25, December 2017: It is not always an easy task to find a good home remodel contractor who is reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective according to California’s leading home contractor Marc Gieselmann, who recently released a new home remodeling service video. 

Gieselmann, who owns and operate HK Construction, Inc., headquartered in Poway, CA, said he created the video, located on Youtube at, to educate homeowners with insiders information so they don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous contractors. 

“How do you know you chose the right one until the contractor is done? Or do you really know for sure? What if it looks good on the outside but it’s all wrong on the inside? What if he used sub-par materials or hired help with little to no experience? These are questions that you need to get honest answers to before you engage the services of a home remodeling contractor,” said Gieselmann. 

In this new home remodeling service video about how to find a good home remodel contractor, Gieselmann teaches viewers how to avoid problems by showing them what to look for in a contractor before they even talk to one. 

“I’ll also reveal the right questions to ask so you don’t get tricked into a bad experience,” added Gieselmann. 

Following are some of the things viewers will learn from the new HK Construction Service Video: 

• How to screen prospective contractors quickly before even talking to them so you can save time in your search.
• How to meet with a contractor without wasting time asking all the wrong questions so you can find the best one for you quicker.
• How to avoid becoming a victim of these 5 common contractor scams so you can rest assured that your project goes smoothly.

“You’ll find this service video necessary, because it will save you time and money, helps you avoid unnecessary hassle and needless aggravation, and ensure you get your home remodeling project done right, on time, and for a fair price,” noted Gieselmann. 

The new service video covers in detail the following topics: 

• How to Screen Prospective Contractors Quickly
• Meeting with Contractors and Getting Quotes
• Avoid Becoming a Victim of these 5 Common Contractor Scams

“We hope you’ll find the video presentation to be informative and helpful,” said a confident Gieselmann, who has been running his company, HK Construction since the early 1990s. With nearly 1,000 successfully completed home remodeling projects under his belt he has happy clients all over San Diego County. It has also achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau Great reviews on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List and more. 


HK Construction, Inc., founded by Marc Gieselmann, is family owned and operated since we began in 1990. The company specializes in home remodeling contractor services. This includes room additions, loft additions, ageing in place remodeling, home renovation, handicap and elder care additions, roofing, driveways, outdoor remodelling, decks and much more. No job too big or too small, we handle it all. See our construction services page for more information. 

For further information, contact:
Company: HK Construction, Inc.
Person Name: Marc Gieselmann, Owner
Phone: 858-748-6580


22, December 2017: Betting Sites aims to provide unbiased, accurate information and reviews on bookmakers, betting exchanges, spread betting brokers, and all other betting site services for their audience. Betting Sites want everybody to have an enjoyable, responsible betting experience. 

Sites Covered By Betting Sites 

There’s a never ending list of sites covered by Betting Sites. Here’s an idea of the sort of sites you can find: 

* Betway
* Sun Bets
* Fun88
* Sport Nation
* Royal Panda
* Ladbrokes
* Ole777

With Betting Sites easy to use website, you can easily see the trending betting sites, free bets available, and ratings/recommendations. You can also get a free £10 voucher from Betting Sites, as well as see the top betting events and special offers from other sites. 

As an extra resource for their audience, Betting Sites keep a blog outlining match previews and odds, as well as other useful information. 

More About Betting Sites
Betting Sites provide promotional sign up offer information from all the betting sites reviewed and listed. These may be in the form of free bets, betting bonuses, deposit bonuses, enhanced odds, and no risk bets. 

It is Betting Sites goal to provide to the point, accurate reviews with all of the necessary information that will help you to choose the ideal betting sites for you to use. The reviews will provide quick insights into the pros and cons of each site, so you can decide which one to use in a flash. With over 50 years of combined experience in online gaming marketing, Betting Sites' editorial team are at the forefront when it comes to analysing betting sites and services. 

One Click Ratings And Reviews
Betting Sites offers the opportunity for the betting community to leave one-click ratings and reviews on services they have used and share their own experiences to further enhance user's understanding of the betting services available.

Why Use Betting Sites?
Betting Sites offer quick and accurate insight into all UK regulated betting services and provide information on each of the sites, as well as editorial and community ratings and reviews. This helps users to make a quick decision on what is right for them. Users will also be able to take advantage of several exclusive sign up promotions and all the standard free bet offers for each of the betting sites listed. 

