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“Snake Pastor" Penuel Mnguni Offers Dog Meat and Blood to Cure HIV & Cancer


Sandton, South Africa (September 29, 2019) - Penuel Mnguni convinced his congregants to consume blood and dog meat by stating that it might help them cure HIV and cancer. “If there is anything in your stomach, you will recover from it.” That’s what he said while convincing people to eat dog meat and blood.

A video footage posted on End Times Disciples Ministries Facebook page showed that pastor Mnguni stated that this concoction is bones of dog and flesh of Jesus Christ. So, it is no more a dog and he prays for his bones. Being stated aresurrection pastor once, right now, Mnguni is getting hate comments stating him to be nothing but fake.

In the posted video in 2018, pastor promised his congregates that his chosen practices will help heal people, who are unfortunate enough to suffer from diabetes, HIV, cancer and anything similar. Then the fake pastor came forward and asks people to try it out and eat dog meat and blood. 

The video showed an elderly woman with sored lips given the meat and blood to intake after she said that she was sick for two months and doctors were not able to show any help. Another source said that she was suffering from headaches. The fake prophet asked her to eat the dog meat and blood, after which she fell on the floor. Upon that, Mnguni started to hit her on back and asked her to “anoint the house.”

Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities took this matter quite seriously and said they will put end to such exotic practices.


Monday, September 30, 2019