Having a discussion with your customers regarding prompt payment can indicate the dissimilarity between a cash flow woe and smooth-running business. These 3 important ways can increase your confidence and stay away from the dreaded ‘financial talk’.

Set Potential From The Beginning

It is important to allow your customers identify from the get-go what is predictable of them in respect to the payment. In case terms of your payment deviate from business standards, you should let your customers know upfront thus they are not amazed down the track.

Start conversation about your invoicing details accurately and clearly (in writing, if you can) and confirm you recognize who the invoices must be sent to, in case they want any specific information to process the necessary payment and chosen payment mode of the client. Controlling these technicalities near the beginning will cover the way for perfect and smooth transactions in the coming future.

Notify Your Customers Of Necessary Updates In Accounting Processes

A slight and wonderful way of starting a QuickBooks conversation regarding prompt payment is to notify your customers regarding updates in your accounting processes.

It can be as easy as allowing them know your business is doing away with paper based invoices totally or that you are changing terms of the payment, but you can even take the chance to inform them of any specific late charges or incentives for before time payment.

Stay Practical, But Even Get Ready Your Customers Before The Conversation

Remember that most of the customers would not proactively request for the invoice – in case you wish them to pay on the given time, you have to be just as punctual. Settle on top of what you are owed by utilizing Quickbooks accounting software which tracks your pending payments and shows what is pending every month. Dial @1-877-227-2303 for Quickbooks Customer Support.

In case it is required to start the QuickBooks conversation regarding on time payment with your customers, do not surprise them. Sending your customers a schedule in advance of the meeting – with billing as one of the discussion items– is a slight way of allowing them identify what to expect.

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This article is written by Jennifer Scott. She has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by her and clears your doubts on QuickBooks technical support.

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Many users face issues with QuickBooks when they need to export data into an Excel spreadsheet. The error can occur when the accounting software is unable to recognize Excel that’s installed on the computer. Most of the time, this indicates that the tool hasn’t be been upgraded successfully. Besides, the individual can encounter the problem when the file registry is not functioning properly or one of the applications is damaged.


Steps you need to follow when exporting into the spreadsheet fails


Step 1: As soon as you open the customer center, you must trace the transaction from the relevant pane.


Step 2: Right click the transaction to view the transaction journal.


Step 3: Once you select the Transaction Journal, click the Excel button for creating a new worksheet.


NOTE: Do open the item list, before you attempt to open the report.


Step 4: Soon after you have selected the item list, navigate to the report menu and open the desired report.


Step 5: You can then export the data into Excel by either clicking Excel or the email button. The latter option would automatically send the report as an attachment in Excel format.


Different types of permission


Bank Transaction Export -- This permission would export the relevant file into .csv or .iif report.


Bills Export -- This permission functions as similar to the one stated above.


Calendar Export -- Use the permission when you need to export items associated with the calendar.


Contact Notes Export -- This option enables you to export contact notes along with the list created in Clio.


Some conditions which might create issues while you are importing the report


>> Problems occur when multiple accounts in the accounting CS have the same description entered in QuickBooks.

>> The issue arises when accounts are acknowledged since the accounting CS account numbers don’t match with the existing QuickBooks accounts. To rule out the issue, you need to add the accounts manually much before you import the transactions from QuickBooks.


>> A difference in the account details can also be the result of the error. For the import, the transaction details should be the same when the accounting CS and QuickBooks is considered.


So, before you try importing a report to an excel worksheet, observe the details closely.

In case nothing works for you, then feel free to contact the support team on 1-877-
227-2303. The entire team would be happy to help you with any issues you come across.


With years of experience, the QuickBooks support team has always helped users to seek a solution for different issues. While a person can avail round-the-clock support, you can contact the team when you need to recover data and customize reports as well as invoices. The professionals also help to transfer files in case you need to switch to new systems.


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This article is written by Jennifer Scott. She has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by her and clears your doubts on QuickBooks support.

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QuickBooks by Intuit is accounting software that has brilliantly marketed itself as a tool for small to medium businesses. This accounting tool and the many different versions of it have over a million users which is substantial proof for its affectivity. The QuickBooks software comes in various editions that have shared and unique features. All in all, QuickBooks is an excellent tool for business accounting that has proved itself unbeatable by dominating up to 90% of the market share for accounting softwares. But like any other software, QuickBooks is acquiring new users every day; users who are not as adept at managing and maneuvering this software as well as they would like to. Many users get the best out of QuickBooks by subscribing to customer support or QuickBooks error support plans while quite a few do not. With this article, we would like to explore the many ways you can benefit from expert customer support to take full advantage of the many benefits of QuickBooks. Read further to know more.


Disadvantages of Bypassing a Customer Support Plan


QuickBooks is used by many types of business owners and even accountants of varying degrees of tech expertise. Bypassing a customer support plan while using QuickBooks often means you would have no source that you can instantly seek out when experiencing trouble with managing your QuickBooks files. Not having access to customer support can also mean not being aware of all the features of QuickBooks. This also means not being able to make proper use of the QuickBooks software that you paid a decent sum for. This is a handicap that many people overcome by researching and learning on the job. Unfortunately not all business owners have the time to completely figure out QuickBooks and make use of its best and most advanced features. QuickBooks error support is also of paramount importance as only a QuickBooks expert could resolve software snags and errors in the least possible time with least possible inconvenience to the user.


