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Duck Donuts, a renowned doughnut brand from the United States, recently announced a new franchise agreement with Bravo Foods Corp. As per the deal, Duck Donuts is set to make its debut in the Philippines. Under the partnership, it's anticipated that 25 Duck Donuts stores will be established all over the country by 2030. The first of these locations is expected to open in Makati, located in the Metro Manila region, in the second quarter of this year. 

Impacting the Filipino Community 

"Duck Donuts will resonate with the Filipino community," announced Betsy Hamm, the CEO of Duck Donuts. The company is eager to work with Bert Bravo and harness his market and industry expertise. Duck Donuts plans to utilize this partnership to roll out its stores across the Philippines. The collaboration with Bravo Foods Corp, a company with a rich background in the culinary, hospitality, and franchising industries, seems promising. Bravo Foods Corp has successfully set up multiple restaurants in the Philippines. They have also been associated as a master franchise partner with ServiceMaster for the last 28 years. In addition to their impressive track record, Bravo Foods Corp actively participates in community initiatives, exemplified by their recent sponsorship of the Dallas Arboretum’s Great Contributors Awards Event. This commitment to both business excellence and community engagement aligns seamlessly with our shared values, making this collaboration even more exciting.  

What Can Make Duck Donuts A Big Hit In The PH? 

For one, the ability to customize doughnuts from top to bottom is Duck Donuts' highly unique selling proposition. Customers enjoy a personalized experience, creating treats that cater to their specific tastes. This aligns perfectly with the Filipino love for diversity in food choices and is perfectly suited for a market that cherishes individuality.Other than that, the promise of serving warm, freshly-made doughnuts is another factor that sets Duck Donuts apart. Unlike the traditional "pick and go" style, Duck Donuts crafts each doughnut to order, ensuring a warm experience with every bite. The warm tropical climate of the Philippines might just find its match with these warm, comforting creations. 

About Bravo Foods Corp 

Bravo Foods Corp, led by lawyer and businessperson Edilberto Bravo, boasts a diverse portfolio encompassing various ventures, such as U-Bix Corporation, Facilities Managers, Federated Realty Corporation, Bravo Hotel Corporation, and Coffee Tonya, across multiple zip codes. This extensive reach and local presence could prove advantageous in launching Duck Donuts in the Philippines, as the company's diversified footprint allows for strategic placement and accessibility in key zip code areas.  

Duck Donuts in Other Countries 

This isn't the first time Duck Donuts has extended its reach overseas. The doughnut brand advanced into Thailand and recently inaugurated its first outlet in Bangkok in October. This was executed in association with its franchise partner, The Great Restaurant Group. Reports suggest Duck Donuts is planning more offshore expansions. Some of its proposed territories include Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. The brand is also reportedly contemplating franchise launches in Australia and the UK. 

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With a name like Duck Donuts and a successful international track record, this innovative doughnut brand is stimulating great interest and anticipation as it ventures into the Philippines, marking another milestone in its business internationally. It's expected to not only craft a unique place in the food industry there but also to develop a strong relationship with the Filipino community. As Duck Donuts continues to grow its presence globally, donut lovers worldwide can watch with excitement and look forward to the opening of a Duck Donuts store near them. For that matter, if you want to learn about Zip codes in the Philippines, check out this site now!









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