24, June 2017: Alexander Miller & Associates are talking about the transformations the debt collection industry has gone through and sharing their experience in dealing with debt recovery.

“If you have sent the required payment, kindly disregard our previous death threat” is a typical example of how laymen imagine the way commercial collection agencies deal with borrowers in default. Baseball bats, electric shockers and victims tied up with cords in a car boot are stories of the distant past. Over the last 25 years, the debt collection industry has changed significantly.

Nowadays, a rare national adult is not involved in some kind of debt repayment. These new circumstances have transformed debt from a taboo into a common worldly thing.

Today’s debt collection industry is based on new technology that has brought it to a new level. Predictive dialers, emails, texting, behavioral scoring, demand letters, onsite investigations and a wide range of other effective tools enhance debt collection.

Alexander Miller & Associates are recognized experts in fast track commercial collections and on-site investigation. We apply our numerous collection techniques and methods in a professional and ethical way to guarantee impressive results. More than 60 years of active presence and extensive experience in the market have earned us a well-deserved reputation for outstanding reliability, trusted service and efficient results.

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22, June 2017: Before commencing any project or developing plans for a setting up of various kinds of setups it is important to carry out a feasibility test. There is various tools and equipment that aide in carrying out these tests. Moreover, it is important that experienced professionals are deployed to carry out these tests on behalf of their clients. One of the emerging fields that present a vast opportunity for several organizations in the service sector is the testing, analyzing and development services for specific projects. CET Scientific Services Pte. Ltd. is one such company that has been providing these services and has established itself as a reputed global service provider. The company offers several kinds of machines besides providing its services to different industries.

Over the past several years, CET has built a very strong collaborative relationship with the local as well as overseas specialist partners. The company believes in providing quality scientific services to their customers in the most professional manner and at the most competitive rates. With strong technical background and plentiful professional experience, the company is also dedicated to provide a wide range of laboratory consumables as well as equipment for different universities and research institutes. They act as an intermediary for bringing several scientific items from different countries and vendors for its dedicated clients.

CET offers different types of lab test services including product testing, chemical testing, surface testing, thermal testing and microscopic testing services. The scope of their testing targets includes laboratory samples, concretes, sand, asbestos, polymers, paints, metals, etc. Additionally, there is several other testing that can be availed from the company by sending specific enquiries using the service application form on each page for related services.

Besides the lab test Singapore, the company also offers its exclusive service for environmental analysis, failure analysis and sample characterization. These tests are done for air, soil, water and more hazardous substances for human health and environment protection. In order to know more about their services, interested people can visit their website. Based on their specific requirements, the company’s representatives can be consulted and relevant solutions can be obtained.

The customer care representatives for its test services Singapore can be either reached through WhatsApp, email or direct contact numbers. The contact page on their website also offers the option to send direct queries to the concerned representatives instantly.

About CET Scientific Services Pte. Ltd.:

CET Scientific Services Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based organization that is involved in supply of various testing, analyzing and project development related products and services. The company not only has collaborated with customers from Singapore but has several clients from abroad. For more details about their services or to send inquiries, please visit their online portal.

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19, June 2017: Everything that the society uses and incorporates in their daily lives is manufactured by the mold injection process. Starting from the water bottles to the laptop shell, everything falls under the same. Items fabricated by using the injection of molten plastic into the molds versatile and flexible enough to withstand wear and tear. Components and products like CDs, DVDs, electrical light switches, etc. are all manufactured by this process, the engineering, medical and consumer electronics industry is standing tall today due to the invention of the plastic injection molding technique.

Inno Molding Co., Ltd has been in the trade of plastic mold, injection for the past two decades. Their comprehensive knowledge in the art of mold, injection provides them with the advantage over the competitors that are also plastic injection mold manufacturer. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of parts and products that are both quality controlled and priced at an affordable range for the customer’s convenience.

