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Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruises

Everyone loves a dine-out, why not spice it up with an intriguing cruising experience? The grand dinner cruise in Sydney stands out from the rest in many ways! Although everyone has their reasons to love dinner cruises, there are a few major points which make them special. One of which is the impeccable view they provide, no waterfront restaurant can compete with the roving Sydney Harbour views that these dinner cruise bestows. Another major factor is the quality of food; culinary experts having ample experiences showcase their skills using freshly prepared produce to create a lip-smacking dish that you will surely enjoy.

The city of thousand flavours

If you have that non-stop urge to tantalise your taste buds with the end number of flavours, Sydney is the place for you. The food scene of the emerald city will make your heart skip a beat – on numerous occasions. The creative effort and dedication to quality are what enhances the culinary essence of this magnificent city.

Sydney has a penchant for good food, a willingness to try the new and exciting is what makes it different from the other cities. As local chefs try out their creative skills, continue to push boundaries, and try out new ingredients, the result is always going to be a unique gastronomic discovery.

The food trends of Sydney across the past decade are heavily influenced by the shifting philosophies and changing attitudes. Even the people of Sydney have a diverse range of taste preferences from the fun, to the wildly inventive and the health-focused.

All the celebrated dishes of today are created following a recipe of a healthy dose of nostalgia, a dash of daring attitude, and a splash of creativity. The revamp of certain classic dishes prepared by local chefs are the ones that have been proclaimed as the modern masterpieces.

You may find a Japanese influence in some Aussie dishes. Sea Urchin is the one famous among them. The country's hottest restaurants serve it along with wasabi and caviar.  The dish also has an Australian version where it is served warm, house-made crumpet.

Amidst all this, there are people who have crafted new breed of healthed-up eateries to cater to the diet-centric society. From the all veggies diet to the paleo movement which is all into consuming meat and celebrating fats, the city is studded with worthwhile cafes offering more than just healthy food but also flavour-packed dishes and creative plant-based offerings centred around nature's best.

If you have tasted some of the iconic foods of Australia, you are sure to frequent its top restaurants and enjoy the typical Aussie flavours often. Drool over iconic Aussie food such as BBQ, varieties of seafood, meat pies, fish and chips or you can even taste unique food such as the Kangaroo and Emu meat. Prepared using brilliant recipes, these dishes are sure to be a lasting memory of your Australian visit!

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christmas party cruise sydney


When we think about Christmas, there are a few things that rush to our minds such as the cold weather, a fluffy Santa, sleigh bells, people dressed in warm woollen clothes, carol songs, and more. But you might be in for a not-so-welcome season surprise if you’re in Sydney. Christmas in Sydney is celebrated during the summer and for many other reasons, Christmas may not really feel like it for the visitors and expats in the country. However there are some other interesting things you can do during this time to compensate for your feelings such as getting on board a well air conditioned Christmas party cruise in Sydney, beach hopping, or perhaps even befriending some animals at the Taronga Zoo.

Sydney is one of those places in the country that has a perennial vibrance about it and where partying has become the norm. During Christmas, there are numerous restaurants and pubs decked up exclusively for party-goers. For Sydneysiders, December calls for double the fun, because the weather is pleasant and most people are on vacation. Besides such Christmas party venues in Sydney, there are also Christmas party cruises that welcome people on board for an unforgettable Christmas treat. Hop onboard one of these beauties to have a redefining Christmas celebration and soak in the roving night views of Sydney Harbour. Some of these Christmas party cruises also organise traditional Christmas celebrations for those obsessing over the European ways of celebrating it.

Although Sydney might not be as Christmassy as you wished it could be, there are numerous ways you can make it fun. For instance, December being an opportune time for vacations, you may consider cruising along Sydney’s unfamiliar coastlines as a Christmas gift to your loved ones. Dig a little deeper into the places you can visit during this time and it’s guaranteed that your Christmas will indeed be nothing like how it’s done anywhere else in the world. And that’ll be a win!

