13, May 2016: Version 8.5 of KioWare for Windows is now available. The latest release of KioWare for Windows adds support for RFID Scanners, Flatbed Scanners, Watchport Devices, and System Battery Monitors, in addition to other improvements and fixes.


Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released a new version of their KioWare for Windows kiosk software, running on the Chromium Browser Engine. KioWare kiosk software products lock down your device into kiosk mode, which secures the overall operating system, home screen and usage of applications.

Version 8.5 of KioWare for Windows (Lite, Basic, & Full with Server) now supports Chrome 49. The latest version adds support for switching between virtual keyboard languages. There is also a new User Interface for File Upload Controls and choosing a file download destination.

This provides kiosk deployers with the ability to manage file uploads and downloads without opening the entire file system to kiosk users. Version 8.5 of KioWare Basic for Windows and KioWare Full for Windows also adds device support for a number of oft requested devices. RFIDeas RFID Scanners are now supported for reading RFID tags. Support for Flatbed Scanners has also been added. Monitored devices such as the Watchport/H and Watchport/T (for Humidity & Temperature monitoring) are also now supported. System Battery Monitoring is also now available. For a full device list, visit our supported devices tool .

Current support is required in order to update.

View a full description of features added for this and other version of the KioWare product line. All of these products are available as a free trial with nag screen. Existing clients have the ability to upgrade .

KioWare has been providing OS, desktop, and browser lockdown security for the kiosk and self-service industry since 2001.

About KioWare:

KioWare kiosk software secures your application or website on Windows or Android devices, restricting user access to approved behaviors and protecting user and network data. KioWare is fully customizable and offers solutions ranging from browser lockdown to full server-based kiosk management. From simple out of the box configurations to more complex integrations, KioWare is trusted by developers, IT professionals, marketers, Fortune 100 corporations, and small business owners. The KioWare team is based in York, Pennsylvania, with an office located in Reading, UK. Choose the best KioWare product for your self-service project and download a fully functioning free trial at

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Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China, 12, May 2016: China based Zigong Chuangying Intelligent Technology Company announces to supply dinosaur costumes, animatronic dinosaurs, fiberglass sculptures etc that can be installed in amusement parks, zoos and other places. These costumes and models can be an excellent way to learn about this Jurassic age animal, which has now no existence on our planet. Besides, a realistic dinosaur costume can be a tremendous source of fun and amusement.

The company supplies a wide variety of realistic dinosaur costumes that feature vivid movements for a realistic appearance. A performer can easily get into the costumes and can perform for several minutes with head, tail, neck and other movements to enthrall the audience. The costume features an easy to control mechanism, allowing a performer to move different parts of the dinosaur in a fun manner. The company also provides learning videos, and one can easily learn to perform wearing the costume in just two weeks.

The walking dinosaur costume can bring fun and excitement for people visiting parks, amusement centers, exhibitions and other places. The costumes feature different body movements and coordinating sounds that make its appearance more realistic. The costume has a screen and a performer can see outside through a camera. Although the costume weighs more than 20 kg, but one can easily move along to make it dynamic and more exciting for the onlookers or the audience.

Besides, offers a range of animatronic animals, including animatronic deers, animatronic tigers, animatronic pandas, animatronic crocodiles and other animals. One can find various animatronic dinosaur models, available in different sizes and different colors. The models are made from fiberglass, steel parts, foam and other materials that give a realistic appearance to the models. The dinosaur models feature actual roaring and breathing sounds and can allow a user to make different body movements. supplies all dinosaur costumes and models with the quality standard certification that ensure the quality of the products. In order to learn more about the animal costumes and models they supply one can visit their website .

About Zigong Chuangying Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Zigong Chuangying Intelligent Technology Company is located in the National High-Tech Industrial Zone of Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China. The company covers an area of over 3000 square meters and currently employs more than 110 staffs. The company’s core technology team is composed of some top talents having at least 12 years of relevant working experience. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, exhibiting and renting of Animatronic Dinosaur, Artificial Animal, Dinosaur fossil, Dinosaur costume, Dinosaur ride, Dinosaur skeleton, and fiberglass sculptures.

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Sichuan Province, China
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12, May 2016: Are you looking for the best training providers for your education? My SIA Licence is your leading training provider based in London who will cater you with only the most credited courses that will land you a job. This is your chance to build your dreams. My SIA Licence moves you closer to your dream career and dream life.

As education really matters, we all want to be in an institution who gives the same value and importance to it. One of the well-known training providers today is My SIA License that offers flexible vocational and security courses for all enrollees. The institution is a certified and licensed training provider that has been delivering their services for several years now. SIA license checker is trusted in the industry to give nothing but the best results out of their investment.

