11, August 2017: Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru made its way into the record books as it organized a Facebook Live Video Discussion with the most number of doctors covering the most of the health topics in the least amount of time, on July 20, 2017. The event was held with an intention to create awareness about the symptoms related to various chronic diseases plaguing our society, such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, and other ailments related to kidney disorders, depression, blood related disorders, etc. The event got its mention in the prestigious Asia Book of Records for being the lengthiest Facebook Live Chat by most number of doctors ever, covering the most number of health topics in a record time. Dr. Ajay Bakshi, MD, and CEO, Manipal Health Enterprises while opening the session said that with more than hundred doctors addressing about 100 different health issues, this initiative would benefit millions of people since it was hosted entirely on a digital platform. 

The event, known as ‘Health Vibes’, saw over 100 doctors speaking about 101 topics covering different branches and fields of medicine. During the course of the marathon discussion, the doctors offered their invaluable insights and opinions about the many ailments afflicting the present generation. 

Going a step further, the event progressed well beyond the mandate of merely creating a record; as the session went on to feature a total of 102 doctors speaking on 100 different topics in a time span of 10 hours. These doctors belonged to a wide range of specialties including cardiac sciences, pediatrics, orthopedics, neurosciences, genetics, dentistry, dermatology, renal sciences, obstetrics, and gynecology etc. 

Some of the key nuggets of information were related to the timely diagnosis of diseases such as Tuberculosis, elementary first aid measures like CPR, which every person ought to know irrespective of his/her profession. The discussions also covered the symptoms of dengue, dementia, occurrences of a migraine and diabetes, and much more. 

That this live chat had a positive impact on quite a large segment of the population can be gauged by the fact that it had more than 10,00,000 views, and received more than 1,00,000 reactions. More than a thousand questions were asked by the viewers, many of which were included in the face-to-face discussion in real time. This initiative by Manipal Hospitals has definitely reached far and wide, and resulted in positive vibes for the health of all! 

About Manipal Hospitals: 

Manipal Hospitals are part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), which pioneers in the field of education and health care delivery. The focus at Manipal Hospitals is to develop an affordable tertiary care multispecialty healthcare framework through its entire delivery spectrum and further extend it to home care. 

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Phone: 1800-3001-4000


10, August 2017: Modern man leads a hectic life. The everyday activities of life are both physically and mentally demanding. It is often observed that people look up to age old solutions that have been tried and tested over the years and known for being beneficial. Same is the case with yoga. It is a traditional form of exercise that is now practiced by millions around the world. With regard to Yoga India is considered to be the place where the art had originated. It has been passed on from one generation to another and over the years, it has gained much popularity, so much so that yoga has been able to seep through to various Western nations as well.

Yoga is considered as another form of art owing to the rejuvenating effects it has on the minds and bodies of those who practice it. Having said so, it is common knowledge that no form of art can be mastered without a teacher. Therefore, there arises a need for a Yoga Teacher who is able to teach others the discipline in the most authentic and accurate manner. Yoga teachers must be trained appropriately to ensure that those practicing yoga may be able to reap all the benefits it promises.

Rishikesh Yoga Prakash is a yoga school situated in Rishikesh, India. It is an internationally registered institution which is affiliated with Yoga Alliance in USA. It is well known for imparting training and knowledge about yoga to both, people who are interested in yoga as well as those who aspire to become professional yoga trainers. It strikes a balance by combining traditional knowledge with modern tools in its courses. Their syllabus consists of history, tradition and different paths of Yoga including Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, yoga philosophy, Human Anatomy and physiology, Yoga Anatomy, Teaching Methodology, Teaching Skills and business aspect of yoga while also focusing on spiritual property of yoga to deepen one’s own practice and total growth.

They offer a variety of courses that have different durations. They include the 200 hour and 100 hour yoga teacher training courses. The Yoga Course is offered in different places across continents. The most recent training courses have been held in retreat centers in Singapore, Bali, China and India. On completion of the training students are awarded with Yoga Teacher Certification from Rishikesh Yoga Prakash. This enables them to register as a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance U.S.A.

About Rishikesh Yoga Prakash:

Rishikesh Yoga Prakash is a certified yoga training institution which offers professional yoga training courses in various places across continents. To know more please visit their official website.