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Name: William Tucker
Telephone: 0845 686 0913


United States of America; 22, December 2017: Trading in currencies has been attractive all around the world. People love the risks attached to currency trading. The emergence of various open trading networks is promoting trade in cryptocurrencies. Traders need to make sure that they contact a professional with good experience in order to earn good profits. One of the companies that have come up with an interactive trading platform includes TrustyHour Ltd. 

It is important to go through a proper research before starting trading and investment. In order to make trust payment the traders need to rely on the platform. Going through reviews and reading the statistics make the job easier for the traders. Clients need to go through the details of the platform in order to make sure that they are aware of the trading process. It is important to learn the tricks of the trade in order to master it. Staying in touch with the professionals makes the job much easier. Clients can either get in touch through the live chat or they can contact them through email. The professionals are experienced and they make sure that the clients get the value for their money. 

The instant payment option gives the clients an advantage to get their returns faster than expected. They can get hourly returns and the traders have the option to withdraw according to their requirements. The interactive platform focuses on the ease of use for the traders. They provide a complete detail of the graph of client’s earnings. Improving the earning is only possible by learning he trade and staying in touch with the experienced professionals. The website is completely secure and the professionals use SSL certificate in order to provide secure payment system. Going through the investor stats on the website gives an idea of the investor confidence for the new clients. While trading in any platform the clients make trust deposit. Companies make sure that they live up to the expectation and there is no trust deficit. TrustyHour Ltd makes it easier for the clients by providing them efficient solutions for their trade. 

In order to trade with ease the clients are always in search of a company that stays in constant touch with them. The 24 hour service provided by TrustyHour Ltd makes sure that the client queries are answered as and when they require help. To trust instant one need to go through the feedback of the old clients that have been trading through the platform. Reading the reviews helps in making a smart decision. 

About TrustyHour Ltd: 

TrustyHour Ltd is a firm based in United States that provides an innovative interface to help people deal in cryptocurrency. They have been in this field for a long time now. In order to know more about the company one can visit the above mentioned website. 

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Company: TrustyHour Ltd


20, December 2017: In the past, it has been a struggle for hairdressers and people looking to give their ‘do some oomph to find premium quality human hair extensions with no synthetic fibers. This is the exact reason GT Hair Boutique created their own brand of premium hair extensions that can be treated exactly like human hair, as they contain no synthetic fibers.

Hair Extensions on Offer from GT Hair Boutique

There are two main collections on offer from GT Hair Boutique:
* The Diamond collection - the best quality available. There are no higher grade hair extensions out there.
* The Gold collection - superior quality hair extensions while remaining value for money.
* Diamond sew in extensions
* Tape in extensions
* Gold sew in extensions
* Clip in extensions
* One piece hair extensions
* Full lace wigs
* Lace front wigs
* Micro loop extensions

GT Hair Boutique have been providing customers with an immaculate beauty experience for over 2 decades, so they know exactly what customers want and need when it comes to hair extensions.

More about Hair Extensions from GT Hair Boutique

The hair extensions from GT Hair Boutique are 100% human hair, with no synthetic fibers like 99% of brands out there. The hair is hand picked and graded to ensure they meet quality standards, and can be washed, styled, colored, and cut just as you would treat your own hair.
These extensions were created as there was a gap in the market for premium quality hair extensions, and GT Hair Boutique believe they have finally filled the gap.

You’ll feel the difference with these premium quality hair extensions - GT Hair Boutique will send you a free sample to prove it. Just pay shipping.

GT Hair Boutique Resources

On the GT Hair Boutique website you can find resources to help you learn more about extensions and caring for your hair. For example:
* Choosing authentic virgin hair
* Crochet braids
* Making sure you look your best even with damaged hair

Wholesale Orders

GT Hair Boutique offers seamless wholesale options for hair salons as well as beauty supply retailers. They make it quick and easy for hair salons and beauty supply retailers in Canada to be supplied with premium quality human hair extensions and wigs. The orders are shipped from Canada directly to your door. Wholesale orders minimum as low as 6 bundles with volume discounts.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Nathan Henry
Company: GT Hair Boutique
Phone: 1-226-777-7071


United Kingdom; 19, December 2017: There are interesting accessories being sold through online platforms. Some of the must-haves that are in trend can be bought through online stores that keep updating their stock. It is important to trust on an online platform that provides quality products at cost effective rates. One of the website that has come up with innovative accessories for gays is eGay Shop.

