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Khaled Al Badie Is the Chair of The Finance and Investment Committee Under ABG


Abu Dhabi, UAE (August 03, 2019): ABG is known to have its separate finance and investment committee, which will be working on the financial sector the private banking unit. Right now, the famous khaled Al Badie is holding the role of chair of the finance and investment committee. He is also holding the notion of Chair of the Project Owners committee, which is also the part of ABG over here. Khaled is also noted as the chief financial officer of this segment and the managing director of the Al Badie Travel Agency.

“For me, it is about taking care of the ABG, which is also my dream child. I have been working in this field for decades now and well associated with every part of this service. I am here to expand my financial and banking knowledge even more, and serve people with the needs they want.” as stated by the leading Khaled in the recent press conference.

The entire Al Badie Group comprises of multiple establishments and each sector needs a head to look after the working capabilities of that group. Well, Khaled seems to be that head for multiple grounds and have been intermingled with the entire organization for decades now. Even though he stated at its initial stages, he gradually expanded his work and his hard work gave him the position of VP and CEO of Al Badie group now.

About Khaled Al Badie:
Khaled Al Badie is well associated with the ABG group right from the start till now. He is the VP and CEO of this private sector. 

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Saturday, September 28, 2019