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Company: Rishikesh Yoga Prakash
Phone: +91 - 9557449858


USA; 01, August 2017: Getting answers of different life problems online is a great idea. Would You Rather Questions is a platform that always maintains the rules and regulations for the convenience of the clients. By producing the content related to the several health issues of the human life this is highly wonderful. Users get tips and techniques on various issues. In these replies, you will get the knowledge about the signs, symptoms, reasons, causes, treatments and basic measurements about various life issues. It is declared in this press release that content is highly authentic. The administration is free as per rules that users can ask their questions any time. The users will be updated with these changes by the admin as per the requirements.

It is clearly mentioned that the information present at the website is not the substitute of the expert’s advice. Users can take it as a professional advice or the perfect suggestion. It can only be used for educational or information purpose. If you want to get benefit from these advices then you must consult on the site. It works with the aim to deliver information and knowledge about the proper treatment with extreme good quality at your door-step for you and your family. It delivers authentic information in the form of tips and techniques for the comfort of the clients. This is the best way to increase the convenience in your life.

These answers are helpful for the users in their life jacks. Users just take the benefit online the required information will be at your service promptly. By offering the suggestion that is good for people this is a great idea to help people.

It gives a new layout and design to the resources for better articles; proposals and content of the Life issues.The viewers are getting interest due to the attractive illustration and images, including practical aids which are used to attract the users. A summary and review option is provided at the web page to reinforce the ideas learnt by the material. It helps in making services better and to raise the standard.Viewers are provided the complete layout of content guides. It has been enhanced and content has been revised and updated, corresponding to the reference online.

These Would You Rather Questions are associated with the internet, which is the most efficient and remarkable source of communication. It offers online content that fulfills the current needs of all types of life hacks related information. It is completely dependable and well-researched.


The skilled and professional writers at website are eager to serve you pleasantly because admin gives importance to their clients because they have vital worth. The technical and trained people are there to guide you because they will never want to leave any question unanswered. You are always welcome to clarify your confusion with them.

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Location: Burlington, MI


29, July 2017: A new t-shirt brand in the UK is bringing all the iconic heroes and villains into fashion at a price that everyone can afford. Luc Bauer has started to produce and supply a broad selection of t-shirts with designs based on Marvel characters, DC characters and many more. The brand hopes to give their customers in the UK a chance to show off their style with clothing that will fit into any budget.

Luc Bauer is one of the fastest growing independent t-shirt retailers in the UK. Their main aim has always been to keep iconic styles affordable for all and avoid the uptick in prices that is often part of products with images from pop culture. Luc Bauer believe that t-shirts are a part of fashion that can bring people together because the style is completely universal. They aim to ensure that their t-shirts are cool, comfortable, stylish and completely durable. The brand is eager to allow their customers to have the widest collection of t-shirts in their wardrobe possible.

Whether customers want a T-shirt with the now iconic shield of Captain America or the unforgettable vintage yellow Batman logo, they will find both here. The style of the t-shirts expands beyond the image with the color of the background matching the logo. The t-shirt sold with the Captain America shield is a royal blue to match the shade of Cap’s uniform. The Batman tee, on the other hand, is black, and customers would expect nothing less for the dark knight.

For customers who have a soft spot for the villains, the collection that Luc Bauer offers will not disappoint. They can pick up a tee plastered with the Joker’s wicked smirk or the Punisher’s chilling logo.

To keep things affordable for all, Luc Bauer is selling their collection of shirts at just £9 for each tee with free shipping for all UK customers. The prices found here are chosen to match any other retailer selling tees online or in store. Luc Bauer built their company based on the idea that everyone should be able to afford to show off their unique style and character based on the t-shirt they choose to wear and the price tags of these tees reflect that perfectly.

Luc Bauer believes that the t-shirt someone chooses to wear is an expression of who they are. That is why they aim to offer a massive selection of possibilities for their customers. They will find t-shirts with the symbols of their favorite heroes, prints of classic comic books, characters of fiction, band symbols and so much more. When Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in cinemas, Luc Bauer will be ready to supply t-shirts for both Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. Or, if there are customers still obsessed with baby Groot they will love the new tee with him front and center.

