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Finding a venue for your party can be hard. Find the right vessel for you and avail best deals on Sydney Harbour charters and boat hires!

Planning a party can be hard. Starting from finding the right venue all the way to getting everyone who has RSVP’d to the party can be the stuff of nightmares for some. But if you’re planning a party on Sydney, a few of these headaches can be avoided, if one chooses to hire a party boat on Sydney Harbour. Because it really doesn’t matter of you’re planning a hen’s party, a cocktail party or a corporate event, there are unique boats available for hire on Sydney Harbour. Considering the alternative options which include hiring a venue to getting the food and service right and setting the interiors proper, renting a boat for your party is a walk in the park. It isn’t as difficult as one might think either, because the process is the same as anything you would want to order online: you go through a list of different boats with their inclusions and select the one that suits your requirements best. It’s actually that simple. With a wide variety of vessels ranging from cheap party boats to multi million dollar catamarans and glass boats to charter, you are sure to find the vessel that suits your budget and requirements perfectly!


Party boat hire packages usually come with delicious food and beverage packages, making sure that your cruising experience is truly fulfilling. Additionally, some boats come with activities and other entertainment (such as shows) included and your booking, and these are sure to be liven up your party! With teams working on your specific requirements, all your needs down to the very interior decorations of the party boat are sure to be met, and your experience starting from booking the party cruise till the moment you alight the vessel becomes a stress-free one. So if you are planning a Christmas party, a corporate event, your close friend’s “last day of freedom”, a birthday party for your beloved ones or a hens/bucks cruise, there is always a party boat for rent in Sydney that meet all of your requirements!


There is truly no other place like Sydney Harbour to host a party. The spectacular views of popular sightseeing spots such as the Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge, along with serene waters make for ideal companions to your party cruising experience. Also, even if your party is of 10 people or 100, there are vessels that suit your needs! You have to make sure that you look out for BYO options before you confirm your charter. Features aboard different vessels differ from one another, so make sure your checklist for online booking is complete with all of your requirements! From television sets to sound systems and sun beds to lounge chairs, the inclusions vary in options so make sure you read through the entire product catalogue before booking to know what you’re really in for! You can also book for additional services such as DJs, chefs or waiters for the cruise, if you require the same.


Now that you know what to look out for when you book a party cruise on Sydney Harbour, make sure you book through the right, credible agent so that you receive what you were promised. 

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As far as unique luxury stag and hen nights go, Sydney charter cruises are right up there!

Celebrities celebrating their bachelor and bachelorette parties on private yachts in exotic destinations, make the headlines with the innumerable updates on social media that we could do without. All it does is really make you wish you could do something similar before you tie the knot. What if I told you that you could?

Sydney Harbour charters are now slowly becoming affordable party hosting venues. There’s a charter to fit almost any budget these days! While there are usually a few set ideas on how a hen or stag party should be, we urge you to break the rules a little and have some fun. Gather up your friends and get ready for the party of a lifetime.

While the entertainment options on the two parties are poles apart, the guidelines on choosing the perfect charter cruise to hire are similar. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Size of your guest list-

Will you be entertaining only upto ten of your closest friends or will the party boast a guest list reaching upto fifty guests? The vessel that you choose must cater to the size of the crowd without any hiccups. Large party boats can easily accommodate over fifty guests!

  • Duration of the cruise-

The other factor that influences expenditure is the duration of the cruise. Usually the minimum duration for a charter is 4 hours and can go on to overnight cruises ranging over a couple of days.

  • Food-

Food is one of the most important facets of any party! Good food can make or break an event. Most cruises have delicious catering menus to choose fun so you can take a backseat from intensively planning the nitty-gritties! However, if you intend on bringing your own food, make sure that the cruise you pick allows BYO food. Usually a fixed surcharge applies on this clause. Also make sure there are enough cutlery and linens for all your guests!

  • Beverages-

What’s a bachelor party or a hen night without booze? If you again decide to bring your own beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), check the charter policy on the same. In the case of drinks, arrangements for ice, coolers and glasses are also to be looked into.

  • Entertainment-

This definitely differs based on personal preference, crowd and gender. Ideally though, music and dance are definitely anticipated so booking a charter cruise with a good sound system, party lights and a dance floor is sure to get the party started! For a classy private affair on the other hand, an audio-visual unit and a microphone may be handy. Outsourcing entertainment like a DJ hire or dancers are a possibility too!

