07, November 2017: For online shoppers, Jodyshop has emerged as the right place to purchase the latest fashion clothing for men, women and children at discount prices. The online store announces coupon codes every day, which can guarantee maximum 50% discounts on a select range of items available in their stock. For men and women, it could be a great opportunity to enhance their style by grabbing the discount deals available on Jodyshop’s fashionable items.

According to Waleed Barakat, the owner of the web store, “With our discount coupon codes, the online shopping becomes a more pleasurable experience for our customers. We keep adding the latest bestsellers in our inventory and offer hundreds of coupon codes every day. One can now purchase a range of products at cost-saving prices, such as clothes, shoes, watches, cell phones, electronics and lots more.”

Waleed maintains that they only offer top-rated and quality products in their online store at the best prices. “This is one important reason why we have a huge number of repeat customers,” he states. According to him Jodyshop has an extensive collection of products arranged under different categories for a customer to quickly fulfill their dream of fashion shopping. Men and women can explore an awesome collection of fashion products by visiting their respective sections. “This makes shopping more fun, easier and time-saving. And for saving money, we have daily coupons for our customers,” says Waleed.

Today, Jodyshop is one of the leading shopping sites that offer quality products to its customers at competitive prices. The online store also categorizes products under Best Sellers and Latest Products, for customers to grab some exceptional items at never-before prices. The best seller section brings several useful products that one may not find anywhere else. All new products on the online store are sold with free worldwide shopping with a timely delivery.

To purchase from a wide variety of fashion products for men, women or children, one can visit the website

About Jodyshop Technologies, Inc.:

Jodyshop is the best place for online shopping for men and women. Customers can shop for best sellers and latest fashion products from clothing, shoes, watches and electronics at the best prices. A large collection of new fashion styles added every day on the online store from dresses, handbags, coats, t-shirts, pants, eyeglasses, electronics, kitchen products and more.

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06, November 2017: Parents can now take advantage of two simple and scientifically developed learning programs to teach their children how to read effectively. These two programs are the phonics based Children Learning Reading program developed by Jim Yang and the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Siegfried Engelmann. The website presents an in-depth review of both the programs. 

According to the review, Jim has created a comprehensive program for a child’s phonemic awareness. Every letter has its unique sound and Jim’s program can enable children in the age group of 2 to seven years to gain a reading fluency very quickly. On the other hand, Siegfried’s 395 page comprehensive book is based on the well-researched DISTAR method that is being used by numerous schools across the USA. One can read more about Siegfried’s method on the following link

The reviewer maintains that both Jim’s and Siegfried’s methods are proven to significantly improve the reading ability of a child. He also recommends using the Burt Test to help evaluate a child’s academic performance and his progress following the adoption of the above two learning methods. Parents can use this test to ascertain whether their child has developed a better reading ability as compared to his/her classmates

Siegfried’s learning method has been reviewed by many and the program has gained positive feedback from the reviewers. The program is meant for children ages 3 years or above. Besides 100 lessons, the program comes with a script that motivates children to read. This also explains the right way of teaching, which parents will find very helpful. In the beginning of the book, the lessons are very easy and this will boost a child's confidence by making him/her believe that reading is not difficult at all. Children who are taught using the program are found to achieve better results in their school institutions

Parents can read the candid reviews of the both children learning programs on the website 

About reviews the Children Learning Reading program by Jim Yang and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons by Siegfried Engelmann. The Children-Learning-Reading is a powerful Program designed to teach children of different ages to read all different letters, words and sentences. Siegfried’s 395 page book is based upon the proven and well researched DISTAR (Direct Instruction System for Teaching and Remediation) method. The DISTAR method is the most successful learning to read methods used by schools across the USA. 

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30, October 2017: Keeping in sync with the developed and progressive world, we have been aware of the health hazards and skin problems caused by various products available in the market. Artificial methods used in the making of some food products results in several diseases of the digestive system, many of them even lead to cancer. Also, skin diseases, eruptions or cancer may be a side effect of these commercial products. Even different medications turn out to be somewhat evil causing life risks. Xian Pincredit Bio-Tech Co., Ltd thus offers a wide range of natural products in the form of herbal medicines, anti-cancer medications, skin care products, food additives, health drinks, various natural fruit and vegetable powders, spices powder and products to lower blood pressure.

Xian Pincredit Bio-Tech Co., Ltd has a specialized production of the kudzu root extract for the prevention of liver injuries occurred due to chemical reactions and for the expansion of blood vessels thus regulating the blood lipids. This excerpt even plays a role in enhancing women beauty. The root extract is derived from the dry roots of Pueraria Mirifica which acts in the nourishment of the ovaries, and in the natural secretion of the ovarian hormones. Besides, it helps in delaying female menopause and helps in postmenopausal issues such as sweating, irritation, headache, dizziness, insomnia, and even memory loss. Women mostly prefer the Kudzu root extract by the company which helps her retain her age, with glowing, whitening and moisturized skin and prevent breast cancer too.