Anyone interested in viewing Luc Bauer’s T-shirt collection can check out their website. Or, the company can be contacted directly with the information provided below.

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Person Name: N. Vaid
Company: Luc Bauer
Address: 56 High St,
City, State, Country: Dartford, Kent, DA1 1DE UK
Phone: 0845 5280366


Oneonta, NY; 27, July 2017: Don’t Worry You Can Still Get Abs After You Turn 40

If you talk about Abs After 40, it is a fitness workout and training program, to provide you abs and fit body. You can take benefits from this program if you are above 40 years old. It will help you to gain abdominal muscles by boosting your energy and testosterone.

How does this program work for your abs?

This program of 3 months duration was the idea and creation by Mark Mcilyar, who is a male model and fitness icon of 53 years old. He discovered ways in which you can get a healthy and fit body, along with six pack abs, even after 40 years of age. As you start aging, it will make working out or exercise harder for you. Hence, you need an effective program that can help you with slimming and shedding that excess belly fat, as soon as possible.

Once you are in your 40s and beyond, doing any serious workout or exercise can make you hurt yourself. Your body will be more fragile and if you don’t follow any routine at all, you will end up being in a terrible body shape. This Abs After 40 program can offer you low-impact but multi-joint exercise regime, to stimulate certain muscle groups. This, in turn, will trigger the further release of a large amount of testosterone, thus producing more energy to allow you to perform entire workout schedule. You will be able to follow this 90 days program, without any problems.

What can you expect from it?

This program is more focused on engaging you in various exercises that can last up to 30-35 minutes at max. You can expect these following programs:

Exercise plan for hormone rejuvenation for men over 40 Workout session with 100% movements along with free weights Diet plan to balance your hormone levels

Apart from these, there is a 3-phase program which includes: Weight loss jump start program to melt down your body fat Optimization of male hormones or boosting of testosterone Full-auto mode for fat burning session

Are there any side effects of this product?

If you are above 40 years, you may have heard about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) that can bring down body weight and provide attractive abs and muscles but can be dangerous for you. However, this program is completely natural and safe. Hence, you don’t have to worry about having any health hazards, if you follow it.

Abs After 40 is a program that helps you in building your testosterone naturally, by including a healthy diet and customized resistance training programs. You may find it bit costly, but its overall benefit is comparatively cheaper than any gym.

Check out to find the full story

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Contact Person: Richard Jones


United States; 25, July 2017: In the past decade wide range of trading options has emerged for the users. It provides better opportunities and increases the risk too. It is important to be wise while making any investment and take professional help. It is important to trust the professionals that have experience in this field and take technical help. One of the companies that have been providing cryptocurrency and hourly trading platform to wide range of users is Trusty Hour Ltd. 

Currency trading has always been risky and it requires proper research. The traders need to make sure that they are in touch with professionals that have experience in this field. Trusty hyip is an innovative platform that helps the traders in investing safely. Professional guidance helps in taking proper decision. It is advised that the investors keep a track of all the developments and invest after making a good research. Trusty Hour Ltd follows an hourly payment system that makes it easier for the users to calculate their earning. 

The investors can start with small amount and move on to larger amount once they understand the tricks of the trade. Staying in touch with the professionals of the company makes it easier to understand the progress. The company provides an easy fast pay options to the users that makes the withdrawals easy. Withdrawal hourly tends to be safe and it helps in understanding the amount that the investors can make if they invest wisely. Along with this the focus has always been on security in order to make sure that the users don’t face any hassle. Investors can select between three different plans before joining the platform. Clients can also check out the testimonials left by previous investors before investing. 

Cryptocurrency is the future and most of the transactions are going to be done through these currencies. Trusty Hour Ltd provides an easy to use interface that helps the clients manage the trades with ease. In any situation if the trader faces problems with the trade then he can get in touch with the professionals through the live chat feature provided on the website. The fast withdrawals and immediately pay features of the company focuses on making the transactions smooth. The traders also get the option of referral commissions and instant deposits. The biggest advantage with online transactions is that they provide easy to use interface and the usability is smooth. In order to stay updated with the trading activities the users can also subscribe with the website and they will be kept updated. 