Yet another off-beat Christmas activity to engage in while you’re in Sydney could be to go to a nearby zoo or aquarium. The Taronga Zoo in Sydney is one of the best picks where you can leisurely walk-in for an amazing chit chat with the Koalas, the Kangaroos, and the penguins. Also, it’s a great place that won’t be as crowded as the other places in the city during Christmas. Pay a visit to the Sydney Aquarium for an enthralling experience of watching the spellbinding life underwater, the stunning Great Barrier

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The diverse cuisines of Sydney is world renowned, although there are numerous restaurants and cafes serving it, the Sydney Harbour lunch cruises are rated among the best. It is not only because of the excellent food they serve but also taking into consideration the ambience and spectacular views they provide. The Sydney Harbour lunch cruises offer an array of delectable food menu to choose from from all asian 3-course lunch to degustation menu. Let's discuss why Sydney is considered as one of the best food destinations in the world.


Sydney is home to an exquisite dining scene, and it doesn't hold up until the clock ticks past the early afternoon to wake up for the day. There are amazing brunch and breakfast spots for a morning feed in Harbour City.


 Sydney also lodges numerous diverse suburban pockets where unique cultural communities thrive. Food has a major impact in these center points – a walk around the food merchants, butchers, pastry kitchens and family-run cafés in every area reflects the residents that live close by and brings out the sights, scents and sound of Korea, Greece, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Italy and more.


Today, Australian meals are more diverse than any other time in recent memory, impacted by a platter of cultures, influenced by aisles of inexpensive ingredients and a menu of resurgent interest in food.


In contrast to different societies with a prevailing agrarian history, the Australians have acquired no food in the conventional sense. Australia's food history has rather been dynamic, industrial, urban, science-based and capitalist-driven.


Such is the proliferation of foods that it might appear to be nonsensical to look for a distinct 'Australian' cuisine, particularly in a nation where the climate ranges from cool maritime to tropical. However, the facts demonstrate that what we eat today has been distinctly molded by what we prepared earlier.


On account of our multicultural society you can discover practically any assortment of food that you fancy in Australia. Migrants from all over the world have moved to Australia and carried their culinary customs with them. Australia has an abundance of fresh food all throughout the year.


Eating out is a popular side interest in Australia and we have a colossal choice of astonishing cafés, bistros, bars and pubs in our cities and towns. In addition to specialty restaurants in an assortment of cuisines, for example, African, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, French and Mexican numerous Australian gourmet experts are renowned worldwide for 'fusion' cuisine which combines European cooking styles with Asian flavors.


The Aboriginal people of Australia, the country's first occupants, have for many years hunted and gathered their food in the Australian bush. This nourishment is known as 'Bush tucker' and is still eaten today by Aboriginal people in remote regions of Australia. Bush tucker includes kangaroo, witchetty grubs, Quandong, emu, crocodile, bramble tomato, yams and macadamia nuts. A large number of these local foods have been consolidated into contemporary cooking styles and you will occasionally discover these ingredients on the menu of restaurants and bistros in Australian cities.

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Sydney Harbour is undoubtedly the prettiest harbour in the world. Adorned with world heritage edifices and panoramic views the harbour of Sydney will be on the top of everyone's bucket list. The perfect way to check out all the major attractions studded in and around the harbour would be onboard a Sydney lunch cruise. There are hundreds of ferries and cruises that sail across the harbour, but nothing compares to that of a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise offering informative commentary,  a delectable menu, licensed bar and more.


Let's shed some light on how Sydney became one of the greatest cities in the world.


The History of Sydney


Sydney is named after British home secretary Lord Sydney, when Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet showed up in January 1788.


The aboriginal people were the first ones to settle down the Sydney foreshore at least 50,000 years before Phillip picked Sydney Cove as the site of Australia's first penal province. At that time in excess of 1,500 Aborigines were living on the foreshore.


The relative simplicity of Indigenous technology contrasted with a profoundly sophisticated cultural life. Religion, history, law and workmanship were integrated into complex stories and ceremonies, which portrayed ancestral beings who made the land and its kin. What is loosely interpreted as 'songlines' is the establishment of conventional Indigenous life, a framework that epitomizes past and future, the progenitors and the state of the land. It is the received wisdom, navigation aid,  ecological record and Indigenous identity; the legacy of 2,000 generations and a permanent bond among the person and the place.


