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christmas party sydney

Christmas season in Australia is very much different from other parts of the world. The brightly shining sun, inviting gold-tinted beaches, bustling harbour, stalls & cityscapes. The city of Sydney would be the apt place to experience a different kind of Christmas. There are numerous ways to indulge in the joy of Christmas, partying, cruising and exploring the harbour being the top-listed once. There are spectacular Christmas party cruises available for charter on Sydney Harbour. Diverse types of boats and yachts are available for charter which are well suited for catering private groups, families as well as corporate groups of all sizes. 


One of the most exciting time of the year, Christmas has always been a season of unbound celebration and what is more satisfying than chartering a Christmas Party cruise on Sydney Harbour with your loved ones.


Whether it be an office Christmas party or an unforgettable event for your family and friends, an all-inclusive cruise around the Sydney Harbour in amazing summer weather is a fail-safe decision.


Would you like a pre-lunch swim or how about sunset drinks on the water, all the while enjoying the city lights and unparalleled beauty of the Sydney Harbour and its world-famous edifices like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Each cruise is individual and offers completely customized packages to suit the needs of your event.



The function boats having a seating capacity ranging from 300-700 guests is the preferred Christmas Party Cruise for Corporates. Being a Christmas cruise not only corporates but there are also other groups like close-knit friends or family who want to splurge a little and go for a seated & served cruise.


There are plenty of charter packages that offer diverse dining options, from unlimited buffet, seated & served to substantial canapé menus.  The majority of the boats will also have a variety of Christmas menus available along with their standard charter menus.




Both fully catered and BYO Christmas cruise packages are available you can choose to cook or relax and be wined December& dined by the best in the business. The freshly prepared dishes and experienced chef guarantees complete satisfaction even for the pickiest of food critics. The selection of beverage options ranging from unlimited beer and wine packages to choice of additional spirit upgrades.


Secure your favourite boat well in advance as most of the Christmas Party cruises get sold out weeks before december. Especially if you’re planning for a celebration on the weekend in November or December. By chartering the cruise early you not only secure the vessel you love but also gives you plenty of time to confirm each and every detail such as final guest numbers, catering and beverage selections etc.

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conference venues sydney

Escape the crowds and enjoy the spectacular Opera House and Harbour Bridge from the decks of stunning Sydney Harbour cruises. There are numerous vessels available for private charter on Sydney harbour and majority of them offers great photo opportunities. Not only for sightseeing, even when it comes to hosting a corporate event, the multi-functional charter vessels stand out as the best conference venues in Sydney.


For a corporate event,  chartering a harbour cruise is definitely a fail-proof option. Explore the vivid options of conference and meeting venues on Sydney Harbour and select from hundreds of functional boats including party and unique boats. The corporate events mainly team building activity is an ideal opportunity to get to know your colleagues better. Charter a luxury glass boat to impress important guests and potential business partners or book a luxury yacht to treat your best performing employees. The selection of boats of all sizes available in Sydney Harbour to suit your budget and event is what makes it an ideal option for any corporate event. Whether you prefer a small luxury boat or ultra-luxury super-yachts, there are pioneer charter agents who can provide you with all this and more.


Most of the charter packages can be customized to your individual needs. From catering to sourcing needful equipment and organizing fun on-board activities, the

the charter team is always ready to go that extra mile to make sure you have an amazing time.


For a corporate event to be successful, numerous factors have to be taken care of, from choosing the right package, choosing the apt dining option, selection of beverages, seat arrangement and most important is to choose the perfect boat. There are a few steps that can help you to make your corporate function a grand success.



Firstly, confirm the number of guests.

The best way to shortlist your apt cruise is by comparing the capacity of the vessel and the number of pax. By doing so, you can narrow down the cruise selection process by a lot.


Next up, list down all the necessary amenities you require for the event.

From AV system to stage, enquire about all the extra features you require to host your event. This will reduce the count to a handful where each & every vessel seems to be the apt venue you were looking for.


The third point is what steals the show, this will help you to find the best cruising venue available in Sydney Harbour for hosting your corporate event.  Selection of charter & event packages, although most of the cruise operators lack this feature there are pioneer cruise agents who bestow this feature. The charter & event package has a range of dining options from seated & served, buffet and more. BYO menu and beverage options are also available for some of the cruises.


Most of the vessels are fully crewed and know all the best spots around Sydney Harbour to provide you with a picturesque and memorable experience. Some of the


charter agents have pick-up and drop-off upgrades as well. With numerous wharves located all around the Sydney Harbour, making it simple and easy to embark upon your Sydney Harbour corporate adventure.