About Trusty Hour Ltd: 

Trusty Hour Ltd is a US based company that provides different options for cryptocurrency trading to the investors. They provide the option to deal in all kind of cryptocurrencies. There are three different plans provided on the website that include starter plan, premium plan and unlimited plan. 

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Company: Trusty Hour Ltd


19, July 2017: Bitcoin tradingis an innovative mode of passive income. It is important from the economic and traditional scientific point of view. It refers to an extra trading activity between two or more parties. It is a transactional activity or the agreement of the parties for exchanging cash equivalent, goods and services. It provides income to the persons who invest in it. This equivalent cash is known as altcoin.

Bitcoin is an easy and feasible way of paying online. Like PayPal a user can use it for payments. It is the way that is conveniently used for payments because they do not accept credit cards by now. For this purpose a user has to pay with bitcoins. This is a feasible, especially for those users who want to post their ads in adult section. Free ads are not working and Bitcoin 2017 is an only acceptable way of payment. It is a clean and clear procedure that is designed for the convenience of the users.

No one owns bitcoin because it is not a company. For enjoying a convenient mode of payment Bitcoin plays an important role. For allowing them easy financial source it can work in a much better way. This way of payment is offered for giving convenience of the clients. The idea behind designing this service is to offer management of high-quality and easy payment process. It is integrated with all essentials with dynamic quality. It is easy to avail for offering a simple methodology. Consuming low power for the easy approach this is an innovative way.

It offers plenty of benefits including clean and clear dealings, efficiency, variety of features and versatility, easy to use and offer an easy set-up, restoring power with supporting backup. It is used to offer the opportunity to attain a facility of payment on your acquisitions. It is very important if you need to arrange payment between two or more parties.

There are many ways to get the credit of bitcoins. By using the facility of bitcoins credit you can apply it through massage to a live agent. Amex, Master Card and Visa Cards are accepted for buying the credit in Bitcoins. For making your procedure of payment much easier these cards are incredible.

They provide a solid platform for providing an online lending option. It solves your issues if you have forgotten to pay your bill then they are here to lend you money for this purpose by paying your bill. In this way you can increase your income by investing in it.


It is an online company that is offering online loan for the convenience of the clients. The idea behind designing these loan services online is to provide comfort and stress free life. They are the ultimate choice of the borrower because they know that money is the solution of your problem and they are solving it eagerly.

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USA; 17, July 2017: About over 400 million people use Instagram on daily basis. This is the goal of the business owners to target maximum audience with informative and engaging content. This was the statement of CEO. They are excited because they have become the conservative leaders on this platform. Distinguishing the unparalleled reputation of Instagram to under thirty demographic that organization has courted since its review, this conservative leader has doubles effort on Instagram. 

Instagram page of the organization contains collection of appealing content such as historically major images, behind the scene glimpse, discussions about current affairs, events, video sneak peaks, quippy quotations, striking original photography and many more. These are entirely different from other fashion pages, models, luxury products, rare cars, and others. It provides complete attraction to users interest. It believes in the growing desire in America. 

Instagram is a popular social media platform that is under Facebook. It permits users to post several images and pictures directly from your mobile device. This feature makes it use and access very easy. Due to it, this is the best strategy to improve business and boost profit of the company. Users can easily buy Instant Facebook Likes to increase the sales of the products online. 

There are several video apps that give the stage to your images, but Instagram is the best platform that offers the impressive break to user’s campaign on social media. If you are going to download or install the app it will facilitate you for streaming. It improves your audience and delivers the real charm of product. This is the ultimate option to boost the profit of the company. 

Online support provides social media marketing information and news in a different and various ways. Social Media Marketing is a place which is devoted to tactics and practical tips about social media marketing. You can also see the related topics on the websites that How To, Facebook and how To, Twitter. Social Media Marketing Library Archives helps you to search the collection of all stories which written on the topic of social media. 

Buy instant instagram views because it attracts maximum audience. This guides users about the ways to interact with their customers. It is very important to give first preference to your clients. It is the reliable source that guides how to interact with customers. If a businessman is on social media then interact with your clients. Give a warm response to their comments, reply or like. Using the services of this reliable organization, users can easily buy instant Fb post likes, cheap and real instagram followers. 