The colonies' initial years were despotic. After four governors and a military revolt, known as the Rum Rebellion, representative Lachlan Macquarie was put in control. He re-established order and charted a new course for NSW, Australia's first state, as a free society. The first Australian paper was published in 1803. It was known as the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser.


Macquarie was an extraordinary developer and visionary. Rivers and lakes, a university, a bank and even a dictionary, are named after him. By the 1830s, Sydney was a bustling business seaport trading wool to Europe.


Transportation of convicts from Britain finished in 1840. Gold fever struck during the 1850s; Edward Hammond Hargraves is credited with finding the principal payable goldfields in NSW, in February 1851. By the 1870s, Australia's populace had trebled.


Immigration has changed Sydney into one of the world's most diverse cities. In excess of 180 nationalities call it home. You'll find a greater amount of Sydney's past at historical centers and on heritage and cultural tours, and at the State Library of NSW on Macquarie Street.


The oldest enduring structure in Sydney is Cadman's Cottage, which was worked in 1815-16 as a coxswains military quarters. It was named after a John Cadman who once lived there. (Today Cadman's Cottage is utilized as a data place for the National Parks and Wildlife Service).


Despite the fact that the contemporary city of Sydney may not appear to be showcasing the gone by ages, it's shockingly easy to catch glimpses of the past. Antiquated stone carvings still decorate the headlands, convict-hewn streets and major portions of the harbor look much as they did when the First Fleet floated in and changed everything. Stories of convicts who became linchpins of society are numerous,  this reflects today in the city's 'anybody can be anything' optimism.

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Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise

Regardless of whether you're a Sydneysider or a visitor, the Sydney Harbour is one of those spots which is sure to be at the top of every traveler's bucket list. Sydney Harbour is probably the best spot to have a decent lunch. With such a large number of options available, a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise wins the top spot for the best lunch decision. With extravagant and premium lunch cruises on Sydney Harbour accessible at reasonable costs, pick the one that fits you best. Appreciate meandering views of world-acclaimed harbour attractions like Harbour Bridge and Opera House before moving on. With both drinks and without drinks packages, a scrumptious lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour is the best choice of the lot!



Lunch cruises along the Sydney Harbour are the ideal method to explore, particularly for visitors with a constrained time frame. Lunch cruises in Sydney are likewise an extraordinary way for Sydneysiders to experience their pristine city once more. A Sydney Harbour lunch cruise is a superb option when compared to dine in an overrated waterfront dining restaurant. The dynamic views from a lunch cruise along with a delectable food menu and beverages are worth every penny.



The multi-million dollar catamaran of Sydney


All the cruises have their very own exceptional features. This crowd favourite lunch cruise takes you on a sightseeing tour of the Sydney Harbour in an advanced Australian constructed catamaran. The panoramic harbour views from the three expansive decks, delightful buffet spread including both hot & cold dishes, desserts and chef special dishes! Drinks can be bought at an extra expense from the completely authorized onboard bar.


Other recommended lunch spots


Searching for some stunning pics that make certain to get the hearts pouring your direction? Here are a couple of ideas for incredible lunch spots in and around Sydney:



Sydney or rather Australia is about its sublime seashores, each better than the next. If you are planning for a long lunch why not drop into a beachside location close by. Choose from numerous bistros or cafés studded on the beaches around Sydney, and you're certain to appreciate a grand lunch at one of Sydney's most Instagram-worthy locations. Balmoral Beach, Palm Beach, Patonga and Shelly Beach are few of the recommended ones. The photos from these lunch spots with the beach and ocean as the scenery make certain to give you a vacay feel.




With various eating choices offering an assortment of cuisines lining its streets, lunch at any of them on the CBD makes certain to cause your countdown towards the weekend somewhat simpler. For a hot and tiring day, you can even go for a lager (or more) before you head back to work! But the best part of all is, it's also an ideal spot to capture incredible pictures in your work attire and go for a fun office-look photoshoot with your colleague. Something your Insta will adore.