My SIA training courses are handed over by some of the highly qualified trainers in the world who are adept with the subject areas that they handle. Most significantly, their trainers are known to provide first-hand experience in their respective fields. My SIA Licence concentrates in delivering high standard training and education to all students in accompanying them towards their goals in life. With SIA security training options, you have higher possibilities of getting a job based on the training course that you have chosen.

Offering a wide variety of subject area, My SIA Licence is an institution that provides a complete set of choices in whatever field you want to be involved. Getting SIA Licence as your partner in creating a brighter future guarantees you to have a more abundant life, which is the result of your dedication to finish your course. Furthermore, the institution is expecting to innovate, develop, and offer more vocational training courses that will take you to a better life and future ahead.

You can be one of the many lucky students who are now experiencing the fruit of their labor and hard work because of My SIA Licence. Today, we need to be more practical and wise most especially in selecting an education partner who should only be interested in delivering the highest standard training courses for their students to meet their expectations. Most importantly, the institution that you opt for must have full package of learning technologies for your comfort.

For more information about the services of the company, do visit their website at with inquiries or want to get in touch with any representatives from the company, send an email at or dial +44 (0)20 3290 2061 to talk to any representatives.

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11, May 2016: Mr. Roof in Raleigh is working quickly to come to the aid of those affected by the hail storm in North Carolina. The storm cut through Cary and the surrounding area late Monday afternoon. It brought severe hail downpours, as well as heavy rain and fog. After some respite overnight, and during Tuesday morning, more storms were on the way. Further rain and hail came down, leaving residents in disarray. Roads were closed and flooding was present in the area. Many people were left without power as the harsh weather conditions damaged some power lines. It’s thought that the worst of the weather has passed, although some minor rainfall and hail are still predicted.

Hundreds of properties were left damaged and in serious trouble after the severe storms in the area. Since the incident, Mr. Roof has worked tirelessly to ensure that any afflicted homes are seen to as soon as possible. They offer a same day call out service for anyone in need of assistance. Upon arriving at the property, Mr. Roof is offering a roof inspection for anyone that thinks their roof is damaged by hail. Regardless of whether your roof has been damaged or not, the price for this inspection is free.

The company aims to make it around to the hundreds of homes that have been affected by the aggressive hailstorm. Each inspection is thorough and carried out by skilled professionals with years of experience behind them. During the inspections, every inch of the roof will be examined to ensure no problems are present. This includes viewing it from the outside, as well as looking up at it from inside your home. The company is aware of how many additional problems a damaged roof can lead to. So, inspections are carried out as quickly and efficiently as can be. Mr. Roof is confident that these checks will help put residents minds at ease following the storm.

If any roofs are damaged, the company vows to fix the problem as quickly as possible. It’s understood that people leave busy lives and can’t wait around for roof repairs. They aim to get most jobs done within 24 hours so that residents can live safely under a new roof. Temporary measures are put in place while work is carried out to ensure the property does not sustain extra damaged. This includes covering any cracks and holes and preventing leakage through the roof. The company is respectful of every property they inspect and do their utmost best to keep disruptions down.

Mr. Roof was created in the 1960’s as a small, family business. Once upon a time, they did construction and renovation work on homes. In 1979, they became incorporated and started focusing on residential roofing. Since those humble beginnings fifty years ago, the company has grown and grown. They’ve seen competition throughout the years and stood up to all of them. Today, Mr. Roof has made a name for itself as the biggest and best residential roofing company in the country. It can boast over 200,000 customers and a whole host of exceptional reviews. They’ve been serving residents in North Carolina for years and know the area better than anyone else.

There are many things about this company that set it apart from the other roofing companies out there. For one, Mr. Roof takes pride in providing a high-quality service. Everything associated with the business is filled with quality. The roofing materials used are the best on the market. You won’t find any cheap materials here, that don’t last very long. Comparing their roofing materials with competitors and the difference is clear. Mr. Roof comes out on top in every category there is. The materials used are more weather resistant and last for a much longer time. Coupled with this is an installation team that do a better job than anyone else. Again, when compared to their competitors, the installation team are number one. No other companies provide customers with a magnet sweep of their yard to check for rusty nails. Mr. Roof is the only roofer to supply certified and trained installers on every job they do. And, they provide a start and finish date for all the work they do.

Anyone that uses Mr. Roof for their roof repairs or replacements gets a lifetime warranty. They provide a warranty on all materials used in the installation process. Should anything happen to a roof under warranty, no charges are made for the purchasing of new materials. Similarly, there’s a lifetime warranty on labor costs for as long as you live in your home. If a Mr. Roof employee is required to do additional work on your home, you won’t have to pay a dime. The company is so assured of their roofing expertise that they don’t charge any extra money if your roof fails, ever. And, best of all, the warranty is transferrable. If you were to sell your home, you can transfer the warranty over to your new one.

