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Repairing a new car can be expensive, particularly if it has been in an accident. A new R1T that was involved in a fender-bender and ended up with an enormous body shop bill that could have nearly paid for a brand-new Honda Civic Type R is one recent case we've highlighted. As it happens, that was not an isolated incident.

Recently, yet another owner of a Rivian was involved in a rear-end collision. Another Rivian owner faced a rear-end collision, offered $41,000 for repairs resembling Camry damage. Instead, they turned to Matt 'Dent Slayer' Boyette at All Out Paintless Dent Repair, near me. With moving insurance, the outcome was nearly flawless.

The Expensive Misunderstanding: The Situation of a Rivian R1 Owner

The owner started looking around to see if paintless dent removal was an option after the accident and the body shop price. They got in touch with Boyette and sent a couple pictures and videos of the dent. After a while, the shop accepted the task, and the car's owner—who remains nameless—sent it six hours from North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida for work.

The owner was now able to enjoy and take pride in their unique invention, the Rivian R1. But a small accident resulted in ugly dents on the car, so a trip to the repair shop was necessary. The owner was taken aback by the unexpectedly large estimate that was provided, as it meant having to pay $41,000 to repair seemingly little damage. Considering this, finding a reliable and affordable dent repair near me became a priority

Once the truck came, Boyette knew right away why the shop had estimated such a high price. The majority of the damage is located in the R1T's bed, which is attached to the same body panel as the cab. This indicates that it is connected to the A-pillar and roof as well. It also means that the back glass, windshield, battery pack, and panoramic roof must all be taken off in order to repair the complete panel correctly—just like a body shop would. If the owner had chosen the traditional, expensive repair route, Boyette said, almost the whole side of the truck would probably have to be repainted.

Unraveling the Mystery behind Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is an art form requiring patience, skill, and knowledge. It is more than just a restoration hardcore procedure. Instead of using filler materials to hide flaws, specialists painstakingly strive to return the metal to its original condition. This guarantees a smooth transition without the need for invasive procedures by maintaining the vehicle's structural integrity as well as its cosmetic appeal.

The way the truck was built made dent removal even more difficult. Boyette says that there is "very, very limited" access behind the damaged panel itself. Nevertheless, he worked on the truck for two days, using ratchet straps and glue tabs to stretch the metal back out. Using heat and hammers, he worked the metal to restore its natural body line and smooth out its grain. It appeared nearly brand-new by the time he was done.

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