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There are very few alternatives to hiring a boat for your party on Sydney Harbour. If it’s a hen party that you’re planning to host, or a cocktail party for your colleagues at your office, or a corporate event sponsored by your company, there is a vessel available on Sydney Harbour especially for your event! Hiring or renting a boat is not that hard as one might imagine, it’s much alike something you would order online, or like getting a quote from your plumber to get your pipes fixed, it’s really that simple. You start by deciding a date and guest count for your party, confirm a menu and a beverage package that you might be interested in (most boats have Canapé, Buffet, formal and BYO food options with beverage packages or BYO beverages) and submit an enquiry form with a trusted Charter agency. If you have preferences for your vessel just let them know, or a dedicated charter consultant will help you find the right vessel to choose for your special day. A plethora of options exist that ranges from budget party boats to multi-million dollar catamarans and glass boats to help you to find exactly what suits your budget and requirements!

The food and beverage options on these boat hires are chosen from the best caterers available on Sydney, or if you would fancy it you can cook your own BBQ in some boats! Talk about making a party truly your own! In addition to delicious food and exquisite beverages to go along with it, some vessels also come with the provision of adding other activities or entertainment such as shows or clay pigeon shooting or magic shows or DJs. Your party is sure to be lit!


Expert charter teams that work on your requirements will ensure that all your needs are fulfilled, starting from the interior decorations that you might require to your pickup and drop off wharf preferences. This makes sure that you will have a hassle free experience starting from the moment you submit your enquiry, to the moment you alight the boat. If you would like to take a look at the vessel that you’re planning to cruise before confirming the booking, you can do the same as well. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re planning a birthday party for your husband, or a wedding reception cruise for your friend, there is always an apt vessel for you on Sydney Harbour. 

There isn’t a place like Sydney’s beautiful Harbour to host an event. With stunning views of popular tourist attractions such as the Opera House always in your sights, you are sure to have a pleasant setting for your event. While other venues come with boring static views of its surroundings, an event on a party boat on Sydney Harbour comes with roving views of the stunning Harbour. Add all of this with wonderful service from the wait staff and skipper, and your event is sure to be one of the best you’ve ever planned. The features of all vessels also differ from one another, so make sure you request for multiple options for you to choose from.


So it doesn’t matter if your party is for ten guests or nine hundred, there’s an ideal charter package for you. Ranging from catered cruises to cruises where you can bring your own food and/or beverages, these charters are tailored to meet the needs of every client that reaches the agencies. Now that you understand what you have to look for when you book a party cruise on Sydney Harbour, make sure you book through a right, credible agency so that you get what you were promised.

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With over 80 boats to choose from, a boat hire for your event on Sydney Harbour can prove to be tricky, to say the least. Add to this list a bunch of menu and beverage options to choose from, wharf fees, service charges, public holiday surcharges, wait staff, bar staff,.. (well the list is quite endless really) and you have a plethora of variables to work with to simply figure out how much it would cost you for a small party boat hire for a 21st birthday party for 20 guests. And if you are dealing with larger crowds such as corporate events, your company might prefer to go with an external caterer and that's only the beginning of another story of getting things in order between the boat and the catering people. Even if you would like to do something simple as a BYO boat hire which is rather popular in Sydney, where you would bring your own food and beverages, the list of options of vessels is quite big and one might even consider giving up the idea of conducting a party on Sydney Harbour. Lucky for you, charter agencies on Sydney Harbour can help you with every small aspect of your charter requirements. With a dedicated charter consultant working in tandem with boat owners, all of your requirements are meticulously tailored into a quote that simply needs you to read through and nod a sign of approval (well you will be sent a deposit invoice and such to confirm your booking, but just figuratively speaking)



If you're confused as to how a charter booking process is carried out, these are usually the top things to keep in mind when you book a charter. To start off, the first thing you'll have to decide is the number of guests that's going to be there for your event. Once you have an approximate idea, you can start looking for an ideal vessel. Or if you do not want to go through a list and try to figure out which vessel to charter, you could start by coming up with a tentative budget for your event. Discuss with your guests and finalise a budget, and you're actually done for now. Unless you have a menu/beverage package preference, this is all the info you need to submit an enquiry! Go to a credible charter agency and give them your contact info, along with your cruise date and guest count, and they can come back with options for you to choose from! Once you've kind of sort of decided on a vessel, you can inspect the boat in person before confirming your booking to understand what the features of the boat are. Once your menu, and beverages are sorted, the charter agency can send you a detailed quote and let you book the cruise. Pay your deposit (usually 20-50% of the charter fee) and you can confirm your booking! All that’s left for you to do would be to finish off your payment and actually enjoying your event that you meticulously crafted!


