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Date: 2/26/2024 

Place: USA

In his most recent publication, "Maximizing Profits: Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth, " Emad A. Zikry - a well-respected economist renowned in the field - introduces innovative approaches to ensure continuous business expansion. With years of experience as Vanderbilt Avenue Asset Management's (VAAM) Chief Executive Officer, Emad provides valuable expertise and knowledge that contribute greatly towards economic discussions today.


"Maximizing Profits" by Emad A. Zikry is an excellent exploration of sustainable business techniques that provide useful insight for organizations striving to flourish in the highly demanding environment of the modern corporate world. Based on his background in finance and investment, Emad offers implementable techniques that can help companies increase their profitability as well as institute sustainability in the long term.


“While businesses navigate through the changing economic terrains, the need to adopt sustainable strategies that balance both profitability and sustainability cannot be downplayed," Emad A. Zikry adds."In ‘Maximizing Profits’ we will reveal the most challenging ways to obtain sustainable growth, which helps enterprises succeed in all market conditions."


Dr. Emad A. Zikry's remarkable career includes leadership positions with top institutions, such as Pioneer Investments and Vanderbilt Capital Advisors. He is a well-known economist for his influence on the field of economics and the numerous articles published in prominent journals like The Journal of Forecasting and The American Economist.

Besides being the leader of VAAM, Emad is the Director of The National Investment Company and is a qualified FINRA Arbitrator. He is also a member of the National Association for Business Economists and of The Economic Club of New York.


"Maximizing Profits:  "Strategies for Sustainable Business Growth" is now on sale, with this guide being of great value for businesses dreaming of or already experiencing success in today's dynamic environment. Please visit the VAAM Publications website for more details or contact Vanderbilt Avenue Asset Management, LLC at 745 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10151 for inquiries.


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