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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:

White-label cryptocurrency exchange software is a product crafted by one business for the benefit of another, allowing crypto enthusiasts to tailor and access a cryptocurrency exchange business at a minimal cost.

The essence of white-label cryptocurrency exchange software lies in its adaptability, providing crypto businesses with a customizable solution developed by one organization and made available to another. The entity creating the white-label crypto exchange extends customization development services to its clients, aligning the software with their unique business requirements.

Key Features of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:

  • High Transaction Per Second
  • Integrated Multi-sign Crypto Wallet
  • Liquidity Integration
  • High-End Security
  • Powerful Trade Engine
  • Multi Coins Support
  • Customizable UI/UX
  • Token Adding Tool
  • Staking Module
  • Automated KYC/AML
  • And more

Admin Features of Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Dispute Management
  • Manage Liquidity API
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Multilingual Support
  • Transaction History
  • Launchpad Management
  • Trade Pairs Management
  • And More

User Features of Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

  • Atomic Swap
  • Referral & Reward Programs
  • Live Data Tracker
  • Hot Wallet
  • Advanced Trade Chart Tools
  • Staking
  • P2P Exchange Option
  • OTC Trading
  • Order Books
  • Dispute System
  • And more

Security Features of Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software:

  • Data Encryption
  • HTTP Authentication
  • Jail Login
  • Anti-Denial of Services
  • Anti-Distributed Denial of Services
  • Registry Lock
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • SSRF Protection
  • Web Protocol Security

Why Choose Hivelance for White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Hivelance stands as a premier developer of crypto exchanges, boasting years of experience and a team of industry experts. Our White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a ready-to-go, pre-fabricated solution equipped with powerful source code and cutting-edge functionality. Our customized solution is poised to give you a competitive edge over rivals and capitalize on this unique opportunity. Contact us now!

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