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In the past few decades, Camera Module is a distant term. Due to the quick growth of innovation, you can now build your own ingrained camera system, consisting of Kiosks, tablet, drones and also surveillance toys. This development permits development companies to conveniently utilize this formerly unattainable part.

Like all various other components, the USB camera module has additionally been established, the sensor as well as lens are popularized, as well as the camera module need to have gone into customer use. Nowadays, it has come to be an important function. Without an excellent video camera system, many applications and devices are insufficient.

Although the Camera module has actually been around for time, the wide range of sensors as well as lenses of different requirements have actually made numerous customers confused concerning buying the camera module for their system or device. This guide will aid you purchase a camera module.
If you have a little knowledge of camera module equipment, you might see that there are various sorts of camera modules, yet there are still numerous customers that do not know this reality. According to the interface category, there are mostly 3 types of offered camera module, USB2.0 camera module, USB3.0 camera module, MIPI camera module.

As we all recognize, the higher the pixel of the sensor, the bigger the size of the captured photo. Nevertheless, the quality of sensors used by different manufacturers is various, and the top quality of the caught images is likewise very different. In this instance, it is best to discover a sensor that matches the actual application to match the developer's system.

One of the most critical aspects to take into consideration when selecting a camera module is the lens. Please focus on the range of the challenge be photographed, and the dimension range of the things. If you are uncertain regarding the range to the object, you can likewise select an autofocus lens. Please insist on choosing an ideal lens to get better picture quality.

Price and brand have a particular impact on item top quality and effectiveness. However, it is not that the higher the price, the bigger the brand name will certainly adapt to your application. The products generated by the relatively inexpensive camera module Manufacturer does not indicate that its quality is poor. You do not have to pick pricey brands to ensure you have the most effective products, however select the camera system that best matches the item.


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is collaborating with over 40 organizations, including the Community Development Department, the Department of Cultural Promotion, the Department of Agricultural Extension, the Department of Industrial Promotion, the Cooperative Promotion Department, the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA), Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), the National Village and Urban Community Fund Office, Government Savings Bank, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, PTT Global Chemical Company Limited, Pracharath Rak Samakkee (Thailand) Company, as well as public and private universities, tour companies, tourism-related associations, and other organizations working with local communities, to host the Rural Tourism Awards and OTOP Tourism Awards in order to promote and strengthen rural tourism and encourage self-reliance among local Thai people. This is under the government’s sustainability policy to improve the grassroots economy in accordance with national strategies. In the time of the global COVID-19 crisis, the nation’s economy is now in particular need of internal reinforcement.
Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said “This will be a landmark Rural Tourism Awards, with over 40 public and private organizations and academic institutes working together, starting from today until September 2020. All qualified communities will be evaluated by a knowledgeable committee board. Finally, a vote will be open to tourists to reach unanimous results. The Rural Tourism Awards and the OTOP Tourism Awards will truly bring pride to the communities. Each winning community will receive an honorary plate and public relations support to help with marketing and sales through various media channels, including the world-renowned online platform Airbnb, for tangible results.
TAT is confident that the competition will motivate these communities to improve their capabilities in terms of tourism, as well as enhance their public image and elevate local community tourism, building confidence among domestic visitors and improving awareness at an international level.”
The “best tourism village competition” consists of two categories:
1. Rural Tourism Awards – 5 sub-categories
1) Best Creative Experience
2) Best for Agro tourism
3) Best Homestay
4) Best for Responsible Tourism
5) Best for Company Outing
2. OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) Tourism Awards – 5 sub-categories
1) OTOP Tourism Award in Household and Decorative Items
2) OTOP Tourism Awards in Herbal Products
3) OTOP Tourism Awards in Food and Drinks
4) OTOP Tourism Awards in Textile and Clothing
5) OTOP Tourism Awards in Miscellaneous Products
In addition, the villages nominated with the highest votes will also be announced in the event.
• 25 rural tourism villages (5 villages per sub-category)
• 100 OTOP tourism villages
(The list of qualified villages is presented in the attached document)
The judging of both categories will be carried out in the same manner. A board committee consisting of knowledgeable members from all organizations will select 15 finalist communities (3 per sub-category). They will then visit the communities to select the winner, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up. Tourists are also invited to vote for the best communities. The winners will be decided based on the committee’s score (70%) and tourist votes (30%).
TAT will host an event to announce and celebrate the winners of the Rural Tourism Awards on 27 September 2020, which is also World Tourism Day. The OTOP Tourism Award winners will be decided and announced in late 2020.
For more information please contact:
Thachasorn Atsadatorn (Klao), public relations department, mobile: 09-8635-6365


Helping You Find the Biggest Deals and Best Offers Online

Washington DC, Jul 25th 2020- CheapoAlert today announced the launch of their brand new daily deals site at The site will cover a wide range of product categories, from clothing to electronics and much more.

