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It’s not the particular animals or plants you eat that matter, but the nutritional value of your food. Highly processed meals put unnatural chemicals and preservatives into your body that damage your internal organs and drain your energy. A primary contributor to your health, and therefore a central element in the ReBalance 360 program, is the quality of your nutrition.

  • Do you run out of energy late in the day? Do you drink caffeine-laden drinks to compensate? The nutritional value of the food you eat determines your energy levels all day. Learn how the foods you eat influence your health and well-being. Transform your diet to power your health!
  • Do you know if you’re getting the recommended daily minimum ofyour vitamins and minerals? Vitamins like vitamin C are vital for your immune system to operate effectively. Supplements can help in the short-term, but discover the long-term benefits of vitamin intravenous infusions.
  • Are you always so busy that you have to eat on the run? Fast food can never replace nutritious meals. Your long-term health depends on consuming high-quality food in a way that promotes digestion. Learn how eating well helps you lose weight.
Tuesday, December 25, 2018