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The partnership of Skyline Robotics and Principle Cleaning Services is ready to change the shape of the window cleaning industry in London with self-driving window cleaning robots. This strategic alliance is geared not only to bring change in the way window cleaning is carried out but also to provide a wide range of services that enable to give advisory on the health of building facades. Skyline Robotics' flagship robot, Ozmo, which is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, advanced robotics, and sensors, is the pioneer of this tech leap. 

Ozmo's capabilities, nevertheless, are revolutionary. Combining sustainability and innovation, and efficiency, it assures to conduct window cleaning operations three times quicker than regular methods and also, with less risk to human employees. The robot's high-tech features and outstanding innovation make it a better, safer, and more effective alternative to the other conventional window washing methods.

The cooperation stipulates Ozmo as not an alternative for human window cleaner but an agent to speed up the process of evolution in a world where humans and robots cooperate. The output is a workplace that is not only faster, smarter and safer, but also is giving a societally desired, affordable and efficient solution as an alternative to the labour-intensive process of human window cleaning. 

The CEO of Skyline Robotics, Michael Brown, exhibited enthusiasm about taking the next steps to London, following the successful demonstration of Ozmo in the city New York. London being the largest city in Europe which has more BMUs than European countries collectively is very strategic to show the world how automation works hand in hand to achieve growth. 

"Tom Lloyd, the CEO of Principle Cleaning Services, particularly stressed that the company aims at investing in technology, including cutting-edge solutions like Ozmo by Skyline Robotics, to make it possible for people and robots to work together in the future, especially in specialized areas such as window cleaning. Principle Cleaning Services partnering with Skyline Robotics is meant to guarantee their future skills, allowing them to stay in the competition in the next decades by providing the most modern services, including advanced window cleaning capabilities. Lloyd said that Ozmo does not only merely meet the standards but exceeds the set expectations, offering innovative solutions for various tasks, with a special emphasis on window cleaning. He added that Ozmo is not only in line with the collective values of the company, including People, Sustainability, and Innovation, but also addresses the specific needs of the industry, such as efficient and effective window cleaning services.

Lloyd further highlighted how Ozmo is about adding new value and innovations to customers. Partnership between Principle Cleaning Services and this organization perfectly fits the mission of Principle Cleaning Services which is to constantly deliver clean environments in London. Their amazing client list consists of already recognized buildings such as The Shard, 20 Fenchurch Street, or 30 St Mary Axe.

Skyline Robotics has got considerable favorable mentions and buzz for their Ozmo Robot. In 2023, the company received RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award for Ozmo. Moreover, the technology was the winner of the Prop Tech Breakthrough Award "Construction Robotics Solution of the Year" and was included in the Built Worlds Robotics 50 List for 2023.

As a deep tech robotics and automation company, Skyline aims for more than just making window cleaning nothing but a revolution. It seeks to transform the industry of window cleaning which today accounts for $40 billion roughly, bringing about the emergence of a new world where many dangerous human tasks such as cleaning windows will be automated.

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