Being a plastic molding company, Inno Molding Co., Ltd also manufactures consumer electronics parts, industrial components such as spur gears, worm gears, gear housings etc. they also cater to the automotive manufacturing sector by providing them with metal injected housings, parts and frames. The range of household items that they provide ranges from cups, plates to plastic bottles. They offer their huge array of products that caters to a large section of the manufacturing industry is possible only due to the company’s huge 3500 square meters of production facility. This huge space is housing CNC machines, EDM sets, linear cutting machines, milling machines, grinding machines, as well as lathe and injection machines. The equipment is imported from all over the world that includes United States, Switzerland, Germany, etc.

The company has their own R&D wing which houses the designing and conceptualizing sector. This helps the company to be one of the best plastic injection mold maker. Their creative sector consists of a dedicated team of Computer Aided Engineering Drawing experts that lays out and designs the different products and bringing out prototypes before moving the same into mass production. They also incorporate advanced X-ray and ultrasonic detectors in the final stage of the manufacturing process, which acts as the gatekeeper for detecting and ruling out defective products.

About Inno Molding Co., Ltd:

Inno Molding Co., Ltd supplies and manufactures industrial grade plastic mold injected products. They cater to a wide range of sectors in the manufacturing industry. For further details please refer to the official website of the company mentioned above.

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Company: Inno Molding Co., Ltd
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16, June 2017: Finally, a healthy and long-lasting way to get sunless tanning services at home without a mess. The tanning industry in San Diego is about to undergo a sunless tanning revolution with the opening of a new mobile tanning business by a local San Diego woman. 

Kelli Mclean of San Diego has opened Glo on the go San Diego. Her new business now offers safe and healthy mobile tanning services for the people of San Diego. 

According to her the reason for starting the business she says is because people normally have to go to a salon to get tanned, no one expects to find such extraordinary services that are mobile. There are no dominant brands that provide mobile sunless tanning services to the local people of San Diego. “I saw the need for a mobile tanning company that offers healthy alternatives to the other sunless tanning companies in San Diego,” Kelli Mclean said in an interview with press Monday. 

Maybe you have a special occasion like your wedding or vacation coming up or you want to improve your looks from the comfort of your home, residents of San Diego can now call Glo on the go's mobile sunless tanning service to come to their home or business. 

Mrs. Mclean will come to just about any location to provide sunless spray tanning services no matter the circumstances. The local San Diego woman is trained and certified and has all the required accessories and products to offer the wonderful skin glow that people are looking for. 

Glo on the go San Diego has been providing sunless tanning services for many years. Now with the inclusion of their new mobile tanning services Glo on the go San Diego will be able to come to you so that San Diego residents can save their valuable time. With strong commitment and operational skill, the new mobile spray tanning business is attracting individuals who want and recognize the benefits and conveniences of having mobile tanning services in the comfort of your home. 

“Many of our customers are working professionals who rely on their image for their job. This new sunless tanning service in San Diego will come to you no matter where you are. Now you will always look your best”, Mrs. Mclean concluded in her interview with press. 

For all interested parties who would like to learn more about Glo on the go San Diego you can visit their website at 

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Phone: (619) 206-5921


15, June 2017: South Austin Locksmith, a fast growing locksmith company based out of Austin Texas has recently announced plans to diversify their business. They now offer garage door installation and 24 hour locksmith services.

The company has been providing highly reliable and responsive residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services since 2010. This year, it has expanded its roster of services to include garage door installation services and their new 24 hour locksmith services.

Tyler Carty marketing manager for South Austin Locksmith, said in a press conference today that the company was determined to be the top locksmith service provider in Austin by the end of 2017. The company has adopted a very strategic pricing strategy. Mr. Carty emphasized on the importance of keeping prices low, and said that it helped them attract younger customers who are known to be cost conscious.

“The Austin area is home to a large student community. Most of our younger customers want high quality locksmith services at affordable prices. They are always on the lookout for extra savings, which is why we offer a range of best-in-class locksmith services to them at really reasonable rates,” Mr. Carty said.

