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TCM Adaptogen Announces Pine Pollen Powder

China, June 29, 2019 – Because of its outstanding adaptogenic property, pine pollen powder has been used extensively and traditionally in many Asian countries since the ages. It is also is a rich and natural source of testosterone. Also, this powder contains no sugar and is blended with 25% sacchrides, and hence its consumption is safe for diabetics and people with high blood sugar levels. TCM Adaptogen adopts an advanced extraction process and manufactures this powder with minimum 75% purity. At the same time, the powder has no traces of heavy materials and pesticide residue. Moreover, the company does not use any filler, drying agents or preservatives during the production process of the powder.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the powder of pine pollen can have several kinds of health benefits for humans. Besides being a natural source of testosterone, it has been termed as the Jing tonic in the traditional Chinese medicine. The powder can tonify a number of human organs and can play an important role in maintaining an overall well being of a human. It can be significantly helpful in cases of weakness, stress, sexual problems, etc. It can nourish our body with essential nutrients to boost up the energy and vitality for performing physical works with a better efficiency. With a regular consumption of this powder, one can store and preserve energy to perform tasks with full vigor. TCM Adaptogen also supplies this product in the tablet form and one can have 3 tablets three times a day as the regular dosage.

The company supplies the pine pollen tablet that can preserve all the nutritional profile of the pine fruits. They pine fruits are procured from the Yunnan province, which is primarily a Himalayan region. The shells of the pine fruits are cracked in a scientific manner to preserve its essential elements, which contain proteins, 20 amino acids, and minerals like zinc, calcium, copper, iron, and Vitamins. The powder is lightly processed so that nutrients remain intact when the tablets are made. The tablets do not contain any impurity and are easily digestible to experience its health benefits. Thus, these tablets are more convenient to store and swallow.

The spokesperson reveals that pine pollen powder or tablet gives the best results when taken empty stomach. It can lower cholesterol and boost the human immunity. With an excellent nutritional value, this product can potentially decrease our sensitivity to pain. It is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agent and can also prove helpful in the treatment of cancerous diseases. People can consume it on a regular basis to strengthen their physical functions and to prevent degeneration of organs of the body. This powder could also prove effective in maintaining a healthy endocrine system.

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Friday, July 19, 2019