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Portiva: The Virtual Medical Assistant Revolutionizing Healthcare Across the US

What Is Portiva?

Portiva is the perfect solution for medical professionals looking to save time and money. With their virtual medical staffing model, Portiva offers qualified medical virtual assistants that can help doctors manage their day-to-day tasks more efficiently. It provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional staffing models, simplifying the process of finding the right staff. From patient scheduling to billing and beyond, Portiva’s virtual assistants provide an invaluable service.

What is Portiva's Virtual Medical Assistant?

Hiring a Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) can help reduce the workload of healthcare businesses and make processes more efficient. VMAs can do the duties of a traditional medical office secretary but at a fraction of the cost. You don't have to incur expenses on an office setup, employee insurance, and other overhead costs.

Additionally, with a VMA, you can access a wider talent pool than by hiring an on-site assistant. You can employ essential administrative assistants or even trained nurses with hospital experience, giving you more expertise and skill level options.

Overall, a VMA is a virtual medical administrative assistant that makes life easier for health practitioners by taking care of important administrative tasks such as insurance verification, prior authorization, patient follow-up, data entry, and many more.

How a Virtual Medical Assistant Can Help You Provide Better Care to Your Patients

What kinds of tasks does a virtual medical assistant do for me?               

  • Insurance Verification and Authorization

Virtual medical assistants can check insurance databases or call insurance companies to verify patients' policies. They are also adept at pre-authorizations for procedures, helping you and your patient have a seamless experience. 

  • Patient Data Entry and Database Management

Given the meticulous documentation required for electronic patient records, keeping patient databases up to date can take a lot of time and effort. VMAs can handle wrangling all your patient data, freeing up your time so that you can focus on more critical tasks. 

  • Prescription Refills

For cases where patients just need refills without changes in dosage, virtual medical assistants can manage filling out requests and calling in prescription refills. They meticulously note these refills in patient charts, so everyone is on the same page. 

  • Schedule Management

Virtual medical assistants are also invaluable when managing your practice's appointment schedule. They ensure the clinic hours listed for you are up to date, and there are no conflicts or overlaps in seeing patients. In case of sudden schedule changes, your VMA can also handle contacting the appointments you will miss or be late for, ensuring rescheduling when necessary. 

  • Patient Follow-Ups

Patients often must remember to come back for their next appointment or even fill prescriptions. Virtual medical assistants understand this and, as such, can keep track of these issues and contact patients as needed so that you can provide them with proper treatment plans. 

  • Transcriptions

Taking time at the end of calls or consults to transcribe notes, phone calls, or voice notes takes away from higher-level tasks that need attention. A VMA can help with this situation by taking over these duties while delivering transcription accuracy due to their familiarization with your practice. 

  • Taking Phone Calls

A virtual medical assistant is a great way to ensure customers don't get frustrated over unanswered phone calls while ensuring you don't get interrupted during appointments. They field basic inquiries efficiently while leaving complex matters for you to answer. 

  • Inbox Management

People tend to use email instead of picking up their phones nowadays; fortunately, VMAs can organize inboxes while answering simple requests before setting aside more complicated questions for further discussion later on with you. 

  • Inventory Management

Medical practices need to stay stocked up on equipment like gauze, bandages, syringes etc. With the aid of digital inventory management systems, virtual medical assistants can keep track of supplies and order replacements when stocks run low quickly and accurately.

What Skills and Qualifications Does a Virtual Medical Assistant Need to Have?

  • Integrity: Virtual medical assistants must have unwavering integrity due to their access to confidential patient information and private clinic accounts. As such, trustworthiness and integrity are essential qualities required of VMAs.
  • Excellent communication skills: VMAs are responsible for answering calls, emails, and other messages, making it essential to communicate effectively with patients and the office staff.
  • Empathy: Since medical patients often experience high levels of stress, your VMA should be able to demonstrate compassion to keep them happy.
  • Multitasking abilities: VMAs need to handle multiple aspects of the practice efficiently, so switching between tasks quickly is critical. Organizing personal tasks, accessing various data points quickly, and documenting different clinic processes will enable the VMA to work efficiently.
  • HIPAA Training: For your clinic to remain HIPAA compliant, virtual medical assistants must have knowledge of the rules and regulations set by this act.

How Can I Hire a Virtual Medical Assistant?

Hiring a virtual medical assistant can provide many benefits, such as cost savings and increased productivity. However, it can also be a source of stress if you need to learn how to navigate the larger talent pool or communicate with and monitor your new employee. Fortunately, companies like Portiva can help make the hiring process more manageable by sorting through a global pool of applicants to find the right one for your team. They also offer training, onboarding, and monitoring services that give you a consistent employer-employee experience throughout the process. 

Hiring a Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) from Portiva offers numerous advantages to healthcare organizations and professionals. As the top VMA staffing company in the USA, Portiva offers its clients access to experienced medical professionals from the Philippines with expertise in coding, billing, patient charting, and more. They also provide certified and trained VMA personnel that are compliant with healthcare compliance requirements. Compared to traditional staffing models, organizations benefit from cost savings of up to 70% by hiring through Portiva. 

In addition, they enjoy the flexibility of adding or reducing staff with ease as their needs change. Portiva is dedicated to providing superior customer service for those seeking experienced VMAs. Their U.S.-based team of experts and management will work diligently to ensure clients' needs are met quickly and efficiently during the staffing process. With this level of support available, qualified professionals from the Philippines can handle even the most complicated processes quickly and painlessly.

There are many benefits to hiring a Virtual Medical Assistant from Portiva, but these five stand out: 

1. Hire the best Virtual Medical Assistants (VMA) certified and trained in healthcare compliance and operations from the Philippines.

2. Achieve cost savings of up to 70% compared to traditional staffing models.

3. Access experienced medical professionals with expertise in coding, billing, patient charting & more from the Philippines.

4. Receive dedicated customer support from our U.S.-based VMA staffing experts and management team.

5. Enjoy the flexibility of adding or reducing staff with ease as your organization's needs change with our virtual staff pool in the Philippines.

When it comes time to find high-quality VMA personnel for your organization or project, utilize Portiva's services for superior results and quality customer service every step - powered by Filipino medical experts!


Portiva is one of the leading VMA staffing companies in the USA, providing quality and efficient services. With a team of highly experienced personnel available 24/7, Portiva stands out as the premier source for all your VMA staffing needs. It's not just an automated process—Portiva offers personalized care to each client, ensuring that their project is completed on time and to satisfaction. So if you're looking for a reliable VMA staffing company in the United States, look no further than Portiva.

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