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TCM Adaptogen Announces Cell Wall Cracked Pine Pollen Powder

China, August 11, 2019 – Not only for boosting the testosterone level, but the pine pollen powder can have several types of health benefits because of its adaptogenic properties. This powder has been used for centuries in many countries for its wonderful medicinal properties.  TCM Adaptogen supplies the powder without any added sugar. However, it contains 25% sacchrides, and not so bitter in taste. The powder can be consumed by diabetics as well and they can think of improving their testosterone level naturally without coming across any adverse effect. The company processes the powder safely, and does not use fillers, drying agents and preservatives during the extraction and production of the powder. The powder is also free from pesticides and heavy materials and completely safe for the human consumption. Since the powder has no impurity, one can easily consume and digest it.

The health benefits of powder of pine pollen have been known to humans since ancient times. In the Chinese medicine system, this powder is known as Jing tonic, which can tonify several vital human organs. The powder can improve the overall health and vitality of people who consume it regularly. Research shows that with a regular consumption of this powder, one can maintain his/her energy level to perform rigorous tasks without exhaustion. The powder can help fight common symptoms of weakness, stress and lack of energy. It supplies the body essential nutrients one will need to preserve energy.


According to the company spokesperson, they now also supply the pine pollen tablet that will be convenient for people to store and consume in exact dosage. The powder is extracted in a scientific method that preserves all the nutritional content of the pine fruit. The company procures pine fruits from Yunnan province in the Himalayan region, which is the natural growing area of the pine vegetation. The natural pine fruit contains a wide range of nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins, amino acids and several minerals, including calcium, copper, iron and zinc. The spokesperson states that all essential ingredients remain intact when the powder is transformed into tablets.

One can consume the powder or tablets empty stomach to enjoy its maximum health benefits. The product is also a good anti-inflammatory agent and can reduce the sensitivity to pain. This is the reason why it can also be given to the cancer patients to soothe their pain. It is also an anti-tumor agent. Its regular consumption can strengthen the physical vigor of humans to perform all tasks with efficiency.

One can learn more about the health benefits of consuming the pine pollen powder by visiting the website

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Sunday, August 18, 2019