You need to make a proper research in order to buy some trendy dresses and accessories. The gay underwear available at eGay Shop is available in different colours and it is comfortable too. Buyers can have a look at the products and their images. There are details mentioned on the website and one can have a detailed look in order to get an idea of the product that they purchase. The gay store makes sure that the requirements of the buyers are adhered. Buyers can get in touch with the professionals on the website. They can contact the professionals through the live chat and discuss their queries.

Gay shopping can be difficult as the products are not available everywhere. eGay Shop aims to fulfil all the requirements of gays and acts as a one stop mall for men. Their accessories include bags, phone cases, wallets and much more. In order to meet all the requirements one needs to go through the list of products in detail. Reading and researching about the product helps in making a smart purchase. Buyers also get the option to track their order once they make a purchase. They just need to go through the track order option and enter the id given to them.

The gay shop also has compression pants and bow ties. The products are creative enough and the main focus is on providing value for the money. Clothing according to the trend is never easy. One needs to be aware of the recent trends and the dresses that are in fashion. Staying connected with an online store helps in purchasing a trendy dress that meets the current fashion. The online store keeps updating its stock from time to time. In order to stay updated with the latest additions and having a look at new designs, buyers can subscribe with the website.

Gay clothing different drawstrings, jockstrap, G strings, etc. There are interesting designs of coats and jackets too. There are wide variety of options in this online mall that meets the requirements of gays. Buyers also have the facility to select their desired currency while making a purchase. There are sex toys for gays also available in the store and buyers can order them from any region.

About eGay Shop:

eGay Shop is a company based in the UK. They sell their products through the online store. The company supplies products to different regions around the world. One can have a look at the above mentioned website in order to have a look at the products.

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Company: eGay Shop


Australia; 18, December 2017: An entrepreneurial venture is already a demanding routine that keeps the individual in a fix. It is natural as setting up a business required a setup and an infrastructure that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing that ensures optimal customer comfort and satisfaction. Commercial and service establishments demand interior design and furniture that is related to the service the business is providing to its clients. The modern society is used to the idea that an aesthetically pleasing business setup ensures that the services rendered by the same will be up to the mark.

Knightsbridge Furniture is an Australian company that associates itself with the e-tailing of commercial and functional furniture. They carry out their business operations through a commercially designed and fully equipped web store. It takes the online data of the customer by using cookies and come up with search results of furniture that will serve the unique needs of the customer. The restaurant chairs Tasmania, café chairs Tasmania and Bariatric chairs Melbourne are the top-selling commodities on the web store. The web store is equipped with advanced features like quotation services. It allows the user to get a quotation for their furniture after they provide the details of their unique needs and specification details.

The banquette and booth seating Sydney and banquette and booth seating Melbourne is the chart-topping pieces of furniture sold by the company since it was established. The company previously sourced their furniture from third-party manufacturers who guaranteed quality assured products made using the highest raw materials. The company recently came up with their manufacturing unit and designing a wing that enables them to address customized requests coming from their client pool worldwide. Knightsbridge also deals in Bariatric Chairs Sydney and aged care dining chairs Melbourne which is presently the chart-toppers regarding popularity, sales, and functionality.

They also render customized furniture solutions to their international and national clients as per their unique requirements and demands. The web store of the company is made using state of the art algorithm that produces the same capable of providing unique search results as per the taste and preference of the customer. They provide their customers with individual variations of customized and contemporary furniture designs with industrial grade built quality. The company made a name for themselves as a customer-centric organization. They based their business policy to render the best customer service to their client base. To make sure that their products are free from manufacturing flaws, the company put together a team of quality assurance inspectors who keep an eye out for the same.

About Knightsbridge Furniture:

Knightsbridge Furniture is based in Australia and is associated with the retail of quality assured and customized furniture solutions for commercial settings. They carry out their business operations through their intricately designed web store.

For Media Contact:
Company: Knightsbridge Furniture
Phone: 1300 183 903


United States of America; 18, December 2017: The support of a relationship coach plays a crucial role in people suffering from relationship issues. There are various professionals that aim to help the youngsters that face different problems in their relationships. It is important to stay in touch with the professional relationship coach that has the experience in this field. One of the professionals who have been helping many people from different regions is Dr. Gillian Joseph.

