13, January 2018: Astrology has fascinated and intrigued many people over the years. Mastering it requires years of practice in its various branches. One of the most popular and the easiest parameter for classifying people is their zodiac sign which is simply based on a person’s date of birth.

Each person is unique. Their uniqueness comes from a combination of various planetary positions at the time of birth. A person’s zodiac sign is one important aspect which is useful while determining one’s personality.

TanujLalchandani’s new book, “Treasure Trove of Zodiacs” strives to delve into the personality of each zodiac sign and identify their defining traits. It further explores the personality of men and women of each zodiac. This colourful journey of 176 pages, will truly engross the readers. Not only would you read your own zodiac but would also be tempted to go through your family members’ signs.

The writing is simple with no astrological lingo. The best part about the book is that apart from a generic description, it also provides a separate detailed personality analysis of men as well as women belonging to each sign. It discusses matters related to the heart, money, health, career and parenthood with an easy and understandable approach.

Go ahead and grab your copy today from Amazon and leading bookstores.

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About the Author:

TanujLalchandani is a Delhi (India) based astrologer, palmist and spiritual healer. An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga, he is a firm believer in the fact that destruction paves way for a new beginning. After every bad event, we need to pick the pieces and start afresh. To quench his insatiable thirst for knowledge and spirituality, he started reading the Shiv Mahapurana at the age of 14 and has read it 16 times till date.

Tanuj’s work is to help people understand the intricacies of their life and find solutions to their problems. Astrology provides guidance. It can’t alter the path of life but may lessen the negative impacts of the problems that life has in store for you.

At the age of 22, God blessed him with an opportunity to start Shri Tatkaleshwar Gauri MahadevMandir in Tonk, Rajasthan. The temple has now expanded to include TriveniNavgraha Shani Dham. Next, he wishes to start an ambulance service to connect small villages to the city hospitals.

He has a dedicated clientele in India, US, UK, China. He wishes to serve them to the best of his abilities. His remedies are extremely easy and simple to follow.

His first book “Treasure Trove of Zodiacs” has been released and available at leading bookstores as well as online. His second book, “Spiritual Karma” would be out soon.

If there is any concern in your professional life or there are matters related to your heart or money, get in touch with TanujLalchandani.

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09, January 2018: The Muslim population in South Korea is small but Muslim tourism to Asia’s fourth largest economy is burgeoning. In 2016, almost a million Muslim tourists visited the country. The government anticipates this number to increase by at least 20% in 2018. Muslims tourists predominantly belong from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Middle East. International tourism will further propel in 2018 for the highly anticipated 2018 Winter Olympics scheduled to take place from 9 to 25 February 2018 in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. Tens of thousands of Muslim tourists are expected to attend the grand event.

Finding halal food can be one of the biggest frustrations for Muslim visitors. Halal, which translates to permissible in Arabic, refers to food that is permitted for consumption in Islam. For Muslims, it is a sacred law of their religion that they dutifully abide by.

To increase awareness of halal food for locals and visitors to South Korea, especially the attendees of 2018 Winter Olympics, Crave Halal has added more than 130 restaurants that serve halal food to its website ( and iPhone app ( Crave Halal staff directly contacted each restaurant to verify presence of halal meat. With the Crave Halal iPhone app and website, users can: find halal restaurants near them, check halal information, confirm business hours, get accurate directions to the restaurants, post pictures and reviews and much more!

About Crave Halal:

Crave Halal helps Muslims discover halal food. Crave Halal currently features more than 13,000 restaurants that serve halal food in United States, Canada and South Korea. Download the iPhone app today:

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Guangzhou City, China; 06, January 2017: Before investing in a water park, an investor needs to consider different aspects of the business. The three most important aspects of running a water park business are the selection of the best location, the most reliable equipment supplier and the ways of advertising. China based Haisan Amusement Technology Company discusses these important aspects of the water park business and guides investors in selecting the best equipments that not only enhance the beauty of a water park, but also have functional advantages to increase the profitability of the business.