Welcome to the aquatic utopia that is Hervey Bay!


Snuggled along Fraser Coast, Hervey Bay has a charming personality of its own, drawing you in with its unmistakable allure. Succumb to the beckoning charm of the seemingly endless stretches of silica sands and those picture-perfect piers. No wonder why tourists flock to Hervey Bay what with families of certain 30,000 kilogram marine visitors from the South making Hervey Bay all the more special.


This brings us to the first of many aquatic activities in Hervey Bay that’s sure to make a splash!


  1. Whale Watching 


Whale watching excursions from Hervey Bay and Fraser Island are the most popular tours when whale-watching season comes around. Witness the gentle giants of the seas on their annual migratory journey frolicking in the azure Hervey Bay waters. Often cited to be the whale-watching capital of the world, it would be a crime to visit Hervey Bay and not partake in a Fraser Island tour allowing you to ogle freely at these leviathans of the deep. The breaching Humpback whales give world-famous gymnasts a run for their money - They’re sexy and they know it!

Most of the whale watching cruises in Hervey Bay guarantee sightings, because that’s just how confident they are of spotting these Humpback whales! One would think it’s hard to miss these giants, but a trained eye (crew members or experts on board) is sure to help you spot a few easily. If you’re lucky, you may spot a school of gregarious dolphins too!


  1. Novelty Fraser Island Tour


There are several Fraser Island excursions to choose from depending on your budget and interests. However, here we like treading towards novelty and unique experiences! Marvel at the hypnotising ebb and swell of the waves crashing against the shoreline and experience Aboriginal hospitality like never before, as you enjoy a sunset cruise along Hervey Bay. The local Butchulla people give you an insight into their lives as you view coral reefs and a multitude of marine creatures, all of this while munching on delicious local delicacies.


  1. Sunset Cruises in Hervey Bay


Watching stunning sunsets always make for the best of memories, so experience the magic of a Hervey Bay sunset! Sunset cruises aren’t new to Hervey Bay, but the best of the lot offer a glass of bubbly to enjoy as you take in the breath taking views.


  1. Water sports


For those looking for an adrenaline rush when in Hervey Bay, we’ve got just the activity for you. Due to the proximity of Hervey Bay to the incredible Fraser Island, explore the scenic remote beauty of the area on a Fraser Island tour! Full-day tours take you to the picturesque World Heritage listed island, allowing you to discover the secret beaches and partaking in every adventure and water sport known to man! Okay, maybe that was a little bit of a stretch, but you’re sure to indulge in bush walking, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding.


  1. Water park


If you’re travelling with kids, this should be right up there on the list! A waterpark is the perfect and most enjoyable way to tire out the kids for bedtime, while you parents get some well-deserved down time. The WetSide water park boasts FREE entry (yes, you heard it right), so grab your towels, sunscreen & swimsuits and get going!


“If there’s any ounce of magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

And so, Hervey Bay is, without a doubt an enchanting wonderland brimming with marine magic - all set to cast its spell on you!

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tweed-endeavour-river-rainforest-seafood-lunch-cru lunch cruise gold coast

The gold-tinted city blanketed by verdant foliage is famed for its surfing spots, long sandy beaches and elaborate system of inland canals and waterways. The metropolitan region located South of Brisbane on Australia’s East Coast is also home to numerous theme parks, hiking trails, mountain ridges and valleys. All these guarantee an amazing vacation for whoever visits this city of happiness. Energetic, enthusiastic, electric, eclectic! These are just some of the words that sum up the social scene that Gold Coast was built on. Sightseeing & Lunch cruises in Gold Coast is an apt way to soak in the astounding ambience of the place.


Wind your way along the scenic canals and azure waterways while enjoying scenic views of Chevron Island and Paradise Waters. Marvel over the glittering Palazzo Versace hotel and listen to the on-board commentary as you pass historic sites and modern landmarks.


Tweed River cruises

Totally different from the usual sightseeing ones, Tweed river cruises involves intriguing activities that tend to keep you entertained throughout the cruise.


