21, November 2017: A near endless number of products and items that are used both in the industrial/commercial as well as domestic sectors worldwide have been manufactured using plastic injection molding process. Starting from complex automotive parts to simple bottle caps and from medical/surgical/diagnostic instruments to home appliances are all fabricated using injection molding technology. Virgin plastic granules serve as the basic raw material that is melted considerably to fill up a customized mold through high pressure injection. Once the mould filling cools down sufficiently the molding machine opens up to release the prototype. Sositar Mould Co., Limited is one of the premier plastic manufacturing companies in China, exclusively engaged in producing a range of high-quality plastic molded components for more than 17 years.

Sositar Mould Co., Limited manufactures and supplies custom plastic parts including but not limited to plastic injection parts, 3D print prototypes, mock-ups, high temperature plastic parts, plastic molds, CNC rapid prototypes, silicone brush, PVC fitting mold, and transparent plastic product mold. The enterprise also produces rubber parts, CNC machining prototypes, injection mold for auto parts, customized steel inserts, plastic injection tooling, plastic prototypes, promotional silicone components, silicone keypad, rubber cover, PPSU, and overmolding molds. The manufacturing company has received and continues to receive from world-class multinational/transnational corporations like Aston Martin, BOSCH, DELPHI, Ford, Nissan, and Philips which is a fitting testimony of the high level of craftsmanship it has achieved in its business.

The firm has a very large and sprawling workshop with an area exceeding 3,800 sq. meters where over 150 seasoned toolmakers work diligently to fabricate about 60-80 molds, including precision molded parts, every month. Sositar Mould Co., Limited is also capable of making plastic injection molded pieces and modules weighing up to 1.5kg or presses up to a maximum of 650 tons. The outfit takes advantage of the state-of-the-art web-oriented tools and techniques in order to keep the marketing, management, and production costs under control. Additionally, exploiting the web-based tools also goes a long way in enabling the company to create molds and communicate with its customers with greater efficiency.

Most of the production equipment and machinery installed in Sositar Mould Co., Limited have been sourced mainly from Taiwan and Switzerland. These include 17 milling machines, 11 Charmilles EDM machines, 6 CNC machines, 4 lathes, 10 grinding machines, 7 wire-cutting machines, CMM, a video measurement module, a slow-fed linear cutting machine, and a CMM, and numerous supplementary machineries. The setup specializes in crafting precision molded parts for various companies engaged in automotive, medical, home appliances, sports goods, agricultural/agro-based, home appliances, and numerous other commercial sectors. Sositar Mould Co., Limited has been an ISO9001-2008 accredited company from 2004 which ensures that all its customers are supplied with products that are of the best quality as well as remain functional for years on end.

About Sositar Mould Co., Limited:

Since 1998, Sositar Mould Co., Limited has been producing a wide range of precision molded parts for various enterprises that are the leading commercial organizations in Europe and North America.

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Company: Sositar Mould Co., Limited
Phone: +86-0755-33183226


18, November 2017: Local Poway deck contractor HK Construction shares release of informative video about new deck construction.

HK Construction is a popular deck contractor for new deck construction in Poway, CA. Their construction approach is unique as it emphasizes on listening to your wants and needs, your personal design tastes, how you plan to use the deck and your budget and time frame for completed construction. They happily share their experience and design recommendations to assist you with your planning and decision process.

As experienced deck builders HK Construction is dedicated to craftsmanship and a personal approach to customer service. The decks they build are said to be beautiful, functional and safe and affordable. Their desks are expertly designed and built with high quality materials that will last throughout the life of your house (with proper maintenance and care).

"Home Remodeling is fun so have a great time with it!" exclaims owner Marc Gieselmann as he encourages home owners to envision a fun new reality of adding a new deck to their home. He says engaging one's creativity can allow one's own personality shine through.

He advocates people infusing their own personal style into the design plan of their new deck. "It's your house so why not let everyone know that? You style is your own so let it become part of your home too."