As a trustworthy water slides equipment supplier, the company has a wide variety of equipments, such as water slides, aqua house, wave pool, lazy river, water play, board surfing pool and so on. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they can supply a whole range of slides, including whirlwind slides, magicloop slides, whizzard slides, super dragon slides, multislide slides, family slides and other varieties. All these slides have been designed to offer unlimited fun and frolics to everyone visiting a water park.

According to the spokesperson, they offer the complete guidance to a water park owner, from planning, engineering and landscaping to selecting water park equipments. The company has a team of professionals who can customize the landscape design and can pick the right kind of slides and equipments that can increase the economic profitability of the client. They specialize in designing and customizing water slides for both adults and kids.

The spokesperson maintains that water parks are one of the emerging trends in the tourism and entertainment industry. For the new players willing to enter this profitable business of water parks, Haisan Amusement Technology Company will offer the complete assistance and will be with the client starting from the project planning phase. With their solid R&D and construction background, the company can supply the most suitable and functionally advantageous water park equipment to every client. One can explore the entire range of water slides and equipments they supply on their website

About Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology Co. Ltd.:

Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology Co., Ltd. is the top and most professional water park equipment manufacturer in China, which specializes in planning, design, manufacturing and installation of equipment, landscape gardening construction and operation (management) service for water entertainment projects. They have specially established water park equipment research centre which has got the strongest ability for designing and research and have more than 50 patents already obtained. They are also a member of IAAPA and National Aquatic Entertainment Facility Standard Unit.

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30, December 2017: Nowadays, peopleare more interested in reading online brochures. Gone are those days when people were interested in hard copies. PubHTML5 is the best and affordable brochure maker that can convert a PDF file into a brochure.

PubHTML5 helps in converting the static PDFs into interactive brochures that reach the clients worldwide. It is basically an online digital brochure solution that enables the customer to search or to browse the products through desktop, mobile tablets, mobile phone, and so on. This can be done from anywhere and everywhere.Moreover, it increases sales by linking the interactive brochure to the online store.

Thebrochure makergives options to the customer to customize the look of the brochure. There are numerous corporate designs whichthe customer can choose.Starting from custom logos to colored bookmarks, custom background, navigation bar as well as button graphics are available by PubHTML5.

Anna Lee, chief designer of PubHTML5, has made the file in the size of 5.76 MB. It has given the facility to the user of downloading it from PubHTML5’s website. The user has to click on the green button. Just after that, downloading automatically starts. It is better to scan the software before using it.

PubHTML5 heals the brochure maker to create brochures like an ace without any hassle. The media management in pubHTML5 is extremely professional. All types of media are done here. The best part about pubHTML5 brochure maker is that the content is never irrelevant and scoop. Consumer's queries are instantly solved. The client has the facility of giving feedback. Brochure gives enough chances to the clients to improve in the professional field.

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About PubHTML5:

PubHTML5 is a world-leading provider of digital publishing software based on Windows and macOS. With PubHTML5, people around the world don’t have to worry about creating digital publications anymore.

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Florida, USA; 28, December 2017: Fortunately, the special media is not just sticking to twitter or facebook; in fact, it is more advanced and spread to other platforms. Instagram, YouTube, and many other platforms are a new addition to the limelight of social media marketing. These are the highly consumed and approached platforms by the general public. So, it is necessary for you to approach these platforms to get your brand familiar with more of the people. Moreover, all of these platforms offers you to access the consumers in different approaches and do have effective results.

All you need is to have the best fans, follower, likes, shares and subscriptions in numbers on all of these platforms. FANS INSTANT is a platform that brings you many of the options and opportunities to get the best social media response to your social media profiles. No matter if you are looking for the followers, likes, shares or fans everything is available to you instantly. The platforms ensure you to give you the instant results within a short time but all of them are generated organically. To give you the likes, or subscriptions the services provider is not using any kind of software or program but all the real-time strategies.

