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Landon Technologies, Inc.: US-based IT Solutions Company Provides Trusted IT Support and Services to


(August 21, 2018) - Landon Technologies, Inc., a U.S. based IT solutions company, continues to serve as Atlanta and Florida’s trusted IT support.  It provides a wide array of IT solutions helping small, medium, and large-sized businesses, even non-profit organizations. The services they offer include: Managed IT Services, IT Support, Cyber Security Consulting, and Computer Support, among others.

At, clients can work with IT professionals to support them in any technical challenges the business is facing. As a leader in IT services, the company utilizes its long-term knowledge and experience to get a business’s IT in the right direction. It’s a fact that many businesses today have no idea how to utilize information technology to support their growth.

Technology offers a business plenty of advantages which, in turn, require robust IT support.  With IT, businesses can enjoy automation and increased productivity, information protection, communication and collaboration, financial savings, and reliable storage. However, it’s a fact that many business owners do not know how to properly use technology for the good of the business.

This is where Landon Technologies comes in and offers substantial support in tackling the technical challenges of their clients. At, clients can take advantage of a number of services. One of these services is Managed Services, designed to monitor, maintain, and secure the client’s IT environment. It also includes a Help Desk service to provide support for the office staff.

Another service available at is IT Support. This particular service provides clients with needed support in the implementation of the business’s information technology. Landon Technologies’ IT Support service offers clients flat rate monthly IT Support plans. It dispatches assistance including online backups, computer health monitoring, physical server backups, and more.

Another one of the vital IT services the company offers is Cyber Security Consulting. It’s a service designed to provide any sized business  the guidance to ensure the client’s technology is in the right direction. With this IT solution, companies can have a top of the line defense on cybersecurity attacks that can cripple a company quickly.

These are among the top services Landon Technologies, Inc. offers. No matter the size of a business, Landon’s team of experts is prepared to handle any technical challenges. It is the reason behind the steady rise of the company in the industry of IT services. While initially providing IT solutions in Atlanta, GA, it successfully penetrated the Florida market and is now a leading IT service provider.

About Landon Technologies:
Landon Technologies, Inc. is an IT Solutions company based in the US and is currently serving small, medium, and large-sized institutions. Established in 2005 and originally in Atlanta, GA, the company provides specialized services including IT Support, Managed Services, Network Support, Small Business, IT Consulting, and Computer Support.

For more information, please visit

Atlanta: (404) 551-5411
Jacksonville: (904) 647-2248
Outside of the Atlanta and Jacksonville area: (888) 596-3998

Thursday, August 23, 2018