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Must visit places & must do activities in Sydney

To create an itinerary for your first visit to Sydney is meant to be challenging. From World heritage sights to luxury Sydney Harbour dinner cruises, the city is filled with mind-blowing edifices and intriguing activities. Let's take a look at some of the must-do activities in Sydney.


Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Explore the pristine harbour of Sydney and watch up-close the world-famous Opera House, Luna Park and other edifices. Cruise under the mighty Harbour Bridge while savouring freshly prepared dinner menu onboard Sydney’s favourite harbour dinner cruises.


Taronga Zoo

The world-class Taronga Zoo located in Sydney’s Mosman neighborhood gives visitors a close-up view of Australia’s indigenous creatures. There are different ways to take in the ambience of the Taronga Zoo, the most recommended would be the roar & snore experience.  This intriguing experience includes overnight stay so that one can observe the nocturnal fauna. There are also tours that include guides who share stories about Aboriginal life. Taronga Zoo is not a place where you will find marsupials alone, there are animals from all around the world. In case you prefer a much more intriguing wildlife encounter, national parks are the place to be.


Bridge Climb

The magnificent harbour bridge of Sydney locally known as the coathanger opened in 1932 is entirely made of steel and has almost 6 million hand-driven rivets in it. Imagine what it would be like to view the entire Sydney Harbour from the apex of this gigantic steel bridge. Bridge climb is available during different sections of the day. It takes almost 3.5 hours to climb it and each climb gives a slightly different visual of Harbour depending on the time in which you take the climb.


Royal Botanic Garden

A cavalcade of natural beauty, The Royal Botanic Gardens is located just a few minutes from Sydney CBD. Despite being located within the city, the garden is managed efficiently to maintain its natural look and appeal. The botanic gardens have information of all the flora displayed in the garden along with detailed signs. With over 30 hectares of staggering nature and floral display, this attraction is something you shouldn’t miss.


Jenolan Caves

Enjoy the amazing rock formations, spectacular caves and underground rivers while capturing mesmerising images of the same. The Jeneloven cave system is one of the ancient cave systems in the world, not only the tourists but also people from different states of the country flock in to see the magnificence of this famous cave. The cave is located 2.5 hour drive from the city of Sydney.


Blue Mountains

Another spectacular beauty of nature is the ever enchanting Blue Mountains. This world heritage site is located 90 minutes away from the CBD of Sydney.  This mountain composed of a stunning kaleidoscope of colours lodges varieties of Aussie flora and fauna. Enjoy breathtaking views, unique wildlife as well as fresh mountain air in this paradise down under.


After you have explored all these fabulous locations you can move on to check out other hidden beauties of Sydney.


Thursday, April 9, 2020