Hire the Best Contractor for the Job Find a contractor who knows your neighborhood and has experience in the type of home remodeling you want. Always check references and reviews prior to hiring a contractor!

Obtaining a competitively-priced contractor with great experience and reviews is the most vital factor in getting your new deck construction project off the ground. With high praise testimonials on video and in writing it is clear that HK Remodel is one of the most experienced, skilled, honest and trustworthy deck construction contractors in San Diego. Watch the new deck construction video here:

Want a price quote on new deck construction? Call HK Construction in Poway, CA 858-748-6580 (serving all San Diego area). Let us know your wants and needs, we'll work up a custom quote just for you for free; no obligation. We just want the best for you! See what we can do for you. It's worth a quick phone call.


For Media Contact:
Owner: Marc Gieselmann, Owner
Company: HK Construction, Inc., Home Remodel Contractors
Service: New Deck Construction
Phone: 858-748-6580


16, November 2017: You probably do not think about it too often, but nearly every family home in the state of Texas has a garage. Garage doors have a lot of moving parts whether it is; manually operated doors, electric garage doors, or roll-away doors, your garage door will need some sort of repair or replacement.

Over the last few years Texas Garage Door has built quite the business. Because of their extreme growth Texas Garage Door has announced that they will be relocating to a new facility. The new facility features a larger storage area, show room and parking lot. We interviewed the manager of the business Daryl Uberoi. Mr. Uberoi said; “All of us here at Texas Garage Door are very excited. To us, it is kinda scary because we are not quite sure yet where we will be relocating to, but at the same time we will be able to more efficiently run our business and to also expand Texas Garage Door”.

When asked about the expenses each month in order to stay in operation Mr Uberoi said this; “Yes, it is a bit of a price increase for monthly rent, however the other staff members and workers all agree that a newer larger facility will make operations easier and more effective for everyone.”

“We have not signed on an exact building yet, but we have our eye on several in the immediate area”. Mr. Uberoi concluded.

No exact dates are planned yet for when they expect to move. Mr. Uberoi expects that the move should be within the next several months.

About Texas Garage Door:

The company has been in business for 3 years. They serve the state of Texas and are licensed in the state. For more information visit their website at

For Media Contact:
Company: Texas Garage Door
Phone: (512) 566-3994


15, November 2017: From the outside looking in, many people would assume that the HVAC industry has seen little technical development or innovation for many years. However, the reality is that drastic and fundamental changes are about to hit the industry, and companies will need to embrace those changes or face the prospect of going out of business very quickly.

In October 2016, an international agreement was reached which effectively froze hydrofluorocarbon production, which has lead to a frenzied search for a new and more environmentally friendly alternative. Companies will need to embrace these changes and potentially invest in training for their technicians to ensure they are up to date with the latest changes and regulations.

Consumers have come to accept that air conditioning is just a standard everyday benefit. However they may not be aware of some of the other benefits of good air conditioning management, and the companies which understand and explain those benefits may well be the companies which grow and expand moving forward. Education could actually become a USP to differentiate between companies.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is also bringing colossal change to the industry, offering the capability for customers to switch their HVAC systems on remotely via their smartphones. This modern technology on its own could potentially save energy consumers significant sums of money in energy costs at a time when energy prices are rising rapidly.

Finally, not all of the advancements in technology need to be directly related to the products themselves. With the rapid growth of the internet, companies need to embrace the internet and utilize its strengths to generate sales. Air National HVAC is an example of a company that understands and has embraced the internet and as a consequence is growing rapidly.

The HVAC world may have remained mostly stagnant for many decades, but all of a sudden there is a wind of change blasting through the industry.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Roger Moore
Company: Press Synergy
Phone: 404-341-2416


10, November 2017: A good massage therapist can relieve all stress and allow a person to recuperate and feel energized. Cloud9 has certified massage therapists who are experienced to offer deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, couples massage and lots more. They are now available to offer massage therapies at client’s locations anywhere in Singapore.

