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Raph Solo Is King of Hearts… and Soul

"Broken Hearts heal with time,” sings Raph Solo in his new single.  He should know.  Before meeting his current partner, he experienced 7.5  break ups in nine years (one of the splits only scored a 0.5 on his pain-o-meter).  His hardest failed relationship was with a man he regarded as a father figure.   “I use the term ‘father figure’ in the sense that he was someone I looked up to, learned from; someone who taught me things.”

“When the relationship ended, I was crushed and it changed my perception of love,” he admits. “I realize now that just because you are no longer in a relationship with a person doesn’t mean your love for them will stop. The nature in which you express it will change but if you truly loved them, you will want them to be happy, even if their happiness doesn’t include you… because that’s true love.”

The Word of Love album is Raph Solo’s little notebook on relationships, a “what to do and what not to do” with matters of the heart, which he wrote from experience. In “Broken Hearts,” he continues where he left off from the title track.   “Broken Hearts” is about wrestling and coming to terms with the mistakes that led to past break-ups, re-discovering self worth and becoming the king of hearts Raph believes every man is meant to be.


“I wrote the song a few years ago at around the time I met my current partner,” he continues.  “We were both out of relationships that left us broken and bruised. While the love making was hot, the baggage I carried from my past caused a lot of friction and undue fear in our relationship.”

“The song is about letting go of past loves, embracing what is new, and working to extend that love into tomorrow and beyond.”

“Broken Hearts” combines pop, tech, and R&B soul.  It is a captivating addition to an album that also features some dance inspired grooves, a few mid-tempo songs and an acoustic ballad.  Raph Solo wrote and produced all of the tracks on Word of Love, with musical arrangement by David Brant and studio programming, recording and mixing by Mr Darlow.

Born to Lebanese/Chilean parents on the Gulf of Guinea in Nigeria, West Africa, Raph Solo is a singer, songwriter and music producer.  He has released four full-length albums and hit singles “Star” and “Good Morning London”.   “Love Lives,” his popular track from last summer, is on the Word of Love album.

Raph Solo’s Word of Love is being released globally through Angel King Musique and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon as well all other online retail outlets. For more information, visit Raph Solo's website.


Raph Solo
Thursday, August 16, 2018