  • To swim or not to swim-

That is the question! Most charters have a swimming platform that you can dive off of at anchor for a quick dip. This generally makes sense for a party over 4 hours in duration.  


So what are you waiting for? Take a plunge before you take THE plunge!

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vivid sydney cruises

More people than you can imagine

Although people seem to glorify the festival a little too much on social media, the truth of the matter is that the entire town of Sydney gets hectic during Vivid Sydney. It is not that the displays or the other events during Vivid are bad, (because it’s the best package that Sydney can offer) but the crowds that get to people and get them irritated. Just last year, some 7.1 million people attended the festival and that number alone should give you a fair idea of how crowded the streets can become. A crowd-favourite alternative to staying on the crowded streets of Sydney is to go for a Vivid Sydney cruise, where one gets to view the best sights of Vivid Light installations, and enjoy a delectable meal and a beverage, depending upon the cruise chosen.

Ridiculously overcrowded streets

The spectacle of light, music and ideas is getting more famous by the passing year and has unquestionably become the most popular event in Sydney calendars second to only Sydney NYE Fireworks. This has lead to overcrowding of streets by enthusiastic tourists trying to catch a glimpse of whatever they can within the small time window of their holidays. The Opera House and Harbour bridge are two most famous attractions during Vivid but other areas are just as spectacular! Lesser crowd and better views are ensured at locations such as the Customs House or Circular Quay station platform, and these are usually safe bets. If you don’t like crowds, there’s a better option for you to view the beautiful installations of Vivid Light!

Vivid Sydney Dinner Cruises

One of the best options to view the displays of Vivid Light is to go on Vivid Light cruises. These dinner cruises will cover most of the Light installations, and you will also get to enjoy a meal plus a beverage according to the chosen package. Enjoy the sights as you wind down aboard one of many cruising vessels on Sydney Harbour! The main differences between the cruises are the quality of the food and the number sights covered, so do take of note of these before booking! Go for a reliable operator and you are guaranteed to have a good time!

The Best time to visit Sydney

As you might have already guessed, the last weekend of Vivid is possibly the worst option if you hate crowds. One of the first few days is the best time to visit Sydney during Vivid, and if you have no options than to visit during the weekend, try going later in the night, on a Saturday or Sunday rather than Friday. This is because families usually head home by nine-ish and the displays are on till 11 at night. Also try not to visit too many sights in one go, as the festival lasts over three weeks.

So there you have it. Plan your trip in advance and try to avoid weekends. If you really hate crowds, go for the safest bet: a Vivid Sydney Cruise

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Vivid Sydney with its mesmerising events, cruises and spectacular shows enthralls all tourist and natives alike, not only Sydneysiders but also people from different territories of the vast continent including the super-modern cities like Melbourne and the capital city of Canberra.


All excitement and visual extravaganza can be observed from the vibrant harbours which tend to take the breath away as soon as you step on board amazing cruises that pirate its scenic premises. Opera House, Harbour Bridge and other world-renowned structures studded along the natural harbour are a source of canvas for depicting the splendid light illumination by creative artist using the technology of projection mapping. Watch the wonders of Australia turn into more alluring edifices of coruscating colours with projection mapping. Make use of the numerous photo opportunities bestowed by a Vivid Sydney dinner cruise.


Vivid Sydney in its previous years created a massive impact on the NSW economy as well as their tourism sector, a record crowd was spotted in the 2017 edition. The event is placed all around the charming Sydney city, as in harbour, high streets, parks and many more intriguing places. Eminent structures like Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House take part in the installation of this juggernaut of an event. Vivid Sydney is an initiate not only for sheer enjoyment and merrymaking but also serves as an amazing platform for different levels of artists and musicians who are believed to fill up the creative soul of this vibrant festival.


The whole of Sydney will see a perfect synchronisation of music, art and light which is sure to depict a picture of a tranquil city coming to life. The projection mapping is what turns each and every world-famous structure of the emerald city into an array of mesmerising hues and patterns that depict the bygone stories of the land Down Under and much more.


The never-ending events, amazing light illumination and talented artists from around the world are the main pillars which make it worth traveling Down Under. The profusion of out-of-the-box ideas that bloom in this extraordinary event is appreciable. Brilliant minds who have proved their mettle in the field of art and science impress each and everyone with their startling speeches.


Thinking about the best way to enjoy this festival of art, music and light? Well, you will get numerous suggestions from the locals as well as from the internet, however, the most common and precisely the right answer to your question will be the enchanting Vivid Sydney cruises.


What makes a Vivid Sydney cruise special?