According to the spokesperson of the Outcall massage Singapore, they offer the same-day, in-home massage to clients for a heavenly pleasure and stimulating their body and soul. They have a simple online booking system for anyone to take advantage of their Home Massage Singapore services. The experienced therapists of the company are available seven days a week, including holidays. Besides at home, one can also call them in hotel rooms and can take advantage of an excellent Hotel room massage Singapore service.

The spokesperson reveals that they can also offer corporate office massage Singapore for clients that want their employees to remain fit, stress-free and energized all through the week. There are many corporate clients who care for their workers’ wellness and want them to improve their performance through their body rejuvenation with an excellent massage weekend session during weekends. For all such corporate enterprises, the massage service provider arranges for the Mobile massage Singapore facility, offering them massage services at any location. They also offer mobile apps for anyone to book their massage services through the app.

Outcall Massage provides the massage service that is more like a Mobile spa Singapore, allowing clients to enjoy a therapeutic body massage at their free time and at their preferable place. One can expect the Best massage therapist Singapore to reach their place as per the fixed time schedule to offer a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. One can pick from 60mins, 90mins and 120mins massage sessions and can feel the complete relaxation of body and mind. One can learn more about the Resort spa massage Singapore that has been created by Cloud9 for their customers by visiting the website

About Cloud9:

Cloud9 is passionate about delivering wellness through excellent massage therapies. Could9 is based on the belief that the world should lead a stress free life. They provide a platform for assessable, easily-scheduled wellness plans with a mission of providing treatment for the mind, body, and soul. They believe that everyone deserves balance and peace in life, and offers wellness plans that suit requirements of every individual.

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Company: About Cloud9
Phone: +65 9432 2223


10, November 2017: Are you afraid that wearing a wig will be too noticeable?

Think again.

In today’s day and age, wig creation has been taken to a masterful level. So much in fact, that you probably pass someone on the street every day (or at least consistently) that wears a wig and you didn’t even know it. All you think is, “Wow! I wish I had beautiful hair like that…”

Take some of your favorite celebs, for example.

Celebrities are a great instance of people who are trying to constantly keep up with society trends or simply to Hollywood's demanding image expectationsand keeping up appearances for their long adoring fans. You may look at them in magazines or online and think even with the advent of Photoshop they are models of perfection, but what you may not realize is sometimes there is another addition to all that makeup, angles, clothing, and so on. Celebrities have consistently fooled the public eye with wigs, whether it be for purely aesthetics, medical necessity, or to cover-up the inevitability of aging.

At Declarative Image, we know custom wig wear. We consider ourselves masters of the art and science, and we do it just so you can feel incredible and strong on the outside and the inside. Yet we also realize that you may need a bit more persuasion on the matter of how amazing you can truly look with a custom wig. That’s why we’ve collected these top 15 celebrities that you never knew wore wigs.

1. Charlie Sheen – There has been photographic proof in recent past of the long time star showing evidence of some baldness and then later showing a full head of hair. It’s hard to tell if his hair loss has been due to aging or medical reasons, but he hasn’t let either stand in his way with the use of wig wear.

2. Robert Pattinson – While you may have loved Patterson’s luscious locks in the Twilight franchise, you probably didn’t know that he wore a wig while filming parts of Breaking Dawn: Part 2. According to Glamour and other celebrity news sources, a custom wig was designed to match his hair since he had shaved his head for his role in Cosmopolis. However, others have also mentioned that Patterson has dealt with thinning and receding hair since his early twenties.

3. Kylie Jenner – In case you thought she was just a master at dying her hair and keeping it healthy, the truth is Jenner actually started wearing wigs to get her natural hair back to good health. If you visit her site, you’ll get an up-close and personal view of the reality star’s major wig collection.

