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New York's Coney Island Takes Center Stage in New Horror Series

Coney Island is a main character in Eric Rivas’ new series, Vamp Bikers Trilogy

“I embraced Coney Island as my personal movie studio,” the film director explains.  “We didn’t have any fear shooting there, even when it was quiet and probably dangerous. The sites are perfect. They’re beautiful and haunting. Without people, Coney Island becomes quite menacing, as in the film The Warriors.”

Vamp Bikers Trilogy stars renowned New York gossip columnist Michael Musto,  infamous downtown NY club kid (turned ex-con) Michael Alig and Lillo Brancato, best known for his roles in A Bronx Tale and The Sopranos,  along with a cast of battling witches, vampires, zombies, and wolves.

 It is slated for a 2018 release via The Orchard, one of the largest independent distributors in the U.S., owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

Rivas says he drew inspiration forVamp Bikers Trilogy from The Warriors, the gritty 1979 Brooklyn-based cult classic.  But the gangs in The Warriors are a coven of witches in Vamp Bikers Trilogy and the battle royal that takes place on Coney Island is between club kids, slashers, bikers, and hip-hoppers.  

“I get a real kick out of the club kids talking like New York street guys and fighting,” laughs Rivas.

 At the root of the Vamp Bikers Trilogy is a concrete storyline with a heart and pulse that moves faster than the Coney Island Cyclone.





Friday, February 9, 2018