He added that there would be no let up on the quality of their services. “We have a team of highly skilled locksmith technicians working for us, who are all licensed to practice in Texas. Our technicians have many years of experience behind them and have served thousands of customers in the Austin area”, Mr. Carty said.

South Austin Locksmith has specialists for every niche, such as residential, commercial and automotive locksmiths. The company has recently recruited garage door installation professionals to bolster their home security services.

About South Austin Locksmith:

South Austin Locksmith is a reputable locksmith agency based in Austin, Texas that has been in operation since 2010. The company aims to be a full-service locksmith company and now offers a full range of locksmith services. The company only hires experienced and licensed locksmith technicians, with a strong focus on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

You will find more information about South Austin Locksmith. Interested persons can visit their website by navigating to

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Company: South Austin Locksmith
Phone: 512-777-0915


13, June 2017: Jewelry and handbags tend to be one of the most important accessories for women. Retailers are always on the lookout for innovative designs in order to provide something unique to the end consumers. There are various manufacturers around the world and it is important to contact the one that has innovative variety at cost effective rates. Yehwang International Trade Co., Ltd is one such whole manufacturer that keeps coming up with unique designs from time to time and provides products at wholesale rates.

Some of the common accessories that are sold at wholesale price include sunglasses, bags, wallets, scarves, earrings, necklaces and much more. Accessories wholesale proves to be really effective for the retailers that want to sell quality products at cost effective rates. Yehwang International Trade Co., Ltd sells all its accessories at wholesale rates and makes sure that there is no compromise on the quality. Retailers can go through a proper research and read the testimonials provided by previous buyers. They have the option to contact the professionals at the company and discuss all their queries. Once all their queries are solved they can buy the products in bulk.

One of the most essential jewelry for women as well as men is necklace. Necklaces have been always in demand as they are an integral part of various ceremonies. They also give an improved look to the wearer’s personality. Buyers can go through the stock of the necklace supplier and buy the necklace that goes well with their personality. Since the necklaces are sold at discounted rates for the retailers they can buy them in bulk and sell them at cost effective price to their customers.

When it comes to accessories bags and sunglasses form an integral part of a person’s list. In summers sunglass tends to be one of the most sought after accessory and it’s high on demand. People wear it for casual parties as well as daily requirements. It tends to be a protective gear that can help in travelling during summers. Buyers like to keep a wide range of branded sunglasses with them and wear them depending on the place they are visiting. Retailers need to have wide range of sunglasses in order to meet the requirements of all kinds of buyers. Yehwang International Trade Co., Ltd is a sunglasses supplier that sells all kinds of sunglasses in different shades in order to provide variety to their retailers. These glasses are cost effective and there is no compromise on the quality of the eyewear.

About Yehwang International Trade Co., Ltd:

Yehwang International Trade Co., Ltd is a company based in Netherland and it specializes in selling jewelleries and accessories. Its products are focused on retailers so that they can resale the products to the end buyer. The company sells the products in bulk and to know more people can visit the above mentioned link.

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United States of America; 13, May 2017: Spiritual healing is a reality but, very few people know about it. Today there has been a rise in dangerous diseases like cancer and the researchers need to come up with a way to control these diseases. There are institutes that have been working hard in order to save people from deadly diseases. One of the organizations that have been able to save many people through spiritual healing is Fake Cancer Org. 

Cancer screenings and biopsies are really important in order to get to the root of the matter. In order go through any examination and getting healed it is important to get in contact with a good clinical centre. The relatives of the patients should make a proper research before finalizing any organization. Fake Cancer Org follows the fourth dimension healing process in order to heal the patients. There has been an increase in cancer patients around the world and it has become important to come up with a process that is less painful. The organization also focuses on predicting the problem before it actually happens. In families that have problems regarding inherited diseases it is important to use this service. 

