a fair idea of the products.

About Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd:

Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd produces various PVC granules, compounds and pellets. They are based in China and they supply their raw materials to different countries around the world. In order to make an inquiry the clients can contact them at the above mentioned website.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Jane Tang
Company: Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co., Ltd
Phone: +86 573 8861 8523


03, July 2017: With the help of the skilled team Fans Instant offers Instagram video views, Facebook page likes, Youtube Subscribers, Youtube Likes, Youtube Views and many more. For providing the great support to the users who need to advertise their products on social media this is an ultimate solution. They have active and real users for all the services this company offers.

Social media is the source to bring about a great revolution in the world of business. It is important for targeting the maximum audience. It is the effective tool that offers success in retaining and attracting audience. For social media users, you need the maximum audience to check your content. This content is based on ongoing conversation, structure, design and text as well.

You can buy YouTube Views that is more important for making your business successful. It is vital to post the data that is more attractive as compared to the other. For this purpose always encourage your clients to visit your website by posting unique content. It must be trendy and attractive. For improving your products sale these you tube views play an important role. It is quite sure that YouTube views are used to publicize your products. It will improve the advertising strategy of the website in an effective way.

Buy Instagram likes because it converts the traffic into lead. Posting on the social networks for your product publicity captures the maximum audience. It is the best road that drives maximum traffic towards your website. For raising traffic, social networks play an important role. By commenting and posting content a user can attract a wide range of audience.

Users need maximum traffic for business site. Businessmen can attain it to buy sound cloud plays. Now avail the opportunity to convert it into leads. By generating a call to action, users can improve interactivity. It leads things such as free trials, free webinars, free fact sheets, free whitepapers and free ebooks. Allow followers to visit the website by checking posts. This is the right way to get the benefits of maximum audience towards the website.

By offering new leads traffic will join you for a long term. If users are creative then they will avail maximum traffic for the company or business.

About Fans Instant:

On social networks audience is waiting for unique things. is the name of excellence and they have been working since 2013. For offering wonderful and solid platform for social media marketing they are incredible. This company offers real-time support and safe services. It does not need to use any password for securing your account from spammers. Due to online presence and 24/7 support they are very easy to access online. They provide real and active instagram followers and Youtube views from subscribers. All their services are admirable because they are innovative social media sellers.

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Company: Fans Instant


29, June 2017: Moving from one place to another can be a really tedious job. One cannot expect to carry all his belongings alone. It is important to take the services of a reliable movers and packers service provider that can help in moving the products safely. One of the companies that have been serving in different regions across India is Maruti International. 

In order to get a reliable packers and movers service provider it is essential to make a background check. A small research on the services of the company can help in saving loss and getting efficient services. People looking for services in the Bhopal region can get in touch with Maruti International as they have their network in different regions across India. The packers and movers in indore have expertise in wooden crates service, transportation service, corporate relocation service, warehousing service, freight forwarding and much more. 

It is essential to have a detailed look at the description of the service. Clients can get in touch with the professionals through the live chat facility provided on the website. Once the customers provide all the details about the products to be carried they can have a fair idea of charges. The packers and movers bhopal charges are cost effective and there is no compromise on the services of the company. Once the product is carried the clients get a tracking number that helps them in tracking their product on the website. Security of the belongings is one of the biggest concerns and it is important to rely on professionals. Before taking up the services of the company the customers have can go through the testimonials and make a confident decision. 

The providing movers and packers services should be easily accessible. Loading and unloading is also an important factor. Heavy products need to be safely loaded on the vehicle and carried to the destination. Maruti International gives the clients the flexibility to select their own packing style and takes appropriate steps to deliver the products on time. The packers and movers in bhopal also provide flexible services that can be customized depending on the client requirements. There are arrangements made for getting the products insured and relocate them without any loss to the client. Professionals make sure that attention is paid to minute details and client is satisfied with the service. 

Continuous research and development helps the professionals in getting desired results. There are new techniques being developed by the company to provide safe moving services to the clients. 

About Maruti International Packers and Movers: 

Maruti International Packers and Movers is a company based in India that provides movers and packers services. They are also involved in supply and logistics field for a long time now. There are various packing techniques mentioned on the website and clients can know more about the company by visiting the website mentioned above. 

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Company: Maruti International Packers and Movers
Phone: 9300 4848 11


29, June 2017: PetDreamHouse Marketplace offers top quality pet products for the UK pet trade market. PetDreamHouse organize wholesale pet supplies in UK and in the present time, there are many companies that offer pet products wholesale solutions but it is very important that you find and choose the one that suits your business. Products currently offered on PetDreamHouse Wholesale Marketplace include dog products, cat products, fish and aquatic range, bird products, vegan and organic health care, British-designed leads and collars, value and premium pet products, pet accessories and tents, adventure gear for active dogs, comfort dog clothing, dog grooming products, dog herbal blends and teas and top quality dog accessories. PetDreamHouse is one of the biggest pet wholesalers in UK currently listing over 10,000 pet product SKUs from dozens of suppliers.

Aside from dealing within the pet wholesale in UK, PetDreamHouse actively support the view that pet owners must follow the basic guidelines and procedures when they choose products for their pets. When looking for dog toys, make sure to choose according to the size of the dog for safety reasons. Ensure that dog toys are not too small, to avoid the dog swallow it, but neither should they be too big making it difficult for the dog to grip it with its mouth. In addition to this, pet owners should also ensure that they choose a safe material depending on the age of their dog and the chewing abilities.

