28, August 2017: There are numerous temples, shrines and religious sites in the world that people would love to visit and know more about them. The travel blog Templeseeker is created by Amy Trumpeter for helping people to explore those amazing unusual sites that can offer different religious and spiritual teachings to the mankind. Amy has studied Religions and Theology at the University of Manchester and her blog reveals many startling facts these historical and religious places around the world. 

Amy herself has traveled many places, from the holy land Israel to Japan and India. She describes about some of the stunning religious sites in Israel that are associated with three different religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. According to her, the Israel holy land is archeologically and spiritually unfathomable, and one can spend several days or weeks exploring the beauty and religious teachings that the place has in its core. 

The church lady blog enumerates an impressive list of churches and temples, guiding people to visit these places for their religious and spiritual awakening. Amy lists out top 5 churches of Jerusalem in her blog, which includes Peter in Gallicantu, Dormition Abbey, Church of Mary Magdeline, Church of All Nations, and Church of the Holy Sepulchre. All these churches feature a unique architecture and have their own religious values and people may not find their mention in other church blogs. 

Amy’s solo female travel blog brings a spectacular array of religious sites that are little known to the mankind. The blog features a Japan shrine list that will reveal a wealth of religious architecture for interested travelers, bloggers and others. According to the blog, the shrines in Japan are meant for everyone who is looking for a tranquil escape from his/her busy life. Moreover, these shrines can enrich people with a plenty of spiritual knowledge. 

With her blog, Amy reveals several interesting and startling facts to the readers. Templeseeker discloses the oldest temple in the world, the biggest temple in the world and the largest temple in the world. To know about them, one can visit the blog 

About Templeseeker: 

Templeseeker is a niche travel blog that offers real people advice about how to travel to the world’s most amazing historic and religious sites. It also supports others who wish to earn an income as a digital nomad to stay on the road. The creator of the blog, Amy Trumpeter loves to help people who want to travel to the most interesting and remote Churches and temples around the world. 

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