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Dream Teller Studio Wishes to Generate Funds for The Feature Film Peter Pan: The Land of Forever


Blasdell, NY (August 09, 2018) – Peter Pan: The Land of Forever is the feature film that is CGI animated. It is a full-length feature film and it is in the final pre-production process under the category ‘family entertainment’. As the project is moving towards its final stages of the pre-production process, the maker of this film Dream Teller Studio has posted a project in Kickstarter requesting funds from supporters. The studio has posted details on the Kickstarter page about the different rewards contributors will get based on their contribution.

The story-teller and creator of this film Francis Taylor has created the best story through his imaginative artistry. The film production company is confident that the project will hold a rightful place in the timeless saga. It will become such a film by captivating new characters and ideas.

The film production unit Dream Teller Studio along with the creator of this film has carefully crafted a team of professional music advisers and script developers. They have done this to bring the epic story to life. The makers are confident that the people watching this film will get action-packed, humorous and warm-hearted experience from this film. It will turn out to be the entertainment for the entire family.

The studio says “Our dedication to hiring A-List Actors, as well as an experienced director, is unmatched. Please help this vision come to life, as we plan to have this project ready for release in the next 18-24 months”

The storyline revolves around the 19-year old Michael Darling, who has been enlisted in the British Royal Air Force. He was operating as an ace pilot against the enemies of the queen during the Great War. But, all of a sudden, his plane has vanished over the enemy lines and no one was able to find the plane again.

Dream Teller Studio’s largest priority is LOF. The funds they raise from this project will be used by the studio as the proof of concept and for the next level of their project storyboards. The lead animator for this feature film has personally crafted all the concept art on the Kickstarter project page. Also, they are confident that the final output will be better than the quality posted on Kickstarter.

About Dream Teller Studio:
The studio behind the Peter Pan: The Land of Forever is Dream Teller Studio. The CGI division of this studio is led by Francis Taylor, who is also the mastermind behind this film. The studio strongly believes that this project is going to be the new face of family entertainment in the near future. Also, the executive producer of this film, Joe Mosey has been working directly with kids for more than three decades.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018