Xian Pincredit Bio-Tech Co., Ltd helps in the generation of Kudzu Powder which is extracted from the Kudzu root also called Pueraria Lobata Extract. Latest studies by the pharmacologists suggest that the primary ingredients of Kudzu root extract are puerarin and Pueraria flavones. The powder is developed to white from its original brown extract. This is utilized for the supplement in various capsules, tablets prescribed for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders and used in health foods.

Dry Pueraria is first collected and then water extraction is carried out for the processing of the Kudzu extract. After the filtering and extracting procedures, the excerpt is out which helps in reducing myocardial oxygen consumption, for lowering of blood pressure, improvement of circulation, expansion of cerebral vessels, and increasing the blood flow. Extracts are also used to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, even control alcoholism and diarrhea.

About Xian Pincredit Bio-Tech Co., Ltd:

Xian Pincredit Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is focused on the extraction of plants and production of several items ranging from foods and medicines to cosmetics and skincare products. Located in China, it has two individual workshops, one for plant extracts and the other for obtaining fruit juice concentrations. It has been serving its customers for years together with its efficiency and advanced equipment.

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India; 28, October 2017: The apparent effects of global warming and the changing conditions of the environment are finally altering the ways of the manufacturing industry. Industrialists, business houses, consumer goods manufacturers, etc. are turning to more greener, economical and renewable packaging solutions. Dissecting and facing challenges head-on is the new approach of the packaging industrialists. They took active steps to provide technologically advanced and holistic packaging solutions to the modern world. Sustenance and conserving what is left of the environment of the earth is the new motto of the modern world. 

Alpha Plastomers is one among such companies that are associated with providing greener and economical packaging solutions to their clients for the past 35 years. The company is based in India and became the first in the country that strives to provide innovative plastic packaging solutions to its clients consistently since its inception. The company deals in both rigid and flexible plastic packaging solutions for the industrial and manufacturing sector. They continuously engage themselves in conceptualizing new and innovative ideas and replace old products in time. The client base of the company consists of the big players associated with the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector and the consumer electronics sector. 

They also provide innovative packaging solutions for agro products and the frozen food industry with clients both in the domestic as well as the international market. The company heavily invested in developing their research and development wing. It is associated with the in-house conceptualization, designing and engineering of new product ideas. They also provide customized POF shrink film to their customers by making the use of state of the art automated tools and machinery. The company has currently the capacity of churning out ten metric tons of packaging materials per month. 

Providing innovative packaging solutions to their clients and lending a helping hand in the global initiative to help conserve the environment is the motto of the company. They work tirelessly for providing their clients with satisfactory and quality assured packaging solutions. The company officials and executives keep close ties with the dignitaries of their clients to offer customized pre and after sale services. The company works hard to keep their employees always at their prime. They believe that a business can only grow if its employees are promoted and rewarded for their performance on a regular basis. 

About Alpha Plastomers: 

Alpha Plastomers is an Indian company that is associated with the fabrication and supply of innovative plastic packaging solutions. They provide both flexible and rigid packaging materials for their national and internal clients. They cater to the packaging needs of frozen food, FMCG, consumer electronics and the agro-industry. For further details and business queries, feel free to visit the official website of the company mentioned above. 

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Yantai, Shandong Province, China; 28, October 2017: For electrical or electronic equipment manufacturers, aluminum cabinets or aluminum enclosures are very important to prevent electrical shocks. Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd supplies aluminum cabinets of various dimensions to mount switches, knobs etc and to ensure the safety of the user of an electrical or electronic equipment. 

The company supplies die casting aluminum enclosures made of Aluminum ADC12. Available in the sizes ranging from 125x80x58mm to 400x230x180mm, these aluminum cabinets are available in black, grey colors, and customers can also request for any custom color. With the IP66 protection, these enclosures are shipped with essential components, like cover, bottom, screws and the sealing. According to the company spokesperson, they also offer custom drilling, tapping, painting and installation services, so that these aluminum boxes can perfectly meet the requirements of the customers. These aluminum cabinets require less labor assembly and can be installed very quickly. 

Besides aluminum cabinets, Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd also has a significant range of aluminum die casting parts, ready for the industrial supply throughout the year. These die cast parts are made of quality aluminum material for industries to use them in their varied industrial process. Moreover, the company is available to add custom or precise features to meet the exact requirements of the companies. The spokesperson reveals that they have a team of expert technicians and engineers who ensure a precise design and development of casting parts and supply them after a comprehensive quality control process. 

