Sacramento, CA, United States, 07, June 2016: Sacramento DUI attorney, John Williams mentions the advantages of Proposition 47 on his blog and reveals how it can reduce the sentence of a person, accused of a DUI offense. This proposition was introduced in November 2014, and it can reduce a felony charge to a misdemeanor. According to Attorney Williams, people should be aware of this proposition that can help redefine the class of certain DUI crimes to help minimize the sentences. He maintains that the proposition can prove helpful in reducing the sentence to a substantial level.

In his blog, Attorney Williams maintains that the government intends to use its funds for better purposes and this is the reason why they introduced this proposition. However, he reveals that not all DUI cases can qualify for the Proposition 47. There are certain crimes that can qualify for the proposition and hence the sentence reduction. For example, people caught for personal usage of any illegal drug can qualify for the proposition. However, the attorney should have the knowledge of the proposition and know to use it for the benefit of the client. This is the reason why Attorney Williams stresses upon hiring an experienced DUI attorney in California.

The use of Proposition 47 also depends upon the circumstances. A person with a past criminal record may not get the benefit of the proposition, as the judge will review all criminal records of the accused before considering his/her case for the proposition 47. Attorney Williams, however, reveals that there are many cases in which the proposition can be applied, bringing a substantial relief in the punishment or sentence. For fraud cases, where the amount is not over $950, the proposition can be used, seeking a sentence reduction for the accused.

Attorney Williams writes down all possible conditions where the proposition 47 can be applied. At the same time, he maintains that a solid defense strategy can reduce the sentence of an accused, even if the proposition cannot be applied in his/her case. To learn about the list of crimes, where the proposition 47 is applicable, one can visit the blog .

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The Sacramento DUI specialists practiced criminal law for over 35 years in Sacramento County, California. The law firm is one of the few in Sacramento that can say that can face DUI charges and win the case in front of the juries. They are experts in certified field sobriety test field (Tests that are used to determine the blood levels of alcohol). The firm has own blood alcohol test machine in the office for legal purposes. They are top AVVO rated in Sacramento local area and have been published in various attorney magazines as one of the top law firms in the region.


Seattle, USA, 03, June 2016: People often fail to obey traffic rules and are arrested for violation of rules. They may also be charged under DUI if any traces of alcohol or any banned drug found in their blood stream. In his blog, Attorney Pavel Kleyner advocates obeying traffic rules, and also lists out 5 tips that can help a driver avoid being arrested for DUI.

The first and the foremost tip is to follow the traffic rules, however. When someone keeps driving following traffic rules and using signal lights, he or she is less likely to draw the attention of the traffic police. Violating traffic rules and under the influence of alcohol could bring a double jeopardy for a driver. The Seattle DUI lawyer also recommends checking the DUI checkpoints before hitting the road after a drink. Nowadays, it is possible to research on the internet and learn about these checkpoints.

Attorney Pavel also advises people to keep their car in a good condition. The police may not stop a car if it is in a good condition. But for several minor faults, such as a broken taillight, they can intermediate the driver and also could learn about his/her inebriated condition in the process. According to the attorney, one should maintain a low profile while driving on the road after drinking. The best thing is that one should know his limits and should not try driving a car when he is not capable to control it.

With this Tipsheet, Attorney Pavel intends to help law-abiding citizens, not to get into a legal hassle for drinking in limits. According to him, if someone is capable of driving back to his home after drinking, he could avoid arrests for DUI. However, he fully respects the DUI laws of the state that are meant for making driving safer for everyone. The complete list of tips is available on the Kleyner Law Offices’ website that can guide a citizen to drive safely and avoid DUI arrests. One can access the top five tips for free on the blog

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Kleyner Law Offices concentrate on discovering new and more efficient methods to deal with the government’s collection of scientific evidence to help protect the legal rights of a DUI accused. The attorneys of the firm attend legal and scientific seminars on a regular basis, take part in training and seminars that review the very best way to beat the government’s scientific evidence. In addition, these legal professionals will perform additional legal and scientific research through government and non-government sources for articles and publications and create awareness about the legal rights that a citizen enjoys before the law.