To create an itinerary for your first visit to Sydney is meant to be challenging. From World heritage sights to luxury Sydney Harbour dinner cruises, the city is filled with mind-blowing edifices and intriguing activities. Let's take a look at some of the must-do activities in Sydney.


Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

Explore the pristine harbour of Sydney and watch up-close the world-famous Opera House, Luna Park and other edifices. Cruise under the mighty Harbour Bridge while savouring freshly prepared dinner menu onboard Sydney’s favourite harbour dinner cruises.


Taronga Zoo

The world-class Taronga Zoo located in Sydney’s Mosman neighborhood gives visitors a close-up view of Australia’s indigenous creatures. There are different ways to take in the ambience of the Taronga Zoo, the most recommended would be the roar & snore experience.  This intriguing experience includes overnight stay so that one can observe the nocturnal fauna. There are also tours that include guides who share stories about Aboriginal life. Taronga Zoo is not a place where you will find marsupials alone, there are animals from all around the world. In case you prefer a much more intriguing wildlife encounter, national parks are the place to be.


Bridge Climb

The magnificent harbour bridge of Sydney locally known as the coathanger opened in 1932 is entirely made of steel and has almost 6 million hand-driven rivets in it. Imagine what it would be like to view the entire Sydney Harbour from the apex of this gigantic steel bridge. Bridge climb is available during different sections of the day. It takes almost 3.5 hours to climb it and each climb gives a slightly different visual of Harbour depending on the time in which you take the climb.


Royal Botanic Garden

A cavalcade of natural beauty, The Royal Botanic Gardens is located just a few minutes from Sydney CBD. Despite being located within the city, the garden is managed efficiently to maintain its natural look and appeal. The botanic gardens have information of all the flora displayed in the garden along with detailed signs. With over 30 hectares of staggering nature and floral display, this attraction is something you shouldn’t miss.


Jenolan Caves

Enjoy the amazing rock formations, spectacular caves and underground rivers while capturing mesmerising images of the same. The Jeneloven cave system is one of the ancient cave systems in the world, not only the tourists but also people from different states of the country flock in to see the magnificence of this famous cave. The cave is located 2.5 hour drive from the city of Sydney.


Blue Mountains

Another spectacular beauty of nature is the ever enchanting Blue Mountains. This world heritage site is located 90 minutes away from the CBD of Sydney.  This mountain composed of a stunning kaleidoscope of colours lodges varieties of Aussie flora and fauna. Enjoy breathtaking views, unique wildlife as well as fresh mountain air in this paradise down under.


After you have explored all these fabulous locations you can move on to check out other hidden beauties of Sydney.


Wondering where to head out for a fun evening in Sydney? The dinner cruises at Sydney Harbour could be an exciting choicefor you if you don’t mind going offshore for a few hours. There’s no denying that Sydney harbor dinner cruises have been one of the most popular attractions in the city. Sail away on one of those majestic cruises that dot along the East Coast of Australia and treat yourself to some breathtaking night-views at Sydney Harbour.

A dinner cruise in Sydney is a great option for night sightseeing as it takes you on a trip around the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Let's look at some of the exciting things you can do on a dinner cruise experience in Sydney.


As you step onboard a typical 2-hour dinner cruise that includes an extensive 90-minute buffet and night sightseeing, make sure you've enough appetite at the day's end to enjoy their sumptuous dishes. A restaurant-style seating at reserved tables will give you enough privacy and comfort to enjoy your food with your loved ones. Every plate of food is prepared by experienced chefs onboard and served straight from the cruise pantry. So you know there's no compromise on the quality of food. Featured on their exclusive menu is a selection of hot and cold dishes, salads, desserts. Also, don't miss out on an exciting list of beverages from their fully-licensed bar. While you're on board, take a stroll to the outer decks of the cruise and leisurely soak yourself in the romantic mood under the night sky. As you sail past some of the iconic destinations in Sydney Harbour, learn more about them from the informative commentaries by a professional tourist guide. For a more elaborate dining experience, a 3-hour dinner cruise in Sydney will serve you right.