According to the spokesperson, the CNC machining is another niche area in which they excel and provide CNC machined parts of an outstanding quality. They have the capability of machining and processing various metals and can provide industries with different metallic parts for their manufacturing purposes. They ensure a perfect CNC milling and CNC Turing for the custom metal fabrication requirements of different industries. Each CNC machined part is meticulously processed to make sure that it meets the ideal requirements of a client. 

To know more about the aluminum cabinets or die casting parts they supply, one can visit their website 

About Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd: 

Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd is an industrial and international company located in Yantai, Shandong Province, China. The company is one of the professional casting suppliers of aluminum casting, including high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and zinc alloy die casting. With various casting equipment, CNC machines and inspection facility, they can provide one-stop service including tooling design, die casting and precision machining.

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Company: Yantai Lishin Electronic&Mechanical Co., Ltd
Telephone: 0086 18663803095


Albany, NY, USA; 27, October 2017: Any traveler will appreciate necessary guides and maps to plan a visit to a place of tourist attraction. To address the need, iTouristMaps now brings an exciting way of planning a trip with the help of the GPS navigation system. The website for tourists reveals top places to visit in Europe with their descriptions, images, videos and navigations. 

The website allows to download the KML file of the attraction map of any of these places of tourist attraction and then importing it to the GPS navigator. One can then use Google Maps and Google Earth to navigate through the top ten European attractions as revealed by the website. This feature allows tourists to plan their trip to a place in an efficient manner. They can now enjoy their vacations with more fun and excitement, as they can easily spot all places of sightseeings, such as monuments, museums or any other landmarks at a location of tourist interest. 

The top ten places of tourist attractions in Europe revealed by the website are London, Florence, Venice, Rome, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Antalya, Izmir and Istanbul. The website reveals all necessary guides and maps of these tourist places to gather all information, helping a traveler to plan a trip without any difficulty. Tourists can take advantage of the attraction maps of the top ten European tourist destinations and can mark all important tourist spots one by one to decide on the travel route through the place. 

The tourist maps designed by the website are aimed at offering convenience and efficiency when it comes to the vacation planning. One can spot the most exciting attractions of a place and can plan their travel according to their time limits. One can download all attractions of any of these top destinations in GPX and can find it a lot easier to enjoy their travel time with family and friends. To know more about top ten European travel destinations and download their maps, one can visit the website 

About iTouristMaps: 

iTouristMaps presents exciting places of tourist interests on attraction maps, allowing to explore the city from different sides and get to various places. helps to avoid the rush and loosing time while traveling to other countries. The website presents the list of the most popular tourist attractions with their descriptions, pictures, videos and locus. 

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26, October 2017: Some of the expenses cannot be fulfilled in general with the regular income so the people have some other financial support available. In order to meet up some of the needs, you are always offered with the loan options by the banks and many other financial institutions. These institutions and banks are providing you with the small and heavy loans according to your needs on some of the conditions. It is very much important for you to get the loans for the right cause and make the right use of these loans.

Most of the time when you signed up for a loan you do have some of the conditions and limitations in the agreement. There are conditions mentioned along with the time period in which you have to return the loan. So, it is very much important to use the loan according to a specific schedule so you can have productivity out of it and then can return it back easily. In making the best use of loan it is important for you to consider your need at first and get the loan accordingly. Do not get the excessive amount in loan either the lesser one. Make sure that you are going to have the perfect amount of loan that will fulfil the needs. Follow the Lainankäyttö.fi for more information you need regarding the use of loans.

Do not make the use of loan with a free hand, In fact, use it wisely. Although you do have money but make sure that you are going to save some out of it for sure. This will actually help you to have a little backup money in the end that can help you to pay back the loan effectively. In addition to that make sure to get the loan on easy conditions of interest or profit so you do not have to be worried about the increased amount. This will actually help you to grow faster and have better future instead of suffering from the debts.

About Lainankäyttö.fi:

The lainaa is about to help you find the best loan options available to you and make the right use of loans in general. You can get more information and tips to get loans and make their uses. In addition to that, you will get help about what will be the appropriate loans for you and how to make them return on time.

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26, October 2017: According to the World Health Organization, obesity is a disease and we need to start with workouts to burn calories and remain in good shape. In order to burn calories at home, one can choose a mini exercise bike for the workout. However, there are different types of exercise bikes available in the market, and one will often find it difficult to pick the best one out of them. To help all fitness enthusiasts, Stockworkout now reviews the top 5 mini exercise bikes of 2017. 

