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New Organization Offering Hope and Opportunity to Seniors

Brick, NJ; 29, December 2017: Live Past 100 Well is a website that offers help and information to seniors and those over 50 on living a longer and more fulfilling life. Every day they post up new information and articles that can help you live a better life. At you will find a site created by seniors and for seniors with latest news and information to help you prosper.

The site includes topics on just about any aspect that could affect your life including information on how to analyze yourself and improve yourself. Whether your goal is to become more fit and/or attractive to find a new mate or it's to make some more money or even improve yourself to have better relationships the site has information that can help you.

Live Past 100 Well is an advocacy that aims to teach seniors and help seniors to be as successful as possible and live the longest, healthiest life possible. As they grow they want to help with policies, information and anything else that can affect your life.

They even provide courses, quizzes and tests that can help you improve your lifestyle through self awareness. Right now most information on the site is completely free and doesn't even require you to sign up, but for courses and other premium information there is an extremely low yearly fee which is about the price of a cup of coffee at your local premium coffee shop.

For additional information please contact: Chuck Stephens at Live Past 100 Well by phone ((732) 831-7500) or email (

You will also find further information on their web site at

About Live Past 100 Well: was created by seniors for seniors as a way to empower seniors to live a longer, healthier life and make seniors more knowledgable about their rights, and to educate them. It is a new organization that has strong support and currently growing at an incredible pace. They are an open minded group and will listen to ideas for improvement and you could help mold them into an even greater resource for seniors.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Chuck Stephens
Company: Live Past 100 Well
Phone: (732) 831-7500

Friday, December 29, 2017