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8 Vital Tips to Get Your Kid to Brushing His Teeth

You should not go through an atrocious horror story every time you go for brushing your kid’s teeth. But if this is something that has become a daily rendition for you then you should know that you are not alone in this.

Making your young one embrace this habit early in their life may feel like a challenge at first but it is undoubtedly, a vital one according to the Best Dentist Greenpoint. It is very much possible that your kid may start to respond differently to this activity as compared to the other kids.

That is why you need to put in some amount of creativity into your kid’s brushing so that they love to go for it.

So here are some of the tricks that will inspire your kid to enjoy this activity. Just read on.

  • They say that practice makes us perfect and so you should let your kid brush the teeth of their favourite toy or stuffed animal. In fact, you may also let him brush your own teeth. After he is done you can give him a chance to brush his own teeth. Nevertheless, you should monitor and provide polishing touches in order to ensure that there is thorough cleaning.

  • You should go for regular toothbrush shopping. You should ask your kid to pick up his favourite one. It can be a cartoon themed one, coloured one or something that lights up when squeezed. You can also go for buying the identical or same kind of toothbrush for you and your kid in this case.

  • You can add spice to the routine. As he brushes you can make up new words or sing something and dance around.

  • Show him that brushing is a fun way of doing things. If he is not willing to let you brush his teeth, then you can let him watch yours. Kids are prone to copy what the adults do and you can use this fact to engage them in taking care of their oral health.

  • You can make him name every tooth and remind him that he should take care of each and every tooth and that not a single tooth should be missed under any circumstances.

  • You should ask the kid to brush away the pink plaque. You can try the chewable tablets that are capable of turning plaque into the colour pink. Then you can instruct the kid to brush away the colour with his toothbrush.

  • You should choose the flavour that your kid has a liking for and this will play a vital role in making him brush his own teeth. You can also go for the toothpaste that is especially made for the kids.

  • You should praise the child and reward him for things done right to inspire him to keep up the good work.

The above are some of the ways in which you can make your kids brush their teeth in the best way possible.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017