Sydney Harbour cruise dinners have been luring in both local customers and tourists alike as it promises you a piece of heaven on earth at a very reasonable price. Most of the local cruising agencies claim that they often see regular customers because they've all been cruisebugged, which means they keep coming back for more. A perfectly organised activity such as a cruise dinner in Sydney Harbour is apt for anyone too busy to go on an elaborate vacation with their loved ones. Fall in love with Sydney all over again with Sydney Harbour dinner cruises, a definition of affordable luxury. Carry your camera with you if you'd like as it's a great opportunity to click some amazing Instagram-worthy photos. Get roving and hope to see you onboard soon!

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VIVID Sydney Cruises 2020

The Vivid Sydney festival is a spectacle on its own. With vibrant lights and spunky music, it is a place where ideas meet art and technology. This annual festival of lights and music makes the city gleam as a graceful outdoor canvas, where art and ideas flow infinitely. Every year, the brightest minds from around the world come together to flesh out Vivid Sydney ideas that offer some food for thought.


Located in the heart of the city, this beautiful sight is a must-do when it comes to experiencing the real taste of Sydney. While the city celebrates the mighty Vivid Sydney, it is most enjoyed from the best seat in the house, with a cool beverage in hand. And that seat is decked within the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship, in the very soul of Sydney’s beautiful blue waters.

Be it a lovely evening of quality family time, an escapade with colleagues, or simply catching up with loved ones, the Vivid Sydney Cruises are for anyone and everyone.

Bringing some jazz to the inshore waters of Sydney, the Vivid Sydney Cruises illuminating experience ensures that the Vivid Sydney lights are enjoyed to the fullest. This family-friendly cruise features a swanky air-conditioned space, where you can sit back, relax and simply enjoy the show.


An array of Gastronomic Dishes To Savour

Featuring an amazing spread of delectable cuisines in a buffet format, Vivid Sydney Cruises offers an experience that is worth raving about. The lip-smacking dinner served will keep you happy through your incredible journey on-board. Based on the package of your choice, you can keep the drinks flowing endlessly, be it a couple of cold beers, some aromatic wines, or refreshing soft drinks. Your glass will always be half full over here.

Cruise Packages

With different packages that are tailor-made to bring out the best of the Vivid Sydney demonstration, every package has something unique that it brings to the table. From family oriented packages to adult-only packages, you can choose the cruise of your dreams based on what you want. From shared tables to reserved tables, and deck access, to a whole glass-boat, the options to choose from are vast. Needless to say, Vivid Sydney Cruises caters to your every whim and fancy.


Cruise timings

The boats of the Vivid Sydney Cruises primarily operate once the sun goes down, making it easy to witness the Vivid Sydney lights in all its glory. Different boats depart starting 5.30 PM, until 8 PM. With each cruise boat offering various durations, Vivid Sydney Cruises allow you to pick and choose the boat of your choice, based on your preferred time.


Why Vivid Sydney Cruises?

Offering the best of both worlds, Vivid Sydney Cruises give all the luxuries land has to offer, while in water. With some amazing offers in-store, the cruises give you Vivid Sydney ideas that ensure that you have the time of your life. Amidst color, symphonies and innovation, in a plush yet comforting setting, an exclusive experience awaits you.

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sydney harbour dinner cruise

A Sight For Sore Eyes

The stunning Sydney Harbour, constantly bustling with life and activity, lies along the shore of the azure calm Tasman Sea waters and it has become one of the NSW area’s major attractions, bringing in tourists from all over the world.

World-renowned edifices stud the foreshores of the Sydney Harbour; people eager to see the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison, Luna Park and the Government House just to name a few. There a lot of guided walks which chart their route keeping these landmarks in mind but the Sydney Harbour is always crowded. Get away from the crowds to take in that bustling harbour energy and iconic views, minus getting lost in the crowd yourself- and this is exactly where a dinner cruise along Sydney Harbour comes in.