With the help of an expert team they are expert and we offer reliable services for offering the expert training. You can select those types of companies for expert network marketing. It will provide you great opportunities of network marketing of your brands. It is the best strategy to connect with your customer on live chat. In this way you come to know views of your customers directly. 

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Company: SMMFans


15, July 2017: South Austin Locksmith has been serving the residents of Austin and surrounding areas with their fast and responsive residential locksmith services since 2007. The company is renowned for prioritizing customer satisfaction over everything else. They are also popular for providing their services at very reasonable rates.

The company has emerged recently as an expert service provider that executes the complex residential locksmith and home security needs of customers across the Austin area. They have a highly experienced team of qualified and licensed locksmith technicians who specialize in a variety of locksmith services, including residential, commercial, automotive locksmith solutions.

A senior employee of the company, Matt Jones, said in a recent interview, “Our new burglary damage repair services will help put the minds of commercial and residential customers to rest. When there is a break in customers can now call us anytime and we will help to secure the property. - Because peace of mind is exactly what we do here at South Austin Locksmith”.

Speaking about the new burglary damage repair services provided by his company, Mr. Jones said, “We focus on combining our residential locksmith services with home security solutions. So apart from replacing, repairing or installing locks, we also offer a range of other home security services such as the installation of CCTV, master key systems, burglary damage repair and access control systems to keep our customers safe from burglaries.”

South Austin Locksmith's new burglary damage repair service is available 24 hours a day. Interested parties are suggested to visit their website at

About South Austin Locksmith

South Austin Locksmith is a leading service provider of residential locksmith and home security solutions in South Austin, TX. They also provide key cutting, automotive and commercial locksmith services. They have been in business since 2007 and are the go-to service provider for those looking for their locks to be replaced or keys to be duplicated. They also handle emergency home and car lockout problems.

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Company: South Austin Locksmith
Phone: (512)777-0915


China; 13, July 2017: Healthcare and wellness is really important in order to leading a better life. Focusing on herbal products that are made out of plant extracts has been really effective. These products help in going through a good weight control process and improving energy requirement in the body. One of the companies that have been selling these products is Xi'an ChinWon Biotech Inc. 

Herbal products have been really effective and they don’t come with any side effects. Before finalizing a company it is important for the buyers to make a proper research. Going through a proper research and reading the specifications of the products helps in making a smart purchase. The Indigo Naturalis is a blue colorant that is good for the lungs, stomach and liver. It has proved to be really effective in detoxifying blood and keeping the body free of problems. This product can also be used on the skin and it helps in keeping the internal tissues free from germs. 

Indigo Naturalis is sold online by Xi'an ChinWon Biotech Inc and the focus is on improving human health. There are online chat options available for the buyers. They can easily get in touch with the professionals and discuss their queries. The company also shares latest news from the world of natural herbs and keeps the buyers updated about the new developments. Major ingredients of their products are Fucoxanthin, Curcumin, stachyose, etc. These extracts don’t come with any side effect and the users can also consult their doctor before using them. 

Buying pure indigo powder comes with various benefits as it consists of Isatis indigotica, Baphicacanthus, Polygonum, Indigofera tinctoria and much more. It can even treat skin problems like psoriasis and provide a glowing skin. The indigo naturalis being sold on the website is prepared from Baphicacanthus cusia. Along with this there are different weight loss products being sold online in order to keep the person fit. In order to know more about the company the buyers can go through the feedback section and have a look at the feedback provided by previous buyers. Having a look at the details of the products and the company profile gives an idea to the buyers about the experience of the company. In order to buy natural products from a dependable company it is important to go through all the details. The buyers can also go through the knowledge base of the company and read the health benefits of different powders. The information uploaded by the professionals is well researched and it helps in getting long term benefits. 

About Xi'an ChinWon Biotech Inc: 

Xi'an ChinWon Biotech Inc. is a Chinese company that has been selling various herbal products for a long time now. They have professionals that have experience in developing these products. In order to know more about the company the buyers can have a look at the link mentioned above. 

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Phone: +86 156 1925 3853