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Brasa Capital Management LLC Thanks Founder Eric Samek on Successful Completion of 1 Year in Commerc


Los Angeles, CA (Oct 03, 2019) - Established in 2018, property investment firm Brasa Capital Management LLC has come a long way in a little over a year of its journey. Its team has a total experience in real estate investments of more than 2 billion USD. The agency, which was founded by Eric Samek, thanks its founder on its successful journey of a year in the asset management and commercial real estate investment industries. 

Eric Samek Brasa is responsible for portfolio management, carrying out transactions, deal origination and total management of the operations of the agency. He has led the asset acquisition and management efforts for many assets all through the West Coast.

In his entire career, Eric Samek Brasa Capital has invested more than 1 billion USD worth of equity and debt in the retail, industrial and multifamily sectors and offices. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute Small-Scale Development Council and SREC (Stanford Alumni Real Estate Council). His experience and practical knowledge of the real estate investment market proves to be invaluable for Brasa Capital Management LLC.

About Brasa Capital Management LLC
Brasa Capital Management LLC is a real estate investment agency based in Los Angeles, CA, and focuses on varied commercial property projects throughout the U.S, especially in Texas and the Western U.S. Its team is an expert in proper asset selection and management. 

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Thursday, October 10, 2019