Even though cats are carnivores, remember that they need much more than just meat for survival. The food that you select for your feline should be balanced in vitamins and protein. Remember that kittens need calcium to aid fast growth, including bone growth while older cats are best served with foods that are lower in calories so they remain active and lean.

It helps to consider the age of the cat and the energy requirements before buying their feline supplies. As a pet owner, they should put health care as a priority for their pets whether they are cats or dogs or any other pet. Pet owners can keep suffering at bay by using the right tick and flea medications and they can also select the best dental products for their pet.

Pet products and pet supplies when selected with care can improve the quality of pet’s life. When a pet owner makes the right food choices in relation to the needs their pets, they can be sure to have a healthy and happy pet beside them.

To learn more, please check the website. For inquiries, please contact at 01482 464953 or send an email at

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Company: PetDreamHouse
Phone: 01482 464953


28, June 2017: Cryptocurrency is not simply hobnobbing or tinkering with an assortment of digital numbers which individuals use as legal tender for transacting in the online realm. The technique associated with dealing in bitcoins is basically a distributed and delegated communal ledger mechanism called ‘Blockchain’ in the virtual world. It is this ‘Blockchain’ technology that validates bitcoin, darkcoin, and litecoin and several other variants alternative crypto currencies. A first-time investor looking to get his feet wet in the virtual trading world of crypto currencies will first need to purchase just a slice of Bitcoin (as buying the whole bitcoin will set him back by at least $390). The investor can purchase bitcoins from Trust Hourpay Ltd by paying in USD.

Hourpay Ltd has four different investment plans geared towards different kinds of investors. Experienced traders can opt for advanced plans where one needs to invest higher minimum and maximum sums and of course the returns are more as well. Logging onto the site, one can see three instant hour pay plans at a glance. The first plan pays out an interest of 1.1%-1.15 every hour for a continuous span of 96 hours (or 4 days) where the trader has to stake a minimum of $20 as caution or deposit money and the maximum amount that is permitted to be deposited is $10,000 for placing higher stakes.

The next plan that can be readily viewed on the Trust HourPayltd official website requires financiers to deposit at least $500 for earning an interest of 2.2%-2.5% every hour for the subsequent 50 hours. However, one cannot deposit over $50,000 for taking advantage of this plan. If an investor is interested in reaping the benefits of the 3rd plan, the individual has to deposit nothing less than $5,000 and the ceiling limit is $5, 00, 000. The investor stands to earn ROI where the interest rate is 6%-10% payable every hour for 24 hours at a stretch.

However, there are some rules and regulations that a prospective investor has to keep in his mind before he can register as an affiliate partner of Trust Hourpay Ltd for transacting in crypto currencies. The investor has to be at least 18 years in order to register electronically on the exchange’s trading platform. Only a qualified member (of HourPay) can look forward to transact on the site and is not open to the public in general. In order to become a registered trading partner of HourPay,and get hour fast pay service, one has to effectively satisfy all the norms for signing up. Once an account profile is created for a specific investor, he’ll have to log in through that account only. In this regard, an individual investor is not allowed to carry on trade using multiple accounts.

About Hourpay Ltd:

Hourpay Ltd is a crypto currency trading exchange whose office is located in Wenlock Road, London. This bitcoin exchange has been operative since 2016. For more details please visit their website.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Genevieve Frahm
Company: Hourpay Ltd


24, June 2017: Online gaming has launched a series of options in almost every genre. There are ample numbers of options that are available to gamers from any part of the world. From racing to adventure, there are endless options for all. One mythology based game that combines Greek and Norse mythology. The players from across the world can play the game by having a control over the power of gods. It is a MMORPG game that is based on a complex story where players are offered unlimited opportunity for power up the characters. The classic RPG elements are definitely an addictive game that can keep the players engrossed for several hours. With inclusion of Crisp 3D graphics, the game makes the stunning ARPG come to life.

The game allows the Omega Zodiac character on the screen for controlling the character that is located on the middle of the screen. The game is stuffed with amazing visuals that bring characters to life and 3D graphics simply make the elements used quite close to real life characters. In order to play the game, one doesn’t need to download anything on their system and merely pressing the play game button and registering/logging in on the servers would allow the gamer to start playing the game. Additionally, the game doesn’t require high-end hardware on the system that is used to play the game. Only good internet connectivity is all one needs to get started and play the game online.

The game has been developed by Proficient City Limited which is a Chinese based developer of a range of online games. They have a team of well-qualified game developers and high-end graphic designers who deploy the latest technology in building some of the most fascinating games. The game and all the tutorials to play it online can be done through their Omega Zodiac Official Website at

The Omega Zodiac Guide is also available at By following the tutorials here and understanding the controllers or the gaming system, players can easily master the game. For further details and news about the game, gamers can refer to the official website.

About Omega Zodiac:

Omega Zodiac is an online game that is an exciting new MMORPG that mixes Greek and Norse mythology based game. It comes powered by crisp 3D graphics that makes it a stunning ARPG bringing the game to life. The game is developed by Proficient City Limited which is a developer behind several online games. For more details or to start playing the game online, please visit their online portal.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Frank Max
Company: Proficient City Limited
Phone: 860208405 6975