4. Chuck Norris – So, we admit, this one is of wide speculation across the internet, but it could be entirely possible. The Walker, Texas Ranger has for many years never shown any signs of aging on the top of his head, so is it a wig or just the fact that even Norris’ hair is an unstoppable force?

5. Sherri Sheperd – Reports have talked about how envious Shepard’s co-hosts on The View are of her wig collection, which apparently covers an entire wall. According to her hair stylists, she prefers wigs over dying her natural hair, in order to prevent damage from the number of products and excessive heat it would otherwise have to endure.

6. John Travolta– Although Travolta has aged well, he hasn’t been able to escape a receding hairline and male pattern baldness, and yet who can tell? The actor is known to wear an essentially undetectable lace wig piece.

7. Gwen Stefani– Ever wonder how Stefani maintains her gorgeous bleach-blond look? She is believed to wear extensions or various wigs when her roots need dyed or her hair needs to repair itself.

8. Emilia Clarke – If you have seen Ms. Clarke in any of her other on-screen appearances, such as Me Before You or Drop the Dog, then you know that her long and beautiful locks in Game of Thrones is actually one of the customized wigs she wears on the show.

9. Debra Messing– The Will and Grace star apparently wore wigs after her pregnancy due to hair loss caused by hormonal changes. She’s not the first to have need to do so for the same reason: Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson have also noted the need, among others.

10. Dame Maggie Smith – Another beloved actress who has worn wigs for roles and for health reasons. In Harry Potter and Downton Abbey she wore wigs to compensate for her real life short hairstyle and hair loss caused by her fight with breast cancer.

11. Dolly Parton – As someone well known for her major up-dos, it may surprise you that Dolly hasn’t mounted her famous locks in hair spray for quite some time. The country singer, actress and philanthropist has worn customized wigs to keep up appearances and recently noted she wears them daily, due to extreme thinning of her hair.

12. Taraji P. Henson– You’ve loved her in her sensational roles like Empire and Hidden Figures, but did you know that Ms. Henson is a regular when it comes to faux hairstyling? Such is usually for portraying her roles and photoshoots, simply to keep up appearances despite loving her natural hair.

13.Charlie Villanueva – This all-American basketball player for the Detroit Pistons has been known to wear wigs due to suffering from Alopecia, an autoimmune disease that results in baldness or hair loss.

14. Keira Knightley – As an A-list actress, Knightley knows the woes of having to consistently dye her hair and the negative effects that can have. Last year she opened up about having to wear wigs previously in order to cover-up the fact that she started to lose her hair. Thankfully after 5 years, her hair grew back in full force during and after her pregnancy.

15. Matthew McConaughey – Alright, alright. Ever notice how in the 90’s, McConaughey started to show signs of balding, and yet now he has a great head of hair? Rumors are that he has previously received a hair transplant or wears a custom wig, particularly since his endorsement for the hair loss product Regenix.

Well, there you have it. As you can see, there is no reason to fear that you won’t look amazing in a customized wig. Declarative Image is guaranteed to help create the perfect custom wigs and hair enhancement solution that will provide you with a new level of confidence and beauty. Contact us today to see how we can truly change your life today!

Declarative Image USAF VETERAN
American Made Exclusive custom high-end handmade wigs & hairpieces.
Insurance Accepted!


09, November 2017: With an international network with marble and stone suppliers, Stone Applications claims to import all types of natural stones for their clients across the UK. They maintain the lowest possible prices and also assist clients in the fabrication, design and installation besides supplying the stone.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they are UK’s one of premier Marble suppliers and installers with great expertise in different stones, such as Ceramics, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Quartz, Sandstone, Slate, and Terrazzo. They source these natural stones from quarries and factories in more than 25 different countries. This is the reason why clients can find a wide variety in their stock. At the same time, they are the leading stone and marble suppliers that follow a stringent quality checking process before shipping stones and other products to their clients.