“We have made the sales process quick and easy, by not requiring our customers to use promotional codes and coupons.” Says Rafique Khan, the CEO of CheapoAlert.
Bargain hunters can look forward to discounts starting at 50% off the recommended retail price (RRP), and increasing by up to 80% for the best offers.

Consumers can look ahead to special deals from top suppliers around the world. For the best deals, the demand is expected to far exceed supply. However, with a regular update schedule, there will always be items to interest potential buyers.

CheapoAlert is a daily deals site based in Washington DC. It is set to make a big impact to the daily deals sector, by combining a streamlined sales process, high demand products and a customer focused approach.

Irshad Khan


ST LOUIS, MO.  June 27, 2020 – Jason Murray Arnold published a new book, The Beginner’s Guide to Wine. It features ten chapters packed full of information on viticulture, oenology, and wine appreciation. It introduces the audience to wine starting with the rich heritage of wine production, and details all that goes into producing a quality example. From harvesting the grapes to fermentation, each step matters.  Some of the topics covered by the book include wine classification, styles, and regional differences.  

Before one can be considered a genuine wine connoisseur, he must understand the proper way to enjoy wine, follow wine tasting etiquette, and educate himself on the many varieties. The Beginner’s Guide to wine covers all of this and more. It’ll take the reader through a detailed description of the Old World wine producing regions of Europe and uncover modern winemaking innovations in the America’s.  By the time the reader reaches the last page, he’ll have a grasp of the terminology surrounding viticulture and oenology.

With more than 8,000 different grapes in the world, it’s important for wine consumers to understand how to select an appropriate style and vintage. In The Beginner’s Guide to Wine, Jason Arnold explains in simple, clear language how to make the right selection for any occasion. He breaks down the complex world of wine so that it can be easily understood and appreciated by all.

“For me, at least, I find human history in every glass,” writes Jason Arnold. He says, “Winemaking is such a fascinating process, one that most people know little about. My hope is that they’ll read this book and come away with a greater appreciation for wine.”

The Beginner’s Guide to Wine is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. To read more about the book or to order, visit 

About the Author:

Jason Arnold is a wine connoisseur, art collector, and accountant. A frequent traveler, he can be found scuba diving, skiing, and exploring the great outdoors while in search of finest wines. He enjoys pairing unique wines with exotic cuisine and finds the vine to one of the world’s gifts to humanity. You can contact Jason at


United States of America, 6th January, 2020: Arcade gaming can be fun as they can create huge amount of excitement among the players. Games played on the internet have witnessed interesting advancements. Today’s gamers are always on the lookout for something that is different from what they have witnessed earlier. Papa Louie has been developing innovative games that provide new experience to gamers of all ages.

Gamers can go through the website of Papa Louie games and play the game that meets their interests. Most of the games available on the website are related to cooking. Papagames is an interesting platform that continues to create games that are simple yet exciting. Night Hunt 2 is one such game where a culinary specialist is on the lookout for hungry visitors that are waiting for their pizza. The specialist needs to get rid of the monsters that come in his way. The only way to fight with the enemies is to use the pepper bombs available with him.

There are many other games related to cooking on One of those games includes Night Hunt 3. In this game, the player is the owner of the restaurant and he needs to search for pepper to improve the taste of food in his snack bar. Gamers can easily go through the instructions of the games mentioned on the website and start playing. Online games continue to stand against the test of time. Gaming experience has changed drastically and players are getting a better user experience.

The games available on Papa Louie platform are a mix of arcade and action and adventure. It can be fun for even adults as this is a creative idea where a culinary expert is involved in fights with monsters. There is a game named Papa’s Bakeria where the owner of the Bakery shop is expanding his business and is on the lookout for new staff. It can turn out to be an interesting experience for people who own a restaurant in real life too. This game is a learning experience when it comes to selecting the perfect staff that can cook and take orders too.

Players can also find games that are based on Donuts, Tacos and much more. Papa’s Burgeria is a game that focuses on a restaurant where the owner needs to cook and serve the customers. An interesting game teaches various aspects related to customer service. Papa Louie kitchen game consists of all kinds of food item that people find in a snack bar.