The services are not limited to any specific kind of profile or pages it is equally effective for all kind of pages and products. In addition to that FANS INSTANT offers you the packages and offers according to your convenience. The services providers designed some of the packages considering the consumer demand in the market. All of the packages are complete and composed in their own and fulfil all your requirements. You can select any of them according to your preference. Moreover, the customer support is always there to provide you with the best suggestions when it comes to getting the booster instant likes, fans, followers, subscribers and more.

On-site: FANS INSTANT offers you the ultimate services when it comes to having social media fans and followers. The platform brings you more of the options to have the ultimate reputation of your company. It is not just limited to Facebook or Twitter, but many other social media platforms are a great part of the services. You can have the ultimate variation of services on demand. Moreover, many packages and offers are waiting for you on site. For more information and get your answers visit the official site

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27, December 2017: The London Vape Company has announced the new TASTR, a device that allows users to taste London Vape Company and partnered E-liquids online, without the use of E-liquid or replaceable parts.

Drawing on cutting edge technology, the Tastr uses a combination of temperature and digital currents to manipulate user’s taste buds to accurately simulate the flavour of E-liquid. Currently in early development, users are able to sign up for the chance to try a prototype device when it becomes available.

The CEO of The London Vape Company said:

‘The London Vape Company Tastr has been the biggest project we’ve ever worked on, and pushes the boundaries of the vaping industry to provide a completely innovative step forward for online shoppers. Allowing our users to sample products online prevents the risk of buyer’s remorse, and ensures our customers are able to choose E-liquid, fully aware if they will enjoy it or not’

Vaping is a growing industry, with over an estimated 2.9 Million Vapers in the UK (as reported by Action on Smoking and Health in May 2017). With growing consumer demand, new technology is a key tool to ensure more smokers are making the switch, opening the doors to a smoke free future within the UK and across the globe.

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26, December 2017: CARRcrete has recently begun rolling out their premium InfinityFloor premium polishing process that is designed to transform old and worn flooring into hard wearing, spectacular low-maintenance floors. InfinityFloor is designed to be an alternative to HTC Superfloor, Husqvarna Hiperfloor and Klindex SuperConcerete. CARRcrete has designed the InfinityFloor process using machinery, diamond tools and chemicals that have been assembled, designed or manufactured in the United Kingdom by CARRcrete themselves.

“We fully believe our CARRcrete InfinityFloor process is of a higher standard than the competition and we are more than happy to prove this with a side by side comparison.

The InfinityFloor process offered by CARRcrete comes in a number of different finishes. The first is InfinityFloor Cream, a finish that consists of only polishing stages and no grinding is required. This transforms the floor into a classy surface with virtually no visible stones. It is one of CARRcrete’s most popular options and is chosen by interior designers and architects around the country.

InfinityFloor Stone is another option that CARRcrete offers with their InfinityFloor process. It consists of several stages of mechanical grinding and polishing to create a heavily aggregated polished concrete floor finish. InfinityFloor Stone is suitable for existing concrete floors but can also be used on newly-installed ready-mixed concrete thanks to CARRcrete’s eco-friendly PROtop overlay. Lastly, CARRcrete offers Infinity Floor Salt and Pepper. By removing the soft surface paste, the sand and fine aggregates are exposed which creates a salt and pepper look on concrete floors.

CARRcrete has been in the industry for many years as a family-run business that specialises in quality polished concrete floors, and they have worked together with many clients for both residential and commercial purposes. Thanks to the fleet of machinery and tools at their disposal, CARRcrete is able to handle field projects with professionalism and efficiency. Their passion towards the industry has lead them to create their own UK-made premium polishing process which they hope to show to homeowners, designers and architects in Britain.

“Our list of clients is extensive; encompassing celebrities, blue chip companies, bars and restaurants and of course clients with a keen eye for a quality finish.”

For more information, please refer to the contact information below to get in touch with CARRcrete.


Please note that THE portfolio photographs are raw unedited images that have not been altered or enhanced with digital software. They are genuine images that have been taken by the CARRcrete team during their work and represent an accurate depiction of the results that they can provide.