The spokesperson reveals that they are one of the few stone companies London that maintain a huge warehouse, covering an area of 15,000 square feet. They are capable of stocking an extensive variety of natural stones all the time and can supply it in a timely manner to their clients. According to the spokesperson, unlike other stone companies, they procure stones direct from the source and this enables them to offer products at competitive prices. From an individual client to an industrial client, all can rest assured of the best prices in comparison to other stone suppliers and installers in the UK.

Stone App emerges as a trustworthy Marble London Company that can supply marble or stones as per the precise design specification of the client. This minimizes the wastage of the products and also brings down the project cost. Moreover, the Limestone London Company has a team of stone fixers who have the skill and experience to install marble, limestone, quartz and other materials with dexterity and an awesome finish. Thus, one can take the services of Stone App without seeking help from any stone contractors.

From clients to specialist stone contractors, all can learn more about the products and services that Stone Applications offer by visiting their website

About Stone Applications:

Stone Applications is the UK’s premier importer, supplier and installer of natural stone and alternative solid surfaces, sourcing the finest quality materials direct from quarries across the globe, and combining state-of-the-art fabrication facilities with top craftsmanship to deliver quality and value every time to their clients. By collaborating with some of the world’s largest and most experienced independent buyers of natural stone, they leverage significant buying power to bring their clients superior quality products at the lowest possible prices.

For Media Contact:
Company: Stone Applications
Phone: 44(0) 207 738 7212
Fax: +44 (0)20 7738 7613


09, November 2017: For Asian people, such as people of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin, Loonat Catering Service is a well-known name, offering perfect wedding menus with the taste of their culture. The Asian Catering service has been in the business for over 20 years and has also won several awards for their great food and hospitality. They have now announced their Wedding Menus, covering a variety of delicacies.

According to the spokesperson of the Asian Wedding Caterers, they offer different menus, such as standard, bronze, silver, gold, platinum and signature. A client can pick from one of these menus and can serve a host of traditional cuisine that can remind people about their own country. Each menu offered by the Asian Wedding Catering includes a select number of starters, main course and desserts. Besides, one can also choose from a variety of soft drinks and beverages to please all guests attending the wedding reception.

The spokesperson reveals that they keep in mind the cultural values and traditions of the families while designing the wedding menu. They can provide an authentic Halal Catering for families and people who eat Halal food only. The raw meats are procured from the authentic sources and they claim to be one of the few Halal Caterers that never compromise on the quality and value the sentiments of the people. Besides, they take care of the wedding theme and plan the menu that could be in sync with the theme.

The Asian Catering Services takes every possible care that clients get the best selection of foods in their budget. With a team of experienced chefs, the Indian Wedding Catering service is capable of offering the best delicacies that come from different parts of the country. Whether planning a wedding menu for a north Indian family or a south Indian family, it will have the perfect spread of food for everyone. At the same time, Loonat enjoys the privilege of being the best Halal Wedding Caterers in the UK.

One can check their different types of wedding menus by visiting the website

About Loonat Catering Services

Loonat Catering Services, started over 20 years ago, is one of the first Halal Caterers in the UK. It is a family run business which was established by Hafez Miya Ahmed Loonat. The catering service comprises of numerous experienced chefs. They specialize in authentic Indian Catering and event management nationwide. Having initially started off as Asian Wedding Caterers, it has now expanded and branched out into several different markets.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Ebrahim Loonat
Company: Loonat Catering Services
Phone: 0800 505 3229


08, November 2017: due to the high technological advancements and globalization effects, there has been a massive impact in various sectors of industries. The industrial revolution has made a remarkable rise in the quality of goods and services of several organizations. It is to be noted that these days’ people are less known by their face or personal behavior and more by their business cards they carry representing the company. With the massive developments in the technical sectors, and recently for digitalization people are keener to use digital money rather than the conventional mode of transactions. Debit and credit cards are in high fashion nowadays and the age-old currency bills and government bonds previously used are no longer in trend. They have lost their importance and are now less convenient when compared to the electronic mode of transactions.

