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  6/14/2024 Items Signed by Lincoln, Dylan, FDR, Freud, Others are in University Archives June 26 Online Auction Dinesh Kumar
  5/2/2024 Items Signed by Many Famous Names in Human History will be Auctioned May 15th by University Archives Dinesh Kumar
  3/28/2024 Holabird's Wild West Relics Auction in Reno will be Split into Two Weekends, April 6-7 and 13-14 Dinesh Kumar
  3/26/2024 Items Signed by Einstein, Lincoln, Marilyn will Headline University Archives Online Auction April 10 Dinesh Kumar
  2/6/2024 Items Signed by Marilyn Monroe, Einstein will Headline University Archives' Feb 21 Online Auction Dinesh Kumar
  1/24/2024 Confederate Louisiana Clothing Items will Headline Bruneau's Feb 7 Historic Arms & Militaria Auction Dinesh Kumar
  1/10/2024 JG.Limited's History & Culture Auction, Closing Jan. 23, is Packed with Rare Autographs and Artifacts Dinesh Kumar
  8/22/2023 University Archives' Sept. 6th Rare Autographs, Manuscripts, Books & Sports Auction has 505 Lots Dinesh Kumar
  6/15/2023 Items Signed by MLK, Steve Jobs, Einstein, Many Others are in University Archives' June 28th Auction Dinesh Kumar
  11/22/2022 Items Signed by Mao Zedong, Jefferson, Einstein will be Sold Online Dec. 14th by University Archives Dinesh Kumar
  9/13/2022 A Large Pen Sketch Hand-Drawn and Signed by Neil Armstrong will Headline University Archives' Online Dinesh Kumar
  8/2/2022 Items Signed by Many of History's Brightest Stars will be Sold Online Aug. 17 by University Archives Dinesh Kumar
  6/7/2022 Important Archives Pertaining to Civil War Generals to Headline University Archives' June 22 Auction Dinesh Kumar
  4/26/2022 Hendrix Owned and Played Guitar is Headlining Iconic Auctions' Online Music Auction Closing April 30 Dinesh Kumar
  4/21/2022 Holabird's Western Americana Auction, April 21-24 Features Hundreds of Rare Highly Collectible Items Dinesh Kumar
  3/15/2022 Items Relating to Moshe Dayan, Einstein, Robert E. Lee are in University Archives' March 30 Auction Dinesh Kumar
  2/1/2022 Items Signed by History's Brightest Luminaries are in University Archives' Online Auction, Feb. 16th Dinesh Kumar
  12/22/2021 Items Signed by Einstein, JFK, MLK, Washington, Lincoln are in University Archives' Jan. 6th Auction Dinesh Kumar
  10/26/2021 Rare Revolutionary War Powder Horn will Headline University Archives' Online-Only Auction, Nov. 10th Dinesh Kumar
  9/14/2021 Fabulous Autographs & Art, From Van Gogh to Hendrix, are in University Archives' Auction Sep 29 Dinesh Kumar