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Customers Can Now Purchase Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil.

Xi'an, China, November 26, 2018 – Health conscious men are always in search of high quality natural products that could be beneficial to their health, without any side effects. For all such people, MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd has good news. The supplier of herbal extracts now announces to supply the ganoderma lucidum spore for people to improve their health and lead a happy life. The ganoderma lucidum spore is available in both powder and oil forms, and one can choose either oil or powder as per their own priority.

Customers can check the history, health benefits and other details of the ganoderma lucidum spore powder on the website of MIGU. One can learn how the shell broken powder is 100% pure for the human consumption, with 4% triterpenoid content. The organic and cGMP certified powder can increase the longevity of people, while bringing them several other kinds of health benefits. According to the company spokesperson, this powder is being used to promote health among Chinese, Japanese and other Asian countries since the time immemorial. Now, one can find this spore in a ready to consume form and which can meet the nutritional value of the body. Besides boosting the immunity, this spore is also well known for lowering the glucose level in the blood, and can help people diagnosed with diabetes.

The spokesperson reveals that they have this spore in powder, capsules, tea and dietary supplement. However, people are finding the ganoderma lucidum spore oil more convenient and useful to consume on a daily basis. Another important reason behind the growing use of the oil is that it contains up to 30% triterpenoid, and which increases the medicinal value of this spore oil. Using the super critical extraction technology, they extract the oil from the mushroom, and which is then supplied to customers all around the world. According to the spokesperson, this spore oil has been tested and proven to offer a number of health benefits. The powder of the spore contains more than 400 active bio-molecules that can significantly improve the health and vitality of a person who consume this spore powder or oil on a regular basis.

MIGU specializes in a wide variety of botanical extracts that people can use for their health benefits. Besides the ganoderma lucidum spore, one can also check the Agaricus Blazei Extract, available in their stock. The spokesperson states that the Agaricus Blazei is often known as a medicinal mushroom, which was first discovered in Brazil. This is a popular health food for people of many countries, and MIGU now also supplies the extract of the medicinal mushroom, which people can consume as a health supplement and can boost their health and energy.

To learn more about these herbal extracts and their health benefits, one can visit the website

About MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd is professional fungus extract powder factory certified by cGMP, ISO, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, Organic since 2002. The company is dedicated to the identification, development and production of fungus extract and other botanical extracts. They owned the organic plantation based in ShannXi and JiangSu province to support production of products of high purity and advanced quality. With the strong R&D capability, the company’s lab is equipped with state of the art instruments for testing such as HPLC, UV, UPLC, TT, GC and GC-MS, ICP-MS, GC/LC-MS-MS, HPTLC and IR (identification), ELIASA, Microbiology test and etc.

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