Mr. Roof is proud to be one of the only roofers to provide customers with financing. Working alongside Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, they offer roof financing options. Regardless of whether you’re a commercial customer or private one, the finance is available to you. Mr. Roof understands that it can be difficult to handle the costs of maintaining a property. So, they do their best to ensure that financial worries are a thing of the past. The roof financing is convenient and easy for customers to apply for. Their mantra is that everyone deserves to have the best quality roof possible. If someone needs a roof, they shouldn’t have to settle for a lower-quality, just because it’s cheaper. The financing options help make everything more manageable and give people high-quality, affordable, roofing.

The company is determined to provide great value for money on everything they do. Mr. Roof prides themselves on using the greatest roofing technology out there. Their roofers will only use products that are tested and proven to work. Customers aren’t forced to spend money on new products that haven’t been tested before. Their products are A.S.T.M ORUL approved, which is more than can be said for competitors. In addition to this, some of their products exceed these standards. They’re tailor made for the company, and can’t be bought anywhere else.

Since its inception, Mr. Roof has been a company draped in professionalism. They take great care to respect every client and respect the roofing business as a whole. They’re one of the few companies that belong to the National Roofing Contractors Association. This professionalism is evident in every job carried out by their team of roofers.

Mr. Roof always makes sure to put the customer first in everything that they do. Which is part of the reason they’re offering help to those in need after the recent storm. It’s in their blood to do what’s right and help people with their roofing needs. It’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to hire Mr. Roof for their roofing repairs and replacements. They sit right at the top of the residential roofing pile and look set to stay there for some time.

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Address: 103 Ruper Rd
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07, May 2016: The recently released network booster has been continuously drawing huge attention from different communities. Whether people are outside the country for work purposes or have an important gathering, Mobile Phone Signal Booster guarantees they can communicate well with their loved ones and friends, with no hassle at all.

Mobile users don’t need to install a repeater or look for a signal booster equipment because network booster is the perfect solution. This modern technology epitomizes a major step forward in terms of intelligence, functionality, and performance to improve cellular coverage.

This network booster works through using antennae so you can collect the strongest signal as possible at any place you may be. Unlike the antennae placed on mobile phones, utilizing an external repeater amplifier uses a strong and sophisticated antenna to repeat the signal. This helps to strengthen the signal of every device in the area that utilizes that technology.

Now, people don’t have to worry about getting a weak signal while working or travelling outside the region. Mobile phone signal booster will make you say hello to full bars and goodbye to low bars. Low signal and dropped calls would not be your situation anymore. This booster is just easy to install and use.

Vodacom signal booster, MTN signal booster and 3G booster are also supported. These designs can deliver more system gain and the bandwidth of the versions delivers even clear and stronger signals within the coverage area. With these mobile providers, phone users can experience enhanced voice coverage and more times the data.

Regardless of the mobile signal booster people use, they are guaranteed every products are CE certified. What’s more interesting about them is that, it can use for various places or situations. Homeowners are not the only one to benefit from the product, because people can also utilize them whether they are in car, boat, small or large home, farm, hospital, warehouse, offices, hotels and other new builds.

Mobile phone signal booster offers unparalleled service to boost mobile signals. Some mobile providers include Vodacom, MTN and 3G signal booster. These devices guarantee clearer and stronger signal and network for travelers or workers outside the country.

If you are interested to know more information about mobile phone signal booster and its product features, please visit this website:

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07, May 2016: Impact Mental Health Peer Support is a Community Interest Company providing mental health peer support services and training to both the public and private sectors.

Impact have recently completed a highly successful trial of their newly designed, 6 week and 3 week You Programmes for Central Bedfordshire Council and funded by the Skills Funding Agency.

If you would like to see more details of the You Programme story in Central Bedfordshire, including detailed results for 2015/16 follow this link:

The You Programme is aimed at anyone who feels they are experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues including depression, anxiety, isolation and a range of mental health challenges which can affect mental, physical, social, professional, spiritual and emotional well-being.

People are being referred by doctors, mental health workers, employment support agencies, employers and colleagues but, but more importantly, people are self-referring to the You Programme.

Why has Impact called it the You Programme?

It’s simple. It is called the You Programme for two reasons:

* The Programme is run not by doctors, nor therapists. Instead it is run by peers. All staff must themselves be experiencing or have experienced Mental Health Issues. Yes, they are trained and highly experienced but most importantly the Programmes are run for people with mental health issues by people with mental health issues.
* The Programme’s focus is that whilst medication and, talking therapies are vital, the bulk of the work on the road to recovery will be done by YOU.

Following the success of the Central Bedfordshire trial programmes, The You Programme is now being extended to other regions of the U.K. for both local and national authorities, and corporate clients alike.

If you would like to attend one of the Impact programmes, or if you would like further information on the services and training programmes that Impact Mental Health Peer Support offer, please call 01582 797596 or email

For more information, please contact Déanne Clark, CEO, 07779 086740.