About Papa Louie:


Papa Louie is a New York based company that has been creating interesting arcade games that can be played online. They have wide range of games that are mainly based on cooking and culinary expertise. To check out the games players can visit the above mentioned website.


China, 2nd January, 2020: Manufacturing eco-friendly bags is the need of the hour. It is important to avoid using plastic and start focusing on biodegradable bags. Staying environmentally conscious is an important thing and there are different ways that can help us in protecting our eco-system. Company have switched to biodegradable shopping bags that reduce the release of harmful energy. Dongyang Xiangyun Weave Bag Co., is a firm based in China that has made this process of producing environmentally friendly bags easier.

Oxford bags are creative in their own way. They are made out of the baggy styled trousers favored by many people around the world. It has been in trend since the nineteenth century and the trend never fades away. It is environmentally friendly and easily washable. Design is an important aspect of a shopping bag. Along with durability, people also focus on the design of the shopping bag as they consider it a style statement. Along with this there are polypropylene bags that is famous for packaging bags. Most of the cosmetic products are packed in polypropylene bags.

Polypropylene bags are well known in different parts of the world. Any company that is involved in the cosmetic products industry knows about the importance of using polypropylene bags. They are durable in nature and they protect the products that are packed inside. Buyers can easily get screen-printing done on a polypropylene bag. Dongyang Xiangyun Weave Bag Co., sells these bags locally and also exports them to different buyers around the world.

It is important to go through a quality test before supplying these bags. Professionals at Dongyang Xiangyun Weave Bag Co., make sure that the bags are tested properly and the buyers get a quality end product. Packaging bags are mainly sold in bulk as the companies using them focus on packing their products in these bags. Buyers can get them colored of get their logos printed on these bags. Buyers can also checkout the non-woven polypropylene bags.

Woven polypropylene bags are sturdy and tear resistant. They are cost effective and there is no compromise on the quality front. They can be used to carry heavy luggage too. These bags are mainly used for carrying chemicals, construction materials, and food products. Non-woven polypropylene bags are known to be the best alternatives to plastic bags. They don’t release any toxic material and at the same time they are sturdy too. They decompose easily and this makes it easier to recycle them. These bags are soft enough and they can be washed easily.

About Dongyang Xiangyun Weave Bag Co.,


Dongyang Xiangyun Weave Bag Co., is a company situated in the Jiangbei Industry Garden in China. They manufacture different kinds of packaging bags. Buyers from any part of the world can order bags through their website.


India, 2nd January, 2020: Drinking tea is a common practice in almost every part of the world. Flavored tea has been in trend ever since new startups came in this field. Wild Tea comes with various health benefits and it is an important part of the eco-system. Found in hilly terrain wild tea is an integral part of the eco-system. It is important to focus on the health benefits of these herbs. Tea is mainly a herb that comes with various health benefits. Forest Pick has been growing wild teas naturally. They are making it easier for tea drinkers to consume tea in their natural form.

Manipur Black Tea is well known among tea drinkers. Instead of drinking commercialized tea people should start focusing on tea leaves that are grown naturally. Handcrafted tea grown at the gardens of Forest Pick is different from commercially grown tea. Oolong tea availably on the website of Forest Pick is grown in Southern part of Manipur. It is grown naturally in forest region around the hilly terrains of Manipur. Usage of any kind of chemical is avoided while growing Oolong Tea.

Oolong tea consists of antioxidants that help in fighting various diseases. It is anti-inflammatory and also helps in weight loss. Handcrafted by artisans these form of teas are purely organic. Black Tea is grown 2000 ft. above sea level. It consists of orthodox tea that is grown in a diverse eco-system. The texture of black tea tends to be quite different. It is important to grow them in a natural environment and avoid any kind of chemicals. The color of liquor is transparent and the aroma gives tea drinkers a completely different experience.

Usage of natural flavors is giving an amazing feel to tea drinkers. When these teas are handcrafted properly they don’t lose the natural feel and come up with a unique taste. Forest Pick also offers Manipur white tea that comes with a soothing sensation. The processing time is the same when compared with others forms of tea. Even white tea comes with various health benefits and it thrives in a natural habitat. Growing tea is an art and only tea artisans can grow them efficiently. Handcrafted tea that is far from today’s commercialization is known to be healthier and tastier.

Manipur Smoked Tea is a new form of Orthodox tea. Hill artisans have grown it for more than hundred years now. It has high caffeine content and it is dark in color. It comes with a unique smoky flavor that makes it different from other forms of tea.

About Forest Pick:


Forest Pick is a startup that has come up as a revolution in the tea industry. It focuses on growing tea through natural process by avoiding commercialization.