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruises

There’s no doubt in the statement that a dinner cruise along Sydney Harbour is one of the best and most time-effective ways to sightsee around the world’s prettiest harbour. Since it is a popular choice among tourists and locals alike, there’s no shortage of tour operators to choose from for your dinner cruise in Sydney. With several options at your disposal, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice with vessels ranging from small ferries to large catamarans, old-world paddle wheelers and luxurious glass boats so it’s a good idea to research your options before you finally book a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise. A crowd-favourite budget-friendly option is the Magistic dinner cruise in Sydney- let’s look into the details of this cruise.

Magistic Dinner Cruise On Sydney Harbour

This multi-million dollar luxury catamaran dinner cruise offers million-dollar Sydney Harbour views! Complete with state-of-the-art amenities, spacious outdoor decks and opulent contemporary interiors, Magistic has stepped up and revolutionised the dining cruise scene in Sydney- all while working on the principle of affordability.

Take in the spectacular views of the illuminated harbour from one of the three expansive outdoor decks. The icons of the Sydney Harbour can be appreciated from up-close. The well-tailored route map takes you along the sights you shouldn’t miss like the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Luna Park to name a few.

All this sightseeing is sure to get that appetite running and this is a DINNER cruise after all- a delicious multi-cuisine buffet spread awaits. Prepared freshly onboard the catamaran, it’s sure to get those tastebuds tingling with a tantalising array of flavours. A few more reasons to choose this cruise are the reserved tables and the friendly waitstaff at your service during your time onboard.

One Of A Kind!

There’s no cruise on the Sydney Harbour that even comes close to the fine balance of luxury and affordability quite as Magistic does. Waterfront dining concepts have been taken to the next level on board this luxury catamaran built to exceptional nautical standards. Whether you’re a tourist in town looking to sightsee, taking a well-deserved mid-week break or celebrating a special occasion, Magistic is the way to go.  

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sydney harbour lunch cruises

Being surrounded by national parks, historic sites and kilometres of shoreline makes Sydney Harbour the best place to spend your eventful days down under. The emerald city is known for its architectural marvels such as the Opera House, and a splendid natural Harbour that’s also a playground for cruising, swimming, and diving.


The well renowned lunch and dinner cruises of Sydney Harbour puts the city on the map of best cruising cities around the globe: the quality of food and beverages that are served, state-of-the-art cruising vessels, exemplary services, and luxury amenities are some of the reasons why.


Ever since the day of its inception, Sydney Harbour has seen impulsive changes till date. Its growth from a silent harbour to an eventful hub of cruising in a very short time is increasing the demand and popularity of dinner and lunch cruises as an alternative tourism activity.


Waterfront Restaurants were the thing back in the day and they ensured a great view of the harbour alongside the delectable food and beverages that were served. Lunch and dinner Cruises reworked on the same concept and improved the model by providing its customers stunning, roving views of the Sydney Harbour alongside the catering that is on par with the former. The different kinds of vessels and a wide range of cruising packages made cruise dining appeal to a wider range of customer bases. Cruising thus became an integral part of the Sydney experience, both for tourists and sydneysiders alike.


From smaller vessels to million-dollar Catamarans to Glassboats and a few boats from yesteryears, the beautiful harbour is studded with amazing vessels that offer its customers spectacular views of the harbour during their Sydney Harbour lunch or dinner cruise. The world-famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge can be viewed from up close on almost all harbour cruises.


One of the most crowd-favourite cruises on Sydney Harbour is the budget-friendly package that features an unlimited buffet and select drinks, and it is for a reason. When a cruise offers you stunning sights, good food and beverages for the duration of the cruise, you would think twice before planning a night out with close friends/family. Roving views of the Harbour is something no place on land could boast about. Add to this all the stunning photo opportunities a cruise offers and you have a deal that’s hard to pass up!


Any Sydney Harbour cruise: be it lunch, dinner or a sightseeing cruise, is worth every penny. Make sure you go on one when you have the chance!