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Palo Alto, CA, USA; 23, December 2017: Ever since its launch in the late eighties, Microsoft’s operating system suite, chiefly comprising MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint has ruled the roost in the software/hardware realm. There have been very few other operating systems that have been able to offer stiff competition to MS’s suite OS suite. These include LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice, Linux, Apple iWork, and Open365 to name a few. In this context, the WPS office suite created and developed by Kingsoft Office Software Corporation Ltd is its flagship product that is an excellent alternative to MS-Office suite. WPS office free download is perfectly companionable with MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, and MS-Excel and can be used across tabletop and handheld devices powered by Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. 

Office free download offered by Ventana Group has proven to be quite effective when it comes to completing routine tasks. In fact, quite a large number of individuals find the WPS office application more suitable than Microsoft’s Office b bundle. This pint-sized office suite furnishes three very versatile applications, namely Spreadsheet, Writer, and Presentationriter, and one PDF tool. Thoroughly compliant with MS-Office, WPS office can be downloaded and accessed on Windows10, Win7, Win8.1, and WinVista PCs in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese. WPS office is fully compliable with MS-Office 2016, features user-friendly formatting tools, umpteen document templates, and more than 230 fonts. 

Some other prominent attributes of WPS office for PC include inbuilt spell checker, shortcuts on keyboard, multiple document viewing, mail merging, password security, and collaboration tools. This OS now comes with a new ‘Docer Templates’ page in seven different languages mentioned above. One can also make the most of file storage cloud service providing 1G space for free. All documents, files, and dossiers can be instantly shared and exchanged via links with just a single click. This feature comes handy not only for viewing any document or folder but also making changes anytime from anywhere. Office suite of WPS template offerings can be exploited for making customized spreadsheets, presentations, and text documents that ultimately results in optimum utilization of time and efforts. 

Reviewing the WPS word free download, this specific tool can be matched effortlessly with MS-Word dossiers including but not limited to DOC, DOCX, HTM, TXT, DOT, and DOTX. PDF backups of the files can also be easily created and converted to Word. The convertor tool can be used for merging and splitting files as well, supports options for revealing and concealing cropped marks. The standard web page’s encoding simply needs to be changed to UTF8 for accessing word documents or files in languages apart from English. 

About WPS Office Software: 

Palo Alto-based WPS Office Software is a leading office productivity suite for PC and mobile devices. With more than 1.2 billion installs, WPS Office is a high performing, yet considerably more affordable solution that is recognized as a preferred alternative to Microsoft Office and is fully compatible and comparable to Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word. The WPS Office suite is available for Windows and Linux-based PCs as well as Android and iOS. WPS Office Software is a subsidiary of Kingsoft Corporation, China's leading Internet services and software company. 

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Huzhou City, Zhejiang, China; 20, December 2017: Lockers and cabinets occupy a pride of place both in the commercial and domestic sectors. One comes across lockers in numerous public and private areas including but not limited to offices, homes, storerooms, dressing rooms, schools, colleges, universities, and public bathhouses. The size, shape, and structure of a locker underscore its application or applications. Different types of lockers are in use nowadays like gun lockers, bicycle lockers, laundry lockers, high-security lockers, perforated lockers, school lockers, and service lockers to name a few. SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd has been engaged in manufacturing a comprehensive range of lockers, storage cabinets, and material handling pushcarts, and steel stamping components for nearly two decades. The enterprise has acquired a high degree of specialization as an OEM, wholesaler, retailer and trader of aforementioned products. 

SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd right from day one has strived to offer the supreme quality of products at highly competitive and moderate prices. The organization is committed to offering superior products that offer functional value which is over and above their monetary worth. SinoRay is able to continually offer durable and versatile products, including steel stamping parts by persistently carrying out R& D work on new design ideas and taking advantage of the latest fabrication processes. This Chinese establishment is a specialist when it comes to fabricating lockers that find widespread use in offices, homes, schools, stadiums, libraries, locker rooms, and so on. The firm receives numerous bulk orders for stadium lockers throughout the year. This locker is constructed out of 16 gauge steel, and is available in both unassembled and assembled form. 