The review is aimed at educating readers about the features and specification of exercise bikes. The information will prove very helpful for a person, willing to purchase a mini exercise bike for the daily exercise at home. According to the website, the top five mini exercise bikes on the market are Sunny Health & Fitness SF B0418, MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike, DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike, Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle and Stamina 15-0120 InStride. Besides the detailed reviews of these exercise bikes, the website also presents a comparison table that explains the different features of the bikes side by side. 

Many fitness trainers maintain that the mini exercise bike strengthens the legs of a person who exercises on it on a regular basis. It also helps in getting thinner thighs and legs and is tailor-made to those individuals who want a well-shaped lower body. The mini cardio cycle can help burn 180-200 calories in just 30 minutes. However, people with more weight can burn calories at a rather faster rate. The review on the site reveals that the exercise bikes are available with different weight capacities, and a person can choose one as per his/her body weight. 

Besides the maximum weight capacity, Stockworkout also points out the resistance level of each of the exercise bikes. One can also learn if the machines are fitted with the LCD screen or electronic monitor. The website editors also have ranked these exercise bikes based on their specialties and their positive reviews from actual users. One can read the complete reviews of the best five mini exercise bikes for free on the website 

About Stockworkout: 

StockWorkout provides enough, concrete, and reliable information about a range of workout products such as exercise bicycles, treadmill, and a lot more. Aside from that, different product reviews are also available on the website to help choose the best home fitness products in an informed manner. 

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San Antonio, Texas; 24, October 2017: There has always been a huge demand for reliable 24-hour locksmith services in San Antonio which has such a large student population and a growing immigrant community. San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in ST. 

San Antonio Car Key Pros provides a fast and reliable locksmith services in times of emergencies within the San Antonio area, within a residential, automotive and commercial setting. San Antonio Car Key Pros is a locally owned and family owned company. They offer assistance with a number of residential emergency services such as lock repair and replacement, fast lockout assistance, door repairs following attempted break-ins, child proof locks, new lock installation, key replacement, and so on. 

San Antonio Car Key Pros handles a number of commercial emergency locksmith services such as lockout service for businesses, troubleshooting tasks related to high security locks, fast lock repair and replacement and more. 

Automotive emergency locksmith services provided by the company includes fast lockout service for cars, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles, replacement of lost keys, transponder key programming and more. 

In an interview, Mr. Uberoi, the manager of the company said, "We realize how important it is for San Antonio residents to find a locksmith they can trust in times of emergency. We are a family owned company and have been a part of the local community for more than 10 years now. We understand the concerns of residents and local businesses here and pride ourselves and providing prompt, reliable and professional locksmith services in San Antonio whenever needed. We are also known to provide the best customer service among all the locksmith companies in the San Antonio area.” 

About San Antonio Car Key Pros: 

San Antonio Car Key Pros is a family-owned and operated locksmith company than has been in operation since 2007. The company provides fast, reliable and professional residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. San Antonio Car Key Pros is a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith service and enjoys a high rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They are also a part of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. 

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Address: 124 North Main Avenue,
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Phone: (210) 960-8984


Austin, TX; 24, October 2017: There is a lot of concern among small and midsized businesses in Austin about the sharp increase in the crime rate. While the Great Recession of 2008 is finally behind us, crime remains a major area of concern. Local Austin businesses often get into situations where they have to fend for themselves against burglaries, break-ins, robbery and shoplifting, without much support from the grossly overworked law enforcement.

That explains why reliable commercial locksmith companies such as Pros On Call are in such demand. Pros On Call is a leading provider of lock and key services and security solutions to businesses within the Austin area. They have recently announced that they would be providing installation services including CCTV installation for local businesses. CCTVs are today widely used by businesses to watch out for shoplifters and potential burglars.

Mr. Uberoi the media manager for Pros On Call said in an interview with the local press, “There is a lot of pressure on businesses in the Austin area because of the rising crime rate. A lot of businesses are desperate for help and we were compelled to act. We are licensed commercial locksmiths and certified to carry out installation of security systems for businesses within Austin. There is already a huge demand for our new CCTV installation service. Most business owners want CCTV cameras installed on their premises as this makes them feel a lot safer. Anyone who wants to hire our services is welcome to call us on our 24/7 helpline. Our team of dedicated locksmith technicians is always and on the call and ready to help.”

Mr. Uberoi added that his company was on a hiring spree and was actively looking for the best business security experts and skilled commercial locksmith technicians capable of meeting the urgent requirements of local businesses in the Austin area.

About Pros On Call Locksmith:

Pros On Call is a leading commercial locksmith company that offers a range of security solutions to local businesses. Pros On Call is a family owned and operated business, highly regarded for their prompt customer service and quick response time. They provide a full range of commercial locksmith services.

For Media Contact:
Address: D201, 111 W Anderson Ln
Austin, TX 78752
Phone: (888) 601-6005