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Penuel Mnguni Faced the Charges from The Court of Law


Soshanguve, Pretoria (September 30, 2019) - A Facebook post showcasing resurrection pastor Penuel Mnguni transforming rock into bread and turning snakes into chocolate took the nation by shock. In this photo, he was seen giving the snake to his congregation in Soshanguve, Pretoria. The End Times Disciples Ministries captioned this post by saying, “those with smaller faith will eat only vegetables but with bigger faith can eat everything. During one such service, man of god commanded a snake to get changed into chocolate and it gladly obeyed. People then ate it happily.”

In real world, this act did not go unnoticed as it gave rise to multiple debates on social media where Mnguni was stated afake pastor by activists. Later, the controversy got resurrected whenever the pastor faced charges imposed on him of animal cruelty. NairaBrains, the Nigerian website stated that he was later arrested and then released on bail. 

It is mandatory to note that the Society for Prevention of Cruelty against Animals went through the investigations after getting into practices of the prophet Mnguni. According to the SPCA inspector Mishack Matlou in one statement, “We conducted one preliminary inquiry with intention to open up a criminal case against this fake prophet as the pictures we saw were nothing but cruel and it needs to stop.”

Mnguni faced charges of being a fake prophet and a scammer. He once told that he did not keep any reptiles in his church. Later, it was up to the judges to give the final verdict. Mnguni actually faced similar such charges in the past as well.

Monday, September 30, 2019