It is important to make a proper research before finalizing a relationship coach. Their coaching deals with various aspects including intimate coaching. One cannot share this with everyone and it is only possible to share these things with a person who has been in this field for a long time. People go to a coach through referrals or by going through their testimonials. Dr. Gillian Joseph is one such coach who has been in this field for a long time now. She provides help to people of both genders. The biggest advantage with the doctor is that she has experience in this field and she understands how to make people feel comfortable.

Performing women, men & couples coaching kink is not an easy task. A professional who deals with such matters has the experience of making people comfortable and discussing various life healing issues with them. In today’s world many people are facing stress and depressions issues. A depression is one such situation that can cause relationship problems too. Proper training from a good coach can help in getting rid of any kind of problem.

Clinical sexologist helps in solving various relationship issues by providing training to men as well as women. It is not easy to discuss these issues and one needs help of a professional to discuss personal relationship problems. A good relationship coach can help in leading life to its full potential. In order to focus on the goals in life and going up the ladder one needs to have an idea of the solutions to a specific problem. A personable environment makes it easier for people to get rid of any problem. Creating an environment of trust and belief can help in solving many issues.

Trust intimacy is one of the biggest factors that can help in building a healthy relationship. Trustworthiness makes the relationship stronger and makes it easier for couples to lead a healthy life. If a person is not satisfied with the actions of his or her partner then it can lead to different issues between the couples. In order to get rid of such problems one needs the help of a doctor of the stature of Dr. Gillian Joseph.

About Dr. Gillian Joseph:

Dr. Gillian Joseph is one such relationship coach who is known for her work in the field of life coaching issues. In order to know more about her one can visit the above mentioned website.

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Person: Dr. Gillian Joseph
Company: Evolving Path
Phone: 780-591-0061


London, UK; 16, December 2017: Occasions and ceremonies is a time when people and families come together to lose themselves in happiness and reunite with their inner self. Any form of thefamily functionis always celebrated with fanfare and revelry,but there are some once in a lifetime occasions that ask for extra attentionregardingwedding videography. Engagement parties and wedding functions are those occasions that come into the lives of people once. Every man and woman, irrespective of their ethnic background, plan on settling with their loved one at a certain point in their lives.It is an era that is often touted as the digital age and the validity of the saying, ‘Matches are made in heaven’ is undeniable.

When looking at the bigger picture, every bachelor and bachelorette dreams of being a part of an extravagant wedding ceremony for themselves. They dream of an event that is filled with extravagant details whose moments of will remain in the minds of their friends and relatives for years to come. Royal Bindi Film & Photography Co is based in the United Kingdom with its headquarters located in the heart of Landon. They are associated with the professional shooting of still photographs and video with particularexpertise in Asian Wedding Photography, Sikh Wedding Photography, etc. The services are offered in several fee structures charged as per the budget of the clients. It ensures that everyone gets the chance to enjoy the premium services provided by the firm.

The company has a professional team of Indian Wedding Photographer and Asian Wedding Photographer under its payroll that comes from a skilled background and is vetted personally by the founding members before hiring them. When a media team is sent to a particular venue, it consists of two separate units. One collects the media, the other is responsible for on spot raw mixing and filtering of both audio and video materials. Every candid and intricate detail is captured by the professionals so that the final result presents the client with memorable moments that they can cherish for years to come at the press of a ‘play’ button.

The present and past clients of the company associate the firm with their high-quality work and masterful use of cinematic elements in their videos. They have special expertise is capturing Muslim wedding videography, Indian Wedding videography, etc. to their clients in non-UK communities and NRI households living all over the United Kingdom.

About Royal Bindi Film & Photography Co. :

Royal Bindi Film & Photography Co. is video and photo capturing organization operating out of the United Kingdom. They are headquartered in London and specialize in covering all the media related requirements of ethnic groups residing in the country. For further details, feel free to contact the firm and get a quotation free of charge.

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Company: Royal Bindi
Phone: 0208 090 2180


China; 16, December 2017: Many often, an artist becomes a philanthropist and dedicates his/her part of career life to charity. Chinese Pianist Shizhe Shen is one of those rare artists who inspire others with her music and charity works. Recently, a charity music room was built after her name in Xiangxi to commemorate her dedication to charity.