Advantages of Having a QuickBooks Tech Support Plan


Users with a QuickBooks customer support plan have 24/7 access to a QuickBooks expert and this is helpful in more ways than one. The primary advantage is having a tutor that can guide you in the process of adopting and adapting to QuickBooks. The QuickBooks support team specializes in helping people make the transition to QuickBooks. The support team at QuickBooks will be prompt and happy to help you discover and explore the many features of QuickBooks and adapt and customize the software according to your business needs. The team will introduce you to advanced features that will positively streamline your accounting tasks and take you through a step by step process of understanding how QuickBooks can help. All of the advantages above are mostly applicable to those who are new to QuickBooks. For long time users, QuickBooks error support is an indispensible service. The price you pay for 24/7 QuickBooks error support is truly worth the services you receive. Read further to know more about pricing.


QuickBooks Support Plans and Pricing


QuickBooks has three comprehensible support plans that are customized to suit the needs and budgets of a wide range of users. They are as listed below.


Basic Plan


This support plan is applicable for the duration of 6 months. Under this plan you are entitled to 24/7 QuickBooks tech support with access to a toll free QuickBooks support phone number at all times. One is entitled to unlimited calls to the QuickBooks support number from one user registered phone number.


Premium Plan


The Premium Plan is for two years. This plan covers you for customer support for the duration of 24 months with an emphasis on unlimited service, free access to the customer support number at all times and multi-user facilities. The multi-user facilities especially appeal to those with bigger businesses who have more than one person, handling company accounts.


Pro Plan


The Pro Plan is for the duration of 1 year. Under the Pro Plan, you are entitled to 24/7 unlimited customer support and multi-user facilities.


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This article is written by Jennifer Scott. She has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by her and clears your doubts on QuickBooks error support.

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QuickBooks Desktop 2018 was introduced to the public in the month of October. You might be curious to know, what new features are being introduced? Or, Are there a number of latest capabilities which you’ve been waiting for?

Below are some online reviews which can help you to handle on just a few of the most important 2018 distinctive.

1.    “Past Due” Stamp- It’s difficult for anyone to imagine a situation where they don’t get paid on time, or maybe not paid at all. However, a good number of accounting professionals and their clients can probably recollect a time where they’ve written “PAST DUE” on an invoice.

With the introduction of 2018, an orderly latest feature is accessible where QuickBooks can robotically add a “past due” notice onto past due invoices for emailing or printing. This is great for the reason that it replaces manual works like writing on or stamping invoices and can look more professional too. It is controlled on a template basis, and of course, you can turn this feature off if you don’t want the “past due” note appearing on an invoice.

Accessible:  From Menu bar in QuickBooks, Click on Lists > Templates (Select only those templates which you want to modify), after the selection of templates, from the inferior left of drop-down menu select Edit Template. Click on the checkmark in the Print Past Due Stamp.

2.    Multi-monitor support- This feature is available for three Monitors, which will help you to easily move QuickBooks Windows to a diverse monitor than the monitor where QuickBooks was installed. It also means that pop-up windows connected with the operational window will come into view on the correct monitor. That means you don’t have to track down pop-up messages hidden behind an un-associated window.

Accessible: From Menu bar, Click on View > Switch to Multi-monitor Mode or user can even use shortcut keys, Ctrl+Alt+M. As soon as this setting is enabled, every open window in QuickBooks will display a Move Window to Next Monitor button near the top right.

3.    Payroll Liability Payment Reminder- Make sure you and your clients are recalled of upcoming payroll liability payments. On the Home page, QuickBooks displays a red reminder badge seven days former to the planned payment due date. This reminder significantly displays on the Home page, helping to increase peace of mind that future payroll liabilities payments are not missed. Be sure that you remind your clients of the significance of scheduling their payroll liability payments.

Accessible: From the menu bar, Select Employees > Payroll Taxes and Liabilities and Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods.

4.    Merge Vendors- This feature provides you with the capability to merge up to 4 vendors at a time. This feature will be available only in certain editions of QuickBooks:

•    QuickBooks Accountant (Client Data Review menu)

•    QuickBooks Pro/Premier if you log in as the External Accountant and use the Accountants Toolbox

•    QuickBooks Enterprise if you log in also as the Admin user or External Accountant

This change would save your time and effort if you find that you need to merge several vendor records often. It is something that was requested by many accounting professionals.

Of course, you don’t require this upgrade to be able to combine vendors. You already have the ability to do this. What is altered in this release is that you can now combine up to four vendor records at a time (instead of just two), and you can supervise how the data is merged in greater detail than before.

