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In the vast world of ARK Survival Ascended, players have the opportunity to shape their gaming experience through various server options. Among these, dedicated servers in India stand out as a reliable means to create a personalized, private space for gameplay with friends. Whether you're considering the robust infrastructure of dedicated servers in India or exploring non-dedicated options, it's essential to delve into what each entails and determine which aligns best with your gaming preferences. 

Non-Dedicated Servers: Understanding the Basics 

In ARK Survival Ascended, servers come in different forms, including dedicated, non-dedicated, single-player, and official servers. While Studio Wildcard manages the official multiplayer servers, players have the option to host their own multiplayer environments, categorized as either dedicated or non-dedicated. 

Dedicated vs. Non-Dedicated Servers: What Sets Them Apart? 

Dedicated servers offer comprehensive control over game settings and mods, catering to larger player counts and facilitating continuous gameplay with 24/7 availability. However, they typically involve subscription fees and are optimized for lobbies accommodating anywhere from 26 to 200 players, with costs scaling accordingly. On the flip side, non-dedicated servers present a cost-free alternative, albeit with limitations. In the dynamic landscape of the web hosting market, where various hosting solutions cater to diverse needs, hosting up to eight players on non-dedicated servers relies on the online presence of the host player and may suffer from performance issues due to bandwidth constraints. Additionally, these non-dedicated servers are best suited for localized gameplay, making long-distance play impractical. 

Setting up Your Non-Dedicated Server: A Step-by-Step Guide 

To embark on your non-dedicated server journey, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to the Main Menu and select the Create or Resume Game option. 
  1. Customize your game settings under the Advanced Menu to tailor the experience to your liking. 
  1. Access the option to create a non-dedicated server, typically located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. 
  1. Configure server parameters, including setting a password, defining a session name, and opting for private matchmaking if desired. 
  1. Upon confirmation, your hosted non-dedicated server will be primed for action, ready to welcome fellow survivors into your realm.

 Considering Dedicated Servers in India 

For players seeking dedicated server options in India, numerous providers cater to diverse gaming needs. Whether you prioritize performance, regional accessibility, or customer support, conducting thorough research into reputable hosting services can ensure a seamless gaming experience tailored to your preferences, including the added benefit of seamless streaming. This ensures that not only your gaming performance but also your streaming activities are supported by reliable and high-quality servers, enhancing your overall online experience. 

Conclusion: Is a Non-Dedicated Server Right for You? 

Non-dedicated servers in ARK Survival Ascended offer a customizable, intimate gaming environment ideal for cooperative adventures with friends. However, they come with inherent limitations, such as player capacity and performance constraints, which may influence your server selection. By weighing the pros and cons against your gaming priorities, you can determine whether a non-dedicated server aligns with your ARK Survival Ascended journey. Experience unparalleled performance and reliability with Leap Switch Networks' dedicated servers. Whether you require fully managed or self-managed options, our servers, powered by the latest Intel/AMD processors and premium Tier 1 bandwidth, ensure seamless operation for your business needs. With RAID capability for data security and IPMI for out-of-band connectivity, our servers offer peace of mind alongside exceptional performance. From configurations boasting up to 256 cores, 2TB RAM, and 24 HDD, SSD, and U.3 NVMe drives, to personalized setups tailored to your requirements, we're committed to delivering optimal solutions. Should you seek a specific configuration, our 24x7 support team stands ready to assist, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience every step of the way.

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