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Gemstar Manufacturing’s innovative robotic rotomolding technology has paved the way for the development of highly viable alternatives to fluorinated fuel tanks. With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) halting the production of fluorinated coatings for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) containers due to contamination concerns, the need for alternative solutions has become paramount.

Gemstar’s Robomold technology has enabled the commercialization of EPA-certified acetal fuel tanks, offering a fluorination-free option to meet the evolving needs of OEMs and moulders grappling with disrupted supply chains. Kevin Lumberg, Gemstar Manufacturing’s channel manager, emphasizes the significance of this technology in addressing production challenges.

The exclusive Robomold technology, utilizing rotomolding techniques, boasts precise tolerance control, ensuring consistent part repeatability and optimized strength-to-weight ratios. Its design flexibility allows for the incorporation of various compounds and coatings, providing single-layer barrier protection that meets EPA requirements without the need for fluorination, unlike traditional injection-moulded HDPE tanks.

While polyamide (PA) 6 has historically been the go-to material for achieving a permeation barrier in single-layer rotomolding, acetal presents a more efficient alternative. Acetal offers improved processability, lower scrap rates, and better cosmetic appearance compared to PA 6, making it a preferred choice for fuel tank manufacturing.


Advancements in material grades have enhanced acetal's heat performance, expanding its applicability in rotomolding processes. The Robomold technology's computer-controlled precision enables optimal material flow, resulting in increased product quality, reduced cycle times, and minimal scrap generation.

The core of Robomold's efficiency lies in its six-axis robot, which enables greater rotation control during the moulding process, ensuring exceptional product quality. By utilizing multiple heating and cooling zones, the technology achieves ideal processing temperatures, allowing manufacturers to produce intricate geometries previously deemed unattainable.

In addition to its operational benefits, Robomold offers significant sustainability advantages. Its robotic rotational moulding reduces cycle times by up to 30% while generating minimal scrap, contributing to a more eco-friendly manufacturing process. Research conducted at Queens University Belfast has confirmed the efficiency of Robomold's electrical mould heating method, further validating its sustainability credentials.

As industry requirements for precision and repeatability continue to escalate, Robomold robotic rotational moulding emerges as a preferred solution for various applications. Its suitability for military, OEM, industrial, and commercial sectors underscores its versatility and reliability in meeting diverse manufacturing needs.

The development of rotomolded acetal fuel tanks through Gemstar's Robomold technology signifies a significant step forward in sustainable manufacturing practices and local search marketing. By offering an alternative to fluorinated HDPE tanks and delivering operational efficiency alongside environmental benefits, Robomold sets a new standard for the rotomolding industry.

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