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There are two kinds of pain: acute and chronic. Acute pain usually comes from trauma, such as a neck injury or a broken bone. The pain may be severe, but it doesn’t continue after you’ve healed. Chronic pain, however, goes on and on, seemingly without end. No matter what kind of pain you’re experiencing, how long it lasts or what caused it, you need relief. The pain management experts at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, New York provide you with the safest, most effective pain treatment so you heal properly and get on with your life. Call today for an appointment.

Note: Queens pain management doctors at Medex located in Forest Hills, Queens, NY, are accepting all major insurances including Medicare, Medicaid, HIP, Emblemhealth, GHI, MetroPlus, Fidelis. Our top-rated pain doctors providing a full range of medical procedures and are among the best pain control physicians in the region.

Most often, the pain you feel comes from a discernable source. If you stub your toe, you feel that pain. Sometimes, though, your pain has no discernable cause. That’s when you need to visit a pain management specialist. Whether you’re experiencing acute pain that came on suddenly or chronic pain that’s lasted for months, your pain management doctor ensures an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, NY is a multi-disciplinary practice with specialties ranging from gynecology and cardiology to orthopedics and urology. Referrals are seamless, so you always have access to the specialist you need. Whether you report pain to your primary care physician or visit the pain management team directly, you find solutions at Medex.

The Role of Pain Prevention

After surgery or while you recover from an injury, severe pain inhibits your body’s ability to heal effectively. Pain can lead to complications, such as depression and anxiety. Pain management prevents complications while your body heals. Without the pain, you can rest, allowing your body to do its work.

For acute pain, your pain management specialist prescribes the best short-term solution because the worst pain will end in a week or so. Chronic pain cases require more finesse. An experienced pain management doctor understands the complexities of pain and the dangers of pain medication. When the risk of addiction to oral painkillers is present, your doctor finds other effective treatments.

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