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Pastor Alph Lukau Got into Headline Once Again by Resurrecting A Soul


Krammerville, Sandton, South Africa (October 02, 2019) - One video, as leaked on 24th February 2019 showed Pastor Alph Lukau brought back a dead person back to life through his miracles. Being the founder of Brighton’s Alleluia Ministries International, Mboro has a huge base of believers, who gather for his prayer every Sunday. On February 24th, the pastor received a grievance call from Brighton Moyo’s family. 

As per the landlady, Moyo got sick and started coughing, which lead him to hospital. It was in that hospital where he died. After his death, Moyo’s family bought the body into the church and asked Pastor Lukau for his prayers and blessings. But, when he started praying, the body of lifeless Moyo came back into life and he sat with confused expression. A congregate member from the audience was lucky enough to get this action on video.

“When I first saw the body entering the church, I had no clue about the person. But, when the coffin came nearer to me, I saw the body breathing and moving. God already was kind enough to put life in the body and I was no one but his carrier and I actually did nothing.” according to Prophet Lukau in a press conference.

A statement was later passed by the church, “Before the prayer actually started, Prophet Lukau clearly saw that the body was breathing.” Another statement shows, “After knowing that the person was alive, Pastor started praying. Later, Elliot actually rose from his coffin confused. Our pastor then helped the man to stand up and ushered him inside church.”


Saturday, October 5, 2019