There are end number of things which make these opulent cruises special, one among them are the impeccable views displaying the best possible vistas of the light illuminations created by projection mapping. The amiable crew and sumptuous buffet contribute to the splendid cruising experience. There are numerous cruises offering amazing sails along the events and activities taking place in and around the harbour. 

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Imagine this, you’re celebrating a special occasion, and you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience on Sydney Harbour. You’ve gone through multiple lists of fancy restaurants, but they’re either too expensive or the experience is too bland. You seem to have reached a dead end. You are unsure of what to do for that special dinner you’ve been trying to make happen for a long time.


The best dinner experience!

Let us tell you that even though there are quite a few options available, the best dinner options in Sydney aren’t even on land. Sure, waterfront dining sounds fancy, but there are better options available! A Sydney Harbour dinner cruise not only provides you with all the experiences of a restaurant, you get the additional benefits of extravagant views of Sydney Harbour at night as well!  It doesn’t matter what the occasion it is that you’re celebrating: a special night out with a loved one or just taking a break off of your daily routine, a dinner cruise will prove to be the perfect setting for you!


Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruises

Dinner cruises have redefined dining experiences on Sydney Harbour with comprehensive packages that include a cruise, sumptuous meals, entertainment on board and a choice of beverages! Some cruises provide an option of table reservations as well, so that you don’t have to worry about having to share your table with strangers. Apart from these upgrades as compared to a restaurant, some cruise vessels also come with expansive outer decks for you to take a stroll with a drink in hand after you enjoy your delicious meal.


Enjoy the incredible views of Sydney Harbour at night, from Opera House to Harbour Bridge and much more on your dinner cruise in Sydney! You will be hard pressed to find better alternatives to dinner cruises on land! The entire experience of a dinner cruise starting from constantly-changing views to the food and service provided makes it an experience far removed from an average waterfront restaurant. The sights of Sydney Harbour at night are truly magnificent and the night sky coupled with spectacular lights on Sydney Harbour are sure to leave you amazed.

Dinner cruises are available in different packages, so the occasion you are celebrating doesn’t matter because there is sure to be a cruise that is tailormade for your requirements!

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The land Down Under filled with end number of unique places and culture is known to attract millions of tourists every year. The harbour city of Sydney displaying a miscellany of events and activities all throughout the year including some peculiar ones like St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Playground Weekender, Harvest Festival, Vivid etc are known to showcase the soul of Australia. Sydney with its scintillating harbour lunch cruises and world-famous structures stands out from rest of the Australian cities.


Amazing views are the perfect companion to increase the taste and appeal of any dish, don't you think? Whenever you require a spot where the view is considered as impeccable as the savoury food or if you are looking for a wonderful place to take your date, take a little read of this rundown tab for the best setting in Sydney.


The city of Sydney studded with roadside cafés & opulent restaurants serving an assortment of dishes featuring different cuisines is one of the main reasons why the city has a high tourist density. The food scenes of a tourist destination really affects its reputation and in case of Sydney its stature stands tall!


Luxury Sydney Harbour lunch cruise


The emerald city not only has a troop of restaurants & street joints but also has a fleet of sought-after harbour lunch cruises. You don't have to spend a king's ransom on booking a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise for you and your loved ones. There are a lot of operators that offer cruises at a very low price. Meander the large outer decks while watching exquisite views of Sydney Harbour and its surrounds. There are numerous varieties of cruises that are timed perfectly for the meals of the day. Breakfast and lunch cruises bolstering sumptuous food topped with premium drinks are known to be the perfect setting! Bon appetit.


There isn't another harbour on the planet to equal Sydney's excellence and energy. A Sydney Harbour lunch cruise bestows al fresco dining with splendid Opera House & Harbour Bridge views. Relish on savoury smorgasbord and canapés while checking out the opulent interiors of the authentic catamaran. The exceptional vessel with nautical design, contemporary dining area and exceptional panoramic windows for continuous harbour views is what makes this vessel a sell-out.


Other lunch options

Eateries and bars in Darling Harbour are famous for their unique cuisine and local delicacies. The rustic bars and street joints are a must-visit as they provide unaltered taste of the land Down Under. If you are into exploring the food scenes of the places you visit, then go on and explore in-depth the cuisine of Australia as it is sure to bowl you over with their out-of-the-box cooking ideas and ways in which they extract the flavours from each ingredient. Learn the culinary secrets and also experience Aboriginal dishes if you are lucky enough to find one serving it.