03, June 2016: Do you know that American politicians who talks to do bad relations with Russia, they just work for the order from a few military commercial firms, which just have high technology to manage people's behavior, but they do bad relations, because they just need to get orders for the weapons. But for these purposes they make the programms to manage politicians behavior especially.


Their programs base in a few directions: problem structures pay to thousands usual and high level people in every city in all countries for they do the special reactions during work and personal communications: so, they do the statistics for special systems, which analizing behavior and which help to decide what behavior will be for other many people around them. Also problem structures use people with directions in talkings for managing their friends or casual people (very popular that they use directions even in intimacy communications both: for men, for women: that's also why so many girls alone with children: problem structures sometimes tell to do so to their boyfriends, but sometimes they tell to girls to do things that the problem structures know that their boyfriends individually don't like it, that's also why they go away sometimes). So, knowing that and discuss it in mass media we can direct all these networks for good relations, because usually they don't know what for they get directions, so, if it will be known, many people will make more good relations and it will be also good for their friends and for many casual people. But there is even the information that quite possible that Hillary Clinton was recieving directions from behaviour structures when she meet Bill Clinton. But, after the Monica story they can to do the step to help many people to make good relations. Because if Hillary will continue bad politics, then she will work against her people interests. But she can help to make good relations with Russia, with other countries too. But, you know what is real purpose from the american problem structures when they manage american politicians to do problems in different regions? It is not for strong countrie. It is just for doing problems in different regions, but also problem structures want to do bad relations to USA from different regions and they use methodic that bad relations from different countries do bad health for many people in USA too. But in perspective problem structres plan to do very big problems for America too (but it is possible just because USA do problems in different countries). So, USA should help to make good relations with Russia, with other countries, then both: the usual and programming work will help to make good situations for all countries. Journalists, politicians from Russia, USA or other countries, or their representatives can talk with General Universal Information Defense Excellent Service (GUIDES, created to make good situations in the world)

for more information (phone number +7(495)7604918), for optimal good results for all people. More contacts, more information (Russian, English, German languages) you can read in GUIDES news: ("dobro" is translated "good, kind")


Shenzhen, China, 02, June 2016: With a wide range of product display items in their portfolio, Leshi Display Products Limited is the leading supplier of acrylic and cardboard displays for a number of clients around the world. The products are available in a variety of designs with several functional advantages, for displaying a wide range of items, from toys, jewelry to cosmetics, watches and mobile phones.

The company supplies an impressive acrylic pop display range, featuring a number of attractive designs. Made of high quality transparent acrylic sheet, the displays are available in various designs and sizes as per the requirement of the client. The clear acrylic material fitted with LED lights provides a beautiful product display solutions for companies. The displays can have digital printing or silk screen printing for a custom name or logo presence on to them. The pop display is ideal for retail stores, super markets, exhibitions and other places for displaying, advertising or branding of products.

Leshi’s cardboard pos display collection is truly versatile with a range of attractive and functional designs that can accommodate a variety of products. The pos displays come with a number of blocks to keep items safe and attractively visible. Client companies can choose for the OEM/ODM production that allows custom designs to suit the unique product display needs of a company.

Client companies can also explore their countertop display shelf range that allows a flexible and easy way of displaying a variety of items. Made of quality materials and with an improved sense of designing, the countertop shelves are simple to install and put items on display. These displays shelves are easy to handle and store and help companies quickly display products when needed.

Shenzhen Leshi Display Products Limited endeavors to deliver quality and stylish display products that can meet client’s promotional needs. To glimpse through the different display solutions they have in their portfolio, one can visit the website

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Leshi Display Products Limited is a professional acrylic and cardboard display products manufacturer, experienced in supplying OEM/ODM display products from their own factory. The factory is equipped with advanced machines for cutting, engraving, polishing, and mounting tasks. The display products are widely covered most of light industry products: cosmetics, houseware, clothes, toys, foods, ornaments, electronics and so on. The company’s main products are display stands, LED display, countertop shelf, dump bins, photo frames, holders, boxes etc.

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