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Person Name: Deanne Clark
Address: The Incuba, 1 Brewers Hill Road
Dunstable LU6 1NN
Phone: 01582 797596
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USA, 06, May 2016: Students often find it tough to memorize each and every chapter of their subjects accurately. Along with this, they also find it hard to wake all night for finishing vast chapters when exam is knocking at the door. To deal with such issues they often have to rely on the consumption of smart drugs. These medicines normally improve the level of concentration and memory and thereby help students to easily grasp the subject matters of all topics. With the emergence of various e-commerce platform the purchase of these medicines have become much easier. Duck Dose is one such online store that sells drugs that improve cognitive functioning among the users. For more information users can log on to the site of

In many countries access to these drugs are severely restricted by price-inflating patents, trade tariffs and prescription controls. The site offers these supercharge medicines at competitive prices with a hassle free shopping experience and effective privacy. Modalert is a cost effective generic of Provigil containing active ingredients. Users need to thoroughly observe the recommended dosage of the medicines mentioned in this e-commerce platform. The use of Modafinil to improve athletic performance in regular sport has long been researched and proven. Customers on visiting the link of buy Modafinil can purchase this medicine available in different price packs.

The site mainly accepts payment through Master card, AMEX and other secured means of online transactions. It uses the shipping option of free Express Mail Service whenever possible but due to shipment control it has to opt for Regular mail service instead. Customers will receive a notification email along with tracking number once the ordered product is shipped out. The site also provides lists of countries where it is unable to ship products due to tougher import controls. Customers from Britain have to log on to the link of Modafinil UK to place order successfully.

Walkert is a cost effective generic of Nuvigil containing the highest purity of Armodafinil. The medicine is manufactured by Sun Pharma which is the fifth largest specialty generic company based in India. Those who are habitual coffee drinker looking for an alternative can opt for the Nootropics medicines of this e-commerce store. All its medicines come with the core benefits of staying sharp, while potentially bringing out negligible side effects. Generic drugs like Modafinil perform a similar function as their originals because they contain the similar constituent ingredients for delivering key functions like promoting wakefulness and so on.

About Duck Dose

Duck Dose is an online medical store that offers different types of medicines to enhance cognitive activities among the users. All its drugs are FDA certified and users need to follow the prescribed dose recommendations while taking them for performance improvment.


05, May 2016: The Locksmith Bronx has recently announced to expand the service circle and network in the area for the local customers.

Locksmith services have become a pillar for the home security. Maintaining the security of your home, office, garage, vehicle and other important things is big concern. Nowadays, the experts are focusing towards the modern instruments and devices such as gate locks, alarms and digital locks. All these things are adding a new boost in the system but it is necessary to maintain the service standard in order to get the true advantages. How to do it? You will need to have an experience locksmith with great knowledge and experience. By keeping this point in view, the Locksmith Bronx has starts an amazing opportunity for the people in Bronx.

Service network will expand:

According to the spokesman, theCEO of this locksmith company has confirmed the growth of service network. The company is going to recruit more locksmith experts in order to provide better facilities in the area. This company has set a target to cover the Bronx and all vicinities. This will definitely help them to cover the increasing rate of crime especially the street crime inBronx. It has been noticed that majority of the locksmith services are not providing up to the mark facilities to ensure security of buildings and vehicles.

Special messages by the management:

The management of this locksmith service is dedicated to offer highly recommended security locks. Management has announced to deliver the technical support to customers for the following purposes.

1. Lock selection and purchasing.
2. Lock installation and repairing.
3. Replacement and maintenance.
4. Door lock installation project.
5. Commercial and automobile locksmith facilities.

The company has achieved significant goals in a few years. This is a reason why it is getting more growth and progress. “We are committed to provide the specialized locksmith facilities to our customer” said by the CEO.

Professional support for commercial clients:

It is no longer a big issue to find commercial locksmith services but it is really difficult to discover the most reliable one. Reliability is the biggest factor counted by the customers especially when locksmith services are hired for megaprojects. For example, if someone hires a locksmith to install the locks in a residential building with different units then preference is given to the locksmith companies having a prominent background. The Locksmith Bronx is among the most reliable groups working in this country.

Increase in service demand:

Dealing with the increasing service demand is only possible with network expansion.With the passage of time, the locksmith companies have become an integral part of the residential, commercial and automobile sector. Everyone needs locks to ensure that property is safe from thieves and criminals. In order to ensure high performance, it is required to install a lock with proper standards. The Locksmith Bronx has decided to inform the customer how to install the locks with security standards. This is a program that will take time because it is related to social and public awareness.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Hilary C Kennedy
Address: 753 Morris Park Ave
Bronx, NY, USA, 10462
Phone: (773) 817-9126
Email Id: