06, November 2017: The top supplier of madden coins, MUTCOINSBUY maintains a huge inventory of mobile coins for XBOX One, PS4 and mobile gaming platforms. The online store allows customers to choose the desired quantity of the coins to purchase them through a simple automated process. With an efficient ordering and checkout system, the coin store ensures a quick delivery within 30 minutes in most of the cases.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, they have numerous customers who purchase mut 18 coins from them on a regular basis. These customers appreciate the simple and automated checkout system and the fast delivery of the coins. With these coins in possession, gamers can enter the new season of the Madden Mobile NFL games and can enjoy better graphics and an enhanced entertainment. Besides, the new season takes gamers to new stadiums to play the game with more vivacity. The game characters don new uniforms and which again adds to the liveliness of the game.

The spokesperson reveals that they supply millions of Madden Mobile Coins every day. Customers can choose coins in any quantity for playing the game on iOS or Android devices. They accept a number of currencies and customers from anywhere in the world can use their local currency to purchase these coins online at the best prices. The spokesperson maintains that they believe that customers are the most important people in their business. This is the reason why, besides the best prices and the fastest delivery, they also offer the best service to every customer.

MUTCOINSBUY allows customers to quickly purchase Madden 18 Coins in any quantity. The online store requires customers to choose the game, platform and the coin quantity to complete the order and deliver coins at a significant speed. The online store is committed to deliver coins at any time with the cheapest price guarantee for customers all around the world. Gamers who want to have a competitive leveling in the game and want to take part in tournaments need madden coins in large quantities. To purchase Madden Coins at the best prices and in any quantity, one can visit the website


MUTCOINSBUY is the top supplier of Madden Mobile Coins. The online store allows customers to buy madden mobile coins anytime. They are committed to deliver madden coins within 30 minutes to 3 hours for all mobile gaming platforms.

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04, November 2017: Oxford Biolabs has announced the release of its new DRM4® Molecular Food Supplement for Skin. The product was specially formulated for people who experience the effects of skin ageing. 

Oxford Biolabs Ltd is a renowned nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company, which sees its mission in the development and manufacture of naturally-based products to combat unwanted signs of ageing. The company was founded by scientists from the University of Oxford with Dr. Thomas Whitfield being the head of the research team. This is what the representatives of the lab say about the new product: “When not caused by illnesses or pre-existing conditions, the appearance of skin is mainly determined by ageing processes. Over time, as a person ages, skin becomes more dry, rough and thins out. This leads to a loss of elasticity, increased skin sagging, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The new product developed by our scientists effectively helps solve these problems, providing the skin with the optimal proportion of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.” 

DRM4® Molecular Food Supplement for Skin is an innovative product, which is the result of extensive research, formulation and combination of natural and safe ingredients. Due to its antioxidant properties, abundance of minerals, vitamins, plant extracts as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, the product effectively contributes to skin health and look, preventing premature ageing. The supplement is provided in capsules that have to be taken on a daily basis to ensure the maximum effect. 

For more information, please, take your time to visit 

About the Company: 

Oxford Biolabs Ltd is a UK-based nutraceutical and cosmeceutical company, which focuses on the formulation of naturally-based products to combat unwanted signs of ageing. The company was founded by the University of Oxford scientists headed by Dr. Thomas Whitfield. They use innovative approaches to the formulation and research processes aimed at finding safe and effective ways to solve and prevent skin and hair problems. 

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Address: Magdalen Centre, The Oxford Science Park, Robert Robinson Avenue,
Oxford, England OX4 4GA, United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 1865 582 004
Fax: +44 1865 412 355


01, November 2017: The standard of machines and the kind of technology that is available across the globe has transformed immensely thanks to the in-depth R&D done by organizations globally. China has been one of the leading countries that have been involved in the production of advanced machinery and enriching technologies over the past few decades. One company that has been a well-known entity and contributed a lot in terms of manufacturing an advanced range of laminating and cutting machines is the Kuntai Machinery. The company has its own team of R&D that is involved in the production of new technology such as the Leather touch machine that is used by the industries manufacturing fabrics or making fabric related products. 

The machine is largely used by companies that are a part of textile, footwear, sports, packaging, automotive interiors, leather, etc. Each of the employees working at the company adheres to the customer-centric service philosophy that has been the driving force behind winning the trust of customers globally. Besides producing standard products and customized high-end solutions, the company is equipped to cater to custom requirements too. For manufacturing their exclusive range of machinery such as the hot stamping machine, the company has its own manufacturing unit based in Shanghai. The company today is well-known manufacturer involved in supplying advanced laminating machines, bronzing machines, die cutting machines, etc. 

The different types of products that the company produces are categorized as laminating, cutting press, flame laminating machine, bronzing and printing machines. All their products can be checked on their online portal that lists them with detailed description and HD images. Each of these products is manufactured as per globally accepted standards and meets the quality standards as per ISO9001. The company also complies with the standards laid down as per the CE certification and other globally recognized quality control systems. 

Speaking about their manufacturing facility, the company has CNC Machining centre, drilling machines, polishