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How to do Christmas right in Sydney


When we think about Christmas, there are a few things that rush to our minds such as the cold weather, a fluffy Santa, sleigh bells, people dressed in warm woollen clothes, carol songs, and more. But you might be in for a not-so-welcome season surprise if you’re in Sydney. Christmas in Sydney is celebrated during the summer and for many other reasons, Christmas may not really feel like it for the visitors and expats in the country. However there are some other interesting things you can do during this time to compensate for your feelings such as getting on board a well air conditioned Christmas party cruise in Sydney, beach hopping, or perhaps even befriending some animals at the Taronga Zoo.

Sydney is one of those places in the country that has a perennial vibrance about it and where partying has become the norm. During Christmas, there are numerous restaurants and pubs decked up exclusively for party-goers. For Sydneysiders, December calls for double the fun, because the weather is pleasant and most people are on vacation. Besides such Christmas party venues in Sydney, there are also Christmas party cruises that welcome people on board for an unforgettable Christmas treat. Hop onboard one of these beauties to have a redefining Christmas celebration and soak in the roving night views of Sydney Harbour. Some of these Christmas party cruises also organise traditional Christmas celebrations for those obsessing over the European ways of celebrating it.

Although Sydney might not be as Christmassy as you wished it could be, there are numerous ways you can make it fun. For instance, December being an opportune time for vacations, you may consider cruising along Sydney’s unfamiliar coastlines as a Christmas gift to your loved ones. Dig a little deeper into the places you can visit during this time and it’s guaranteed that your Christmas will indeed be nothing like how it’s done anywhere else in the world. And that’ll be a win!

Yet another off-beat Christmas activity to engage in while you’re in Sydney could be to go to a nearby zoo or aquarium. The Taronga Zoo in Sydney is one of the best picks where you can leisurely walk-in for an amazing chit chat with the Koalas, the Kangaroos, and the penguins. Also, it’s a great place that won’t be as crowded as the other places in the city during Christmas. Pay a visit to the Sydney Aquarium for an enthralling experience of watching the spellbinding life underwater, the stunning Great Barrier

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Monday, June 15, 2020