This Real Estate Acquisition Guide Of Foreigners has been prepared to help foreign nationals who wish to acquire real estate in our country. However, this guide does not substitute the necessary professional consultancy services.


The Land Registry Law No. 2644 was amended by Law No. 6302 which came into force on May 18, 2012 with the 35th amendment. In accordance with the article, reciprocity requirement for real estate acquisition of foreign real persons in our country has been abolished.

Information can be obtained from the Embassies/Consulates of the Republic of Turkey and the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (Directorate of Foreign Affairs) and Land Registry offices about which country citizens are able to acquire real estate and limited real rights in our country.

Real persons of foreign nationality can acquire all kinds of Real Estate (Housing, Business, land, Field) in terms of quality in our country, provided that legal restrictions are complied with. Real persons of foreign nationality must submit the project to be developed in the unstructured real estate they have purchased (land, Field) to the approval of the relevant ministry (Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture) within two years.


According to the legislation in force in Turkey, the transfer of Real Estate Property is possible with the official deed and registration to be signed in the land registry offices. 

It is possible to sign the “sales PROMISE agreement” before the notary public. However, it is not possible to acquire real estate property by means of “sales promise contract” or external sales contract signed before notary public.

  2. a) a real person of foreign nationality can purchase a maximum of 30 hectares of real estate and obtain limited real rights throughout the country.
  3. B) military ban and security zones measurement studies have been completed in 81 provinces, whether the real estate is outside the military ban and security zones or not, by the Land

Registry Directorate to ask the authorized command and the need to receive a positive answer for acquisition (except some districts) has been removed.

  1. c) real persons of foreign nationality may acquire real estate and limited real rights up to 10% of the face measurement of the privately owned district.
  2. d) legal restrictions do not apply in favor of commercial companies with legal personality established according to their legislation in foreign countries with real persons.
  3. E) the real estate acquired in violation of the provisions of the law; determined by the relevant ministries and administrations that it is used contrary to the purpose of acquisition; not applied to the relevant ministry in the period of the purchases provided that the project or the projects are not carried out within the period; are subject to liquidation provisions.

The buyer must be"citizens of the country who can acquire real estate and limited real rights in our country and must bear the conditions of acquisition".


The real estate owner or his authorized representative must make a preliminary application to the Land Registry Office.

(Pre-applications are usually made before the lunch break by taking the number of the Land Registry Office.)

If there is a deficiency in the pre-application conditions and it is possible to complete,  the pre-application file is kept waiting.


Citizens of the Republic of Turkey, ( or General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre ( can obtain a sequence number from the appointment system. In addition, our citizens calling from abroad and Alo 181 line 90312.593 99 00 line can also make an appointment.


  1. a) title deed Certificate of Real Estate or Village / neighborhood, island, parcel, building, independent section information,
  2. B) identity document or passport (with translation if necessary),
  3. C) obtaining the "Real Estate Fair Value certificate" from the relevant municipality,
  4. D) Real Estate Valuation Report,
  5. e) for buildings (residential, workplace... etc.) compulsory earthquake insurance policy,
  6. f) 1 Copy of the seller, 2 copies of the buyer (within the last 6 months, 6x4 size).
  7. G) sworn translator if any party who does not speak Turkish,
  8. h) the original or certified copy of the power of attorney, together with its translation, should be processed by the power of attorney issued abroad.


- Power of attorney issued by the embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Turkey.

 Turkish French October 5, 1961, “Apostille (Convention de la Haye du Octobre 1961)” in addition to the language of the country, such documents and power of attorney and Turkish translations of the Turkish Consulate in that place in the form of a certified photograph of the relevant power of attorney issued by foreign notaries in the language of the country is not required.

 - In addition, the signature of the notary public in the power of attorney issued by the notary public of foreign countries not party to The Hague Convention dated October 5, 1961, including the approved photograph of the relevant person in the language of the country, shall be approved by the authority to which the signature and seal of this authority are attached.


  1. a) the title deed fee shall be paid by both buyer and seller over the sale price, not less than the "Real Estate Fair Value"received from the relevant municipality. (The land registry fee rate determined according to the law on fees No. 492 is 2%.)
  2. B) the revolving fund fee determined locally is paid. (Up to £ 128 x £ 2.5 for 2019 )
  3. c) the service fee for the transactions that give rise to the ownership transfer debt made according to Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644 shall be collected by the land registry office as an additional cost to the revolving fund determined during the transaction and for the transaction.(For 2019: £ 598.25)

- On real estate, mortgage, lien etc. if there is a restriction or if there is an obstacle to the sale of the property, such matters should be checked by the relevant Land Registry Office.