Plastic Card Online.Inc has been dealing in keycards printing process and other related plastic card printing solutions. The company has its clientele on a global scale, and presently, they provide their services to its customers from 80 different regions all across the world.

Many companies have exciting offers for their customers with loyalty points on their cards through which they can redeem the points and get considerable discounts on various purchases of articles or services. This offer has been adopted by several companies to hold the loyalty of the customers and gain future business. The customer also, on the other hand, lays its commitment with the company and also enables him to win different contests and get heavy discounts on goods purchased which would pacify him to make more transactions with the company. Plastic Card Online.Inc has an average printing capability for loyalty cards printing for producing approximately 20 million cards every month. The firm holds an active partnership with the big corporations and continues to satisfy their demands with their excellent artwork, innovative manufacturing tools and designing machinery. It helps to provide the card with excellent quality material and texture giving it a sober look.

Plastic Card Online.Inc also has an ample supply of plastic VIP cards manufactured by advanced pieces of machinery, innovative technologies, and excellent designing tools. The designing team comprises of talented professionals. Customer satisfaction and quick delivery system contribute to the success of the company. In fact, at times the goods are delivered to the customers on or even before the scheduled time.

About Plastic Card Online.Inc:

Plastic Card Online.Inc is a card printing solution provider located in Hong Kong and has acquired worldwide acclaim for its plastic card printing methods and varieties of creative plastic cards. It has been winning hearts for more than a decade and fulfills desires of business institutions on a global base.

For Media Contact:
Company: Plastic Card Online.Inc
Phone: 0085281916581


North Carolina; 08, November 2017: The human society has reduced itself into the cobs and gears of a huge mechanical contraption. The everyday life of the modern man or woman has become mundane and filled with stress with little to no time for themselves or their families. To take some time out from it all every now and then, people are turning their attention to health and wellness retreats and wellness retreat that promises a break from the mundane roundabout of the urban life. It is evident that since the market is flooded with facilities that promise relief to their clients from the problems they are going through. Most of these facilities are not capable of delivering satisfactory results when it comes to fitness and weight loss retreat due to inadequate management and unprofessional attitude. 

Skyterra Wellness Retreat is a fitness and weight-loss facility that operates out of North Carolina. The facility is administered by a capable and professional team of individuals that combine professional programs with the daily routine of the client. It is a useful method of maximizing the effects of the fitness/weight-loss regime and be relieved from stress. The facility believes in the power of leading a simple life that is close to nature and the power of natural detoxification. A natural and uncomplicated approach towards the goal a weight loss spa and heal psychologically is the key to a healthy mind and fit body. The facility maintains a daily schedule of several fitness retreat routines accompanied with constant opportunities for the client to explore the natural beauty of the North Carolina Mountains. 

The beautiful weather and stunning visuals of the surrounding location of the facility plays a crucial role in the physical and psychological healing of the clients. The center is located on the east of the Rocky Mountains and has one of the highest waterfalls situated in the back of the facility. The stress management programs of the weight loss retreats do not consist of fad diet routines, nor exaggerated presentations behind closed doors. The experts at the facility believe in natural healing and have gone the extra mile to formulate routines that include added hours out amidst nature. The accommodations in the retreat can be compared to that of a luxurious hotel and famous primarily for the quiet nights, and luxurious rooms. The facility provides carefully balanced, natural whole foods to their guests that ensure full nutrition for the body and accelerates the healing process. 

About Skyterra Wellness Retreat: 

Skyterra Wellness Retreat is a natural weight loss and fitness vacation facility that operates out of the state of North Carolina. The center specializes in several programs and routines that ensure physiological and psychological healing of the mind and body. For further details, feel free to visit the official website of the facility mentioned above. 

For Media Contact:
Company: Skyterra Wellness Retreat & Weight Loss Spa
Phone: 1 (828) 476-4658