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Timothy Omotoso Faced Sexual Assault and Faced the Constitutional Court


Durban, South Africa (September 30, 2019) - The Port Elizabeth High Court judge, Mandela Makaula refused to drop the charges pressed against resurrection pastor Timothy Omotoso and his two accomplices regarding some sexual assault cases. When he refused to drop the case, the highest court in South Africa played host to the accused after Supreme Court of Appeal turned their petitions down.

Timothy Omotoso was playing the role of fake pastor with a great image and it became difficult for him to actually get his name out of this dilemma. Then his stunt was strong enough to demand judge Makaula to recuse him and claiming that he has actually sided with the state witness, Cheryl Zondi. They strongly decided on the testimony’s outcome. 

Once the appeal got refused, Peter Daubermann, the Defense attorney confirmed that Omotoso, Zukiswa Sitho, and Lusanda Sulani approached constitutional court with some requests to overrule the decision of appeal court.

With such recurring reports of bad deeds done by fake prophet and pastors in South Africa, the charges as sent to Otomoso was actually the worst one so far. Some official reports clearly stated that the trios were accused with 63 main and around 43 alternative charges. The charges can actually range from human trafficking to rape, racketeering to sexual assault and more.

Later, Peter Daubermann, the attorney-in-law stated, “We are not quite sure of the findings by SCA and will proceed with an application to Constitutional Court.” Later, Tsepo Ndwalaza shed some light on the controversy of the pastor by stating that the state was quite ready to proceed with trial, which took place on February 4th.
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Monday, September 30, 2019