Accessible: From the menu bar, select Accountant > Client Data Review > Merge Vendors. When you are logged into a QuickBooks Enterprise file as Admin or External Accountant user, from the menu bar select Company > Accountant Tools > Merge Vendors.

5.    First wave of price increases starts October 2017. The list price of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop 2018 was increased by 10% for BOTH the monthly plan and yearly plan options as of 10/1/2017.

There are 3 subscription levels - Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This is the first price increase on the subscription model since it was introduced in 2015. This pricing will be relevant to subscription renewals that come due in October 2017 or for new subscriptions that begin in October 2017.

Users are requested to keep a check on their mailbox for their renewal announcement. Keep a quick eye out on the cost that is being shown on the renewal amount.

So what do you think now users? About the new features which are made available for you by QuickBooks software. To know more about these features and their usage you can easily contact QuickBooks support expert @ 1-877-227-2303. Here you would be guided by certified pro-advisors who are available around the clock.

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This article is written by Jennifer Scott. She has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by her and clears your doubts on QuickBooks enterprise hosting.

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QuickBooks software is the accurate way of doing accounting work tension-free. As accounting software takes care of safety, data relocation and even provide backup from your customary desktops for hosting application at a nominal cost, the best option for the users is to download the app and start working on this cloud application.

Still, in today’s scenario, many industries prefer to work on accounting on the same old pattern. Many growing organizations adopted new technologies a bit late and most of the accounting companies are still more comfortable working with their old desktop version. These companies have doubts related to the new technology, especially with cloud-based software.

We all know that there are many accounting firms that have modified their technology to host accounting software for the benefit of their company.

Among all the other available cloud-hosting accounting softwares, new accounting software emerged with all the updated features required by an accounting firm, QuickBooks was launched and was favored by numerous accounting firms and other industry leaders. It brought a way out which allows automation of day-to-day accounts management, bank resolution, recording of transactions and much more with the preferred security while providing ease of access needs.


Now let’s have a look at some important points on why QuickBooks hosting is considered elegant way to do accounting:


Security of any software has become must in this age of digitalization. The hosted application gives more focus to security when it becomes part of a service provider. The security of QuickBooks hosting is done with expert planning compared to a single desktop machine which might get crash. But now with the help of QuickBooks hosting application, user’s data is much more secure with multiple layers of encryption.

 Access from anywhere at any time

Unlike usual, QuickBooks hosted bookkeeping software allows accessing from anywhere and through any device. Users need to relax and keep their worries away of being connected while they are traveling or are on their way to work because they are caring their office with them. All that they need is good internet connectivity and then they can easily access their system with their login URL. Users can be updated on any important data on their personalized dashboard, wherever they are.


Disaster Management and Recovery of Data

QuickBooks hosting service takes weekly back-ups to keep your work updated and running in case of any disaster. Multiple data servers ensure that even if one work is hit with a natural disaster, the others will ensure complete support for businesses to run their day without hiccups.

 Central Data depository

Desktop users face challenges in ensuring the same location used by the most updated file. QuickBooks hosting provides centralized data with customized access roles that take care of the above issues. Your entire team would be able to access the same data and refers to latest updated sheets and much more- thus keeping the entire document on the same page is easy.

QuickBooks enterprise hosting QuickBooks has changed a lot from its birth and now the latest version named as QuickBooks Enterprise solutions is a refined one. It has advanced features which make it highly useful even for non-accountants. Due to advanced features, more than 90% of customers recommend QuickBooks Enterprise solution to other.


Benefits of QuickBooks Pro Hosting


1.     Money Management

QuickBooks Pro comes with a variety of features that are designed to help small businesses in their finances management and even allow their users to enter their payment information and due dates for all their frequent bills. Users can even print checks directly from this software for their due bills. Apart from this, users of QuickBooks Pro can also link their banking account to their software.


2.     Sales Invoicing


QuickBooks pro helps their users in tracking sales and robotically creates receipts and invoices easily. Users can send email to their consumer via email. With the help of these features individual customers can be billed or even in large batches.


3.    Expense Billing


Companies often pile up a variety of expenses which are later billed to the clients. These can be small expenses like food and travel (domestic) and for large expenses (International) travel. Because of its amazing feature, it allows users to record each one of it.


4.    User-Friendly


This software is designed in such a way that it is user-friendly software. A ‘New User Setup’ quality provides a virtual direction process for their consumers. In addition, most of the program’s attribute can be easily activated just by clicking a button. On the other hand QuickBooks Pro hosting service, it becomes more suitable, useful and well-organized.


5.    Reporting


Users who are using this feature can create a variety of financial reports which includes yearly income, forecasting documents, trends, and expenditure. Additionally, each report can be exported into Microsoft Excel format and can be sent electronically via email.




This Bookkeeping software is the correct way to do accounting and work tension-free. As accounting software takes care of security, data migration and backup from your customary desktops for hosting application at a nominal cost, the best option for you is to download this app and start working in the cloud application.



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This article is written by Jennifer Scott. She has got into writing professionally and uploads regular informative articles. You can refer to the articles and the information put down by her and clears your doubts on QuickBooks customer support number.