The stadium locker is available in a variety of custom colors and SinoRay uses powdered coat enamel or varnish that is completely free of lead. The closet comes with inbuilt key or combination locks, and the customer can have company’s emblem embossed or engraved on the product. Some of the related products manufactured by SinoRay are luxury lockers, wall mounted desks, ADA lockers, heavy duty lockers, and weapons cabinets. The Zhejiang-based business is also a prime manufacturer of metal cabinets that are used across-the-board in many industrial and domestic areas. SinoRay is a prime fabricator and supplier of cabinets that are basically used for storing firearms and weapons. 

The metal cabinets that store securing guns, rifles, pistols, and other types of weapons used in modern warfare have chasses made out of 14 gauge steel. The components are fused together by welding. Customers can choose from cabinets having plain or perforated doors. One can also select from hasp-styled or turning handles constructed from stainless steel and numerous color options are there as well. Some products and components that can be categorized under ‘cabinets’ are also produced by SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd like cabinet shop desks, combination cabinets, heavy duty lockers, drum dolly, steel platform trucks, and locker accessories. 

About SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd: 

SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd is an established and reputed manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of a vast range of lockers, cabinets, shop desks, material handling carts, and steel stamping parts. For more details please visit their website. 

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Canada; 21, December 2017: Since the evolvement of the first cryptocurrency, ‘Bitcoin’ in 2008, many other cryptocurrencies have mushroomed over the years including but not limited to Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, and Dash. However, Bitcoin continues to remain the foremost cryptocurrency as it is still the most heavily traded of all cryptocurrencies in the virtual or digital currency trading realm. Bitcoin together with a few other cryptocurrencies have witnessed a rebound as these e-currencies have been used to deal in stocks, bonds, and other investment verticals. Bitcoin’s exchange value has burgeoned tremendously this year, surging past $3000 while other evolving cryptocurrencies like ethereum and Litecoin have witnessed dramatic bounce backs. In the meantime, the total cash reserve in the form of digital currencies has grown manifold and the market capitalization presently exceeds $100 billion. HourPayLtd is an established and well-known cryptocurrency trading/exchange portal that guarantees instant per hour returns. 

Experienced, hardcore funders and investors who signed with this online trading portal completely trust HourPayLtd for many reasons. These investors have experienced first-hand the numerous benefits of transacting in cryptocurrencies via this platform including but not limited to user-friendly registration process, and the leeway to withdraw accrued interests anytime. The incentive of hour-to-hour accruals is another good reason why investors find. Till date, a total of 33104 investors have subscribed to this site and a cryptocurrency reserve amounting to $47687957.95 has been deposited with the portal. Any investor interested to gain from trading cryptocurrencies can go for any one of the four distinct investment plans. 

All the investment schemes come equipped with the hour fast pay feature which is undoubtedly the USP of these plans. For instance, there is one plan that offers 1.1% return every hour for 96 hours or 4 days on an investment range varying from $20 to $1,500. Under the same plan, one can expect a return of 1.15% every hour for 96 hours at a stretch with a minimum investment of $1501, going up to a maximum of $10,000. Then again, there is another scheme that promises returns in the range of 2.2%-2.5% every recurring hour for 50 hours continuously. To be specific, someone investing a minimum of $500 to $2,500 max can look forward to getting an interest of 2.2% on his or her investments and 2.5% by staking $2,501-$50,000 per hour for 50 hours in total. 

Majority of those who have signed up with the web-based platform have come to trust HourPayLtd after going through the FAQs section where beginners can find answers to numerous questions pertaining to cryptocurrencies. In order to strike a partnership with HourPayLtd, one has to fill up a simple registration form and once all the formalities are complete, the prospective investor needs to choose from any of the two affiliate programs, standard or representative. 

About HourPayLtd: 

HourPayLtd is an approved cryptocurrency trading site that is registered in London, UK. HourPayLtd is a prospective and trustworthy platform when it comes to dabbling in cryptocurrencies. 

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