One cannot take any risk and it will be difficult for them to go with the wrong treatment option. There are classes held in order to inform the patients regarding the correct treatment. The Classes on Treatment Options can be really effective as it helps the patient’s family in having a fair idea of the process that can help them in getting the patient healed. It is never easy to fight with a disease like cancer but there are inspirations available that have won their battle with cancer. Instead of giving up people should focus on going ahead with an organization that has experience in this field. Fourth dimension is something really very different and it is a fully spiritual process. In order to go through the classes it is important for everyone to register online. 

The company has also listed its online store on its website and it is aimed at providing effective products to people suffering from cancer. There is a unique problem like fake cancer that has affected huge amount of people. It is important to take proper steps at a fast rate in order to get rid of problem when its starts. It is efficient And actual Healing for Stage 1 Cancer as it has proved itself in various conditions. People can also get in touch with the professionals at the organization in order to know more about the problems and its solution. 

About Fake Cancer Org: 

Fake Cancer Org. is a US based organization that has been helping different people who suffer from cancer. They have been in this field for a long time now and people should visit their website in order to know more about them. 

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Company: Fake Cancer Org
Phone: +1-910-549-5811


10, June 2017: Everyday life is heavily dependent on electric supply across long distances. Be it at home, in industries or in offices, there is no space that can function efficiently without a continuous and stable supply of electricity. Transformers play a crucial role in the distribution and transfer of electrical signals between circuits. Hence, there is also a simultaneous need for machines that can mould, cut and design the various parts of a transformer. After that these various parts have to be engineered together to perform efficiently as a transformer.

Cangzhou Kenuo International Co., Ltd manufactures and supplies a range of transformer core manufacturing machines. The company has been providing its products and services for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. The company has been manufacturing the transformer core cutting machine that have been certified under well known standards such as ISO 9001. It has been catering to the demands of countries around the world.

The company manufactures Core cutting machine produce. The company produces core cutting machines that have been designed so that they are easy to use and provide for the safety of the users. Moreover, the technology used for the product is one that ensures a stable supply of power. It also ensures that the product is long lasting and does not suffer damage in case of power fluctuations. Also the servo motors are built to be efficient in their task.

Cangzhou Kenuo International Co., Ltd offers transformer core cutting machine. This machine is designed specially to V- shape on the silicon steel core lamination of transformers and reactors. The steel silicon sheet can be placed at right and mitered angles. It consists of an automatic centre positioning and guiding devices. The machine also has a step lap function which is useful in cutting power, feeding power, rail positioning, motor control, etc. Along with these features the company assures its customers of quality services and maximum utility.

The company also produces slitting machine. This product is suitable for silicon steel coil, CRGO, hot rolled plates, colour coated plates, galvanized strip, tinplate, etc. The thickness of the slitting roll ranges from 0.2 to 0.5 mm. The company offers products made with good quality raw material to ensure that that the product gives maximum utility.

The details and descriptions of all the products manufactured by the company are available on the company’s official website. The company’s representatives are available round the clock to clarify any doubts that the customers may have regarding the products.

About Cangzhou Kenuo International Co., Ltd:

Cangzhou Kenuo International Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures and supplies a range of transformer core manufacturing machines. It is based in China and caters to the demands of many countries across the globe. To know more please visit their official website.

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Phone: 0086-317-3588775, 18931789005


United Kingdom; 09, June 2017: With the rise in the cost of living, saving up for the tough times is quite a challenge for the common man. But the changing times has enabled the common man to form the habit of saving as well as building up of wealth for the future with attractive returns. The certification of the company as per the international and UK financial section has enabled the customers to trust HourPayLtd. and invest in their schemes. 

Instant per hour payoput of the profit for the day is being provided as the unique selling point of the company to their clientele. The company is certified under the UK government and this ensures the authenticity and safety to the client. The platform is pretty simple to use and customers need to register and provide some important details. There is no need to worry about the financial details provided by the clients as the company uses advanced and stringent security methods. 