Born in 1994, Shizhe Shen received her first piano lesson at the age of 6 with Ms Hua Wang. After completing her studies with Professor Bin Su at the middle school attached to the Wuhan Conservatory of Music, she moved to England with a full scholarship to study at both the Purcell School of Music and the pre-college of Royal Academy of Music under Professor Tessa Nicholson and then at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover (HMTMH) with Professor Arie Vardi.

Shizhe Shen started showing her talent in playing the piano since very early and won numerous competitions in China, including the 1st prize at the "Qintai piano competition", the top national "Song Qinglin scholarship", the 1st and the Absolute prize at the prestigious "China Golden Melody piano competition". When she moved to Europe, she also won several recognitions, such as the 1st prize at the Purcell School Concerto Competition, the 1st prize at the Christopher Duke Piano Competition and the 3rd prize at the Louisiana International Piano Competition.

Now she is being invited to give many master classes in piano. As one of the most promising pianist of her generation, she has received many enthusiastic reviews as well. Professor Arie Vardi describes her as “a natural born performer and a great artist”.

Shizhe Shen gave her first performance at the age of 7. Since then she has been invited to give numerous concerts at the most prestigious concert halls in China including the Changsha Concert Hall, Hunan Grand Theatre, Hunan Concert Hall, Kaiyuan Grand Theatre Concert Hall, Huangzhong Concert Hall, Bianzhong Concert Hall. As well as in Europe and the United States such as Steinway Concert Hall, Wigmore Hall, Coughlin-Saunders Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall, Reinberger Hall at Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ulsan Concert Hall (Korea), Rossini-Saal, Regentenbau Bad Kissingen (Germany), Krakow Philharmonic Hall, among others. Her performance of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 with the Rapides Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Roberto Gianola was successfully broadcasted over the world.

As one of the most outstanding pianist of her generation, Shizhe Shen has been invited to perform at several music festivals such as "Kissinger Klavier Olympic" “30th Kissinger Sommer", Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad. She also played a few compositions by the famous French composer Thierry Escaich at the festival and received great recognition by the composer himself.

About Shizhe Shen:

Shizhe Shen is a Chinese pianist who has won many accolades for her playing piano talent and has performed in many prestigious events worldwide. Shizhe Shen is now Artist in Residence and artist director at PinYa Media, which is now considered as one of the most important media companies for classical music in China.


Austin, Texas; 07, December 2017: Hamsters are a popular choice for both grown-ups and children. Hamsters are a distant relative that belongs to the family of rodents and can live for up to two years when taken care of properly and house alone. They come in various sizes and color a trait that is a direct indication of its breed. Different breeds of hamsters have different personality traits that can often become the number one preference for a pet owner while at the pet shop, picking out their next ball of fur. is an online community that talks about tips and tricks crucial for hamster owners. They also provide honest reviews on hamster cages, health tips, along with tips on how to keep them in optimal health and keep their population within the cage under control.

The website was set up for the sole purpose of providing the confused pet hamster owner with solutions for the plethora of problems they might be facing on a regular basis. After getting steady traffic from its loyal audience for many years, the group teamed up with e-tailing giant Amazon as their affiliate partner. The hosting and maintenance costs are now sponsored by Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed specifically for affiliate partners. The administrating group gets their commission/incentives by engaging in the production of honest reviews. Their reviews are always on leading brands producing best hamster food products available in

The range of hamster accommodation options available online is vast and sifting through the lot to find the best hamster cages is a tough feat to achieve. The enclosures come in various shapes, colors, sizes and of course amenities for the little rodent residents. It is crucial to opt for a cage that has all the facilities required for the convenience of the hamster. Hamster owners often choose the wrong cage for their little pet, and this leads to a sick, fatigued and unhappy hamster. The website not only provides the pet owners with tips for choosing the perfect hamster cage but also with suggestions that would allow them to train their pet hamsters successfully. The website is headed by a separate team of experts that provide prompt answers to the frequently asked questions thrown at them related to training tips for hamsters.

About is a website that is being operated out from Austin the state capital of Texas. The administrating group of the site consists of animal lovers and pet owners. The site publishes weekly posts on the best hamster cage along with tips on how to keep pet hamsters happy. For further details, feel free to visit the official website.

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Company: Best Hamster Cages
Phone: 512-270-3309