Explore the pristine water of Tweed River, move way up the river, away from the coast to a whole new ecosystem, the view changes from sand dunes and high-rises to cane fields and forests. Explore the subtropical rainforest that borders the elegantly flowing Tweed River. The vast scenario of over 200 species of plants studded along the banks alone is sure to let your mind revel into the tranquility of nature. As you cruise further the impressive center of the ancient Tweed Volcano comes into view. If you are cruising at the right time of the day, you will be bestowed with the beautiful sight of large size pelicans flying overhead.


Crab catching cruise is another unique mid-day entertainment if you would like a hands-on experience in crab catching. Tweed region is known as the mud-crab heartland and rightly so, as the density of crabs inhabiting the place is beyond comparison. Pull up crab pots from the banks of the Tweed River and try your luck at fishing, yabbie pumping etc.


Other than cruising


The sheltered waters at Coolangatta Beach and popular surfing spot at Main Beach are the two places that get flooded by the tourists during the peak season time. With plenty of kid-friendly rides and loveable cartoon characters, the theme parks of Gold Coast is not far behind when it comes to a good place for mid-day entertainment.


If you want to notch up your adventure level a bit more, then the best thing to do is to take a plunge from 12,000ft. The Skydive is sure to excite, inspire and terrify you at the same time. See spectacular views of Gold Coast while hovering over the glistening skyline.


All these indefinitely make this coastal city a tourist haven!

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christmas party cruises sydney

When it comes to choosing venues for Christmas Parties in Sydney, one might stumble across some exceptional options. Actually, too many to properly choose from. Ranging from conference halls, hotels, convention centres and the like, these venues have something truly unique to provide when it comes to these parties too. They provide the best packages that are inclusive of exquisite food menus that are sure to meet all tastes and premium beverages to pair them with, and quality service delivered to you. The DJs and interior decorations will also set the mood right for the party, and all your headaches regarding planning this party will be sorted, with the only thing left to do then would be to party!


But then again, almost all of these venues might be similar to each other and in the end your party may not exactly be as unique as you would want it to be. That’s why you should consider a Christmas Party boat hire in Sydney. With vessels that are ideal for groups from 20 guests to 900 guests, there is surely an ideal vessel for your Christmas Party on the stunning Sydney Harbour. Small party boats that are ideal for groups of under 50 guests come cheaper when compared to similar sized venues, and some of them even allow for BYO food & BYO beverages, making your party a little bit more your own. For parties bigger than 150 guests, large party boats can accomodate everyone with ease and make sure everyone has room to move around during the party. With a range of options to choose from regarding menu and beverage options, you can tailor your own party cruise! These boats with their extra inclusions such as Christmas decorations and DJs are sure to set the venue for the best Christmas party you could experience, and you will be glad to leave all your guests satisfied.


These boats available for hire offer all the features that any other venue might provide on land, plus with changing views of popular destinations across the harbour, they make for truly exceptional packages. So don’t stress out too much regarding planning your office Christmas party or the ideal occasion to relax with friends and family during the season of Joy, and go for a Christmas Party Harbour cruise! Enquire now with reputed charter agencies on the Harbour and you’re sure to get a sweet deal if you book a cruise early!

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Of the plenty boats available for hire on Sydney Harbour, there is surely one for you. These boats that are all set to provide you a fun, satisfying and memorable experience, come in all shapes and sizes! Ranging from small party boats for smaller gatherings of upto 30 people, to larger Glass Boats that can fit upto 900 guests for a corporate party, to Superyachts which aren’t exactly worried about guest counts as much as they do about experiences, are all set for you to charter, according to your needs! Celebrations don’t get bigger in Sydney than on the Harbour, and there’s no celebration like one on a party boat! With ever-changing backdrops of Sydney Harbour, there is truly nothing that can match an event on a boat in Sydney Harbour!


The options that are available for you aboard these boat hires also vary whether you are trying to just have a jolly time with some friends with a couple of beers and some canapes to keep you filled, or if you’re planning a wedding reception with a formal 8-course degustation menu. For those of you who are trying to do your own thing, Bring-Your-Own or BYO options are also available wherein the boats will provide basic amenities and things like ice, depending on the vessel. You also have the option to choose your entertainment aboard these vessels, and the likes of magicians are pretty popular among cruisers. All vessels come with excellent amenities as well so you’re covered there too!

Enjoy the splendid waters around Sydney as you go on your private boat hire, and take in wonderous views of Sydney Harbour during the day, or even better after the sun goes down! Get your best friends and your close family together or surprise them by inviting them to the vessel you’ve hired and make the most out of your day off! Hire a DJ or ask for additional features such as water toys to make your party boat hire even more exciting! You could even explore the waters on longer cruises if you fancy it! Ranging from get togethers, graduations parties, birthdays, school formals, anniversaries and everything else in between, there is always a reason to celebrate on Sydney Harbour!