Most of the companies that are involved in the investment market provide their clients with the returns on a daily or weekly basis. HourPay Lt. has included in their business policy to provide their clients hour fast pay. They specialize in crypto currency investments and continue to develop their strategies to get a good hold on the market as well as to establish rapport and trust among their customers. The company was founded in the year 2016 and with the turn of the year they have earned a name for themselves in the market by providing quality service to their clientele. The referrals that leads to addition of more clients to their ever expanding family of business, provides their existing clients with a commission of up to 3%. 

The company has a strict and comprehensive list of terms for agreement. They emphasize on the fact that all the information provided by the company should be kept confidential and should not be disclosed at any given circumstance.You agree to hold all principals and members harmless of any liability. You are investing at your own risk and you agree that a past performance is not an explicit guarantee for the same future performance. They repeatedly urge to consider the fact that all the materials provided in this site is to be regarded as an educational matter and not investment advice. 

About Hourpay Ltd: 

Hourpay Ltd is a unique platform that can be used to trade and earn in crypto currency, namely Bitcoins. The clients are provided with attractive returns and also a 3% commission for referring someone to join the same. For further details, please visit the company’s official website mentioned above. 

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Person Name: Genevieve Frahm
Company: Hourpay Ltd


02, April 2017: Surface Renew, Inc., a Maumelle, Arkansas-based specialty tradesman company founded in 2004 and known for repairing, resurfacing and refinishing bath tubs, wall and counter-tile surfaces, showers, sinks and countertops, today announces expanded color selection of their Premium Tub & Tile Color Change Package.

According to proprietor Bob Kennedy, who founded the company back in 2004, said their Premium Color Change Package deal allows local residents to have ANY color made that is available on the Sherwin Williams color chart.

"This is a great option for those who love color and want to have their tiles on trend with today's home decor fashions," said Bob, who owns offices in Arkansas Central, managed by Bob Kennedy, and the other in Arkansas Northwest Office, managed by Ryan Shultz.

Bob, a local Arkansas resident is assuring fellow AR residents who want to keep their tile's look, but simply change the color; they are now able to do so. "Besides, it's easy and more cost-effective to update your tile with a new color change," noted Bob, who guarantees service will be fast, and without the mess associated with a full replacement.

Adding that customers will be able to change the color or texture of their existing bathtub, tiles, sink or kitchen countertop coating colors, Bob believes customers can now effortlessly move from an older out dated dark color to a fresh, clean new looking porcelain white finish.

"What if you want to go from white (or any color) to a new trendy color or texture pattern that matches your home's current color scheme? That you'd be able to do also," said Bob, whose company's website shows samples of various multi-colored texture options to choose from. Their image gallery of Stone Finishes Surface Renew offers an extensive color palate suitable for vanities, countertops, tiles, showers, and tubs.

See their tile resurfacing color chart and countertop coating colors image gallery here:

Further information about tile color change can be had from via the company's tile resurfacing color chart YouTube video here:

Persons are also invited to call the company's Tile Color Change experts at 501-920-9326 and discover how easy and cost effective it is to update their tub or tile with a new color change.

About Surface Renew Inc:

Surface Renew Inc. is a specialty tradesman company founded in April, 2004 and is based in Maumelle, AR. Services include repairing, resurfacing and refinishing bath tubs, wall and counter-tile surfaces, showers, sinks and countertops. As a cost and time effective alternative to replacement, they "renew" tub, sink and tile surfaces with a hard and durable coating in a variety of modern colors and textures of your choice. A tile resurfacing color chart and image gallery is available for viewing online. Repaired and refinished surfaces are ready to use that same day. Residential and commercial services are available. Service areas in central and north west Arkansas are the following cities, including their surrounding areas: Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway, Ft. Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Benton, Bryant, Fayetteville and Springdale. Service areas in Kentucky are the following cities and their surrounding areas: Paducah, Murray, Mayfield, Marion and Princeton.

For Media Contact:
Company: Surface Renew, Inc.
Arkansas Central Office, Bob Kennedy: 501-920-9326
Arkansas Northwest Office, Ryan Shultz: 479-226-0703