- In case of rejection of the application for real estate acquisition, an appeal application can be made to the Regional Directorate, which is affiliated to the Land Registry Office.

- It is recommended not to work with people or companies that are not known to be expert  and reliable.

- It is not necessary for the foreigner to have obtained a residence permit in order to acquire real estate in Turkey.

- In the event of a dispute between the parties concerning the acquisition of real estate,  the case should be referred to the judicial authorities and a lawsuit should be filed in the courts of the Republic of Turkey.


 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644. According to the article, real estate acquisition of foreign legal persons in Turkey (other than easement or right of use) is essentially not possible.  Commercial companies established in foreign countries, in the current practice, but special provisions of the law (Tourism Incentive Law No. 2634, industrial zones Law No. 4737, etc.) within the framework of easement or the right to use.

This does not apply to the limitation of immovable pledge facility in favor of trading companies. Legal entities other than foreign trade companies (foundations, associations...) they cannot acquire real estate and limited real rights cannot be established in their favor.


Real estate acquisition of foreign capital companies in Turkey, 36 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644. Article, 16/08/2012 dated “2644 title deed law under Article 36 of the real estate ownership of companies and subsidiaries and limited real Rights Acquisition Regulation” and 2012/13(1735) organized by Circular No.  Since these companies are established in Turkey and transactions are carried out on behalf of their legal entity, the nationality status of their partner or founder or the person who can personally acquire real estate in our country is not taken into consideration. There are no restrictions on the acquisition of these companies.

In this context, according to the foreign capital ratio and partnership structure of the company determined by the authorization documents to be obtained from trade registry offices, the procedures are directed by considering whether to follow the application procedure to the Provincial Planning and coordination Directorate of the governorship within the scope of the related regulation. 


Guangzhou, China, November 24, 2019 – Fishing games are often so engaging, and which are loved by players of all ages. However, APA Game designs fishing games with some new twists. They add several noted personalities in the game’s storyline that can draw everyone’s attention. Recently, they have integrated characters of Batman, Bruce Lee and Donald Trump in their fishing games. These new games with twisted tales are gaining huge popularity among players from all around the world.

The spokesperson of the company first talks about their Batman fishing game that is trending now. This game is remarkable for its surprising elements and the presence of Batman. The superhero makes the game more interesting and raises curiosity among players. With Batman, the storyline becomes more exciting and intriguing. The beautiful gameplay will invite every player and they will be amazed by witnessing Batman’s daring act in the game. Players will have enormous fun for every minute they will spend playing this game. More importantly, this fishing game with Batman could prove a money minting opportunity for most video game parlors. The game will draw more and more new players, everyday to maximize the profit of the parlors.

According to the spokesperson, their engineers work hard to use the latest available technology. Each game features HD visuals, pulsating sound and vibrating lighting effects. At the same time, the company engages the most creative scriptwriters to write exceptional stories. One will be amused by the story of the Bruce Lee fishing game. In this game, Bruce Lee is revived by APA Game, and he actively takes part in the gaming action. One will have the opportunity of experiencing Bruce Lee’s electrifying martial art, for which the world still remembers him. Bruce Lee’s action will add to the thrill and excitement of every player, and they will love to spend their free hours enjoying this game. This game can bring a high holding profit that any video game parlor can never afford to ignore.

All fishing games developed by the company feature a host of elements that can simply engage a player. These could be dreadful monsters, shrewd hunters, dragons, leopards and so on. The company’s Trump bomb fishing game also has some of these interesting elements. However, the most interesting part of this game is the presence of Donald Trump himself. Trump makes this fishing game more motivating for the new-age players. Like all other games of the company, this fishing game too promises an unlimited fun for players and an impressive profit for video game parlors. The company’s fishing game machines are easy to install, and APA Game can also include custom features in the machines that can allow a business to increase its profit levels. They also offer technical support for clients willing to install these machines at their premises.

One can check further details of these new fishing arcade games by visiting the website

About APA GAME (Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.)

APA GAME (Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2011. The company is located in Panyu, which is the largest game machine industrial area in China. APA Game specializes in the international trade of gaming machines and they import gaming machines from Japan and export all kinds of gaming machines from China to overseas. They work with reliable manufacturers and source products at targeted prices.

For Media Inquiries –

Contact Person: Jenny Peng

Company: APA GAME (Asia Pacific Amusement Consultants Co., Ltd.)

Telephone: 0086 13926124090