So hire a boat, get your cameras ready and have some really good time with your close ones on Sydney Harbour! Click some photos with amazing Sydney Harbour backdrops, have some really good food and beverages of your preference, and an overall fun time aboard the boat you’ve hired! With all sorts of vessels available for hire, there is surely something for everyone’s party on Sydney Harbour! And with a dedicated charter team working to meet all of your requirements, you are sure to have a pleasant time booking and chartering your boat!

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If you’re planning a party on Sydney, there are very few alternatives to hiring a party boat on Sydney Harbour. It doesn’t matter of you’re planning a Hen’s Party, a cocktail party to celebrate a special event or a corporate event, there are boats available for hire on Sydney Harbour. Renting a boat isn’t as difficult as one might think, because the it’s the same as anything else you order online: you go through a list of boats and select the one that suits your requirements best. With a plethora of options ranging from cheap party boats to multi million dollar catamarans and glass boats charters, you are sure to find exactly what suits your budget and requirements!


Delicious food and beverage packages that are usually included on these party boat hire packages make sure that your entire experience is fulfilling. Add to these activities and other entertainment such as shows included and your party is sure to be set! Expert teams that work on your specific requirements can make sure that all your needs down to the very interior decorations of the party boat are met, and that your experience starting from booking the party cruise till the moment you alight the vessel is a stress-free one. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a Christmas party, a corporate event, your mate’s “last day of freedom”, a birthday party or a hens/bucks cruise, there is always a party boat for rent in Sydney  just for your needs!


There is no other place than Sydney Harbour to host a party. The spectacular views of popular sightseeing spots, along with the serene waters of the Harbour make for the ideal companions to your party cruising experience. Also, it doesn’t really matter if you’re hosting a small cocktail cruise for 10 people or an extravagant party for 900 people, there are vessels that suit your needs! Make sure you look out for BYO options before you confirm your charter, and you will be sorted! Features aboard these vessels also differ from one another, so make sure your checklist is complete with all your requirements! From television sets to sound systems and sun beds to lounge chairs, the inclusions differ so make sure you read through the entire catalogue before booking to know what you’re in for! You can also book for additional services such as DJs, chefs or waiters for the cruise, if you would require the same.


Now that you know what to look out for when you book a party cruise on Sydney Harbour, make sure you book through the right, credible agent so that you get what you were promised.

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What better way to take in the Aussie vibe other than cruising on the astounding Sydney Harbour with a glass of champagne in hand. Whatever the event may be, there are numerous party boat hires in Sydney having customized itinerary and tailored packages to meet your requirements. A great way to start off these celebrations are by watching the eminent structures of Australia up close from the private decks of these amazing vessels. Sydney Opera House serves as a perfect backdrop to click amazing pictures while the famous Harbour Bridge can be enjoyed in its full glory as you sail down the splendid harbour. With so much beautiful architecture to be seen along the banks of the Sydney Harbour, you’ll be never short of  great backdrops for your special occasion.

The Sydney Harbour at night adorns a whole different level of spectacular perspectives reflecting the ambient lighting of the bustling harbour precincts. The lights, comfy vessels, modern interiors and amiable crew is sure to provide you with that party atmosphere you’re looking for to energise your event. You may even get to see a fireworks show if you are lucky enough!

With the pretty twinkling lights sparkling out from all around the harbour, freshly prepared on board menu, state-of-the-art equipments and seasoned staff,  party boat hires in Sydney are indeed the best in business when it comes to hosting an event. The options of venues in Sydney sure beat the double-digits but when it comes to the best & unique ones it all comes down to a few. The concept that once began to substitute the ordinary harbour dining has developed into a much more bigger canvas crafting numerous opportunities for activities more than just dining.

The boat hire operators of Sydney understand that it’s the personal touches that make an occasion or an event really special. Think about a live band performance or a DJ to enhance your event or maybe something a bit more laidback with some spine tingling tunes? If you have a certain theme or a whole new event concept, the dedicated event planning team will be more than happy to cater your needs. Whether it be a wedding, anniversary, corporate party or any important day of your life, with full on decor, authentic cruising experience and other luxury amenities, party boat hires in Sydney have got it all covered.

You can also opt for a designated event co-coordinator who can help you choose the perfect menu for your occasion. Select from a range of delicious canapés, starters, mains and deserts, also choose what you’d like to wash it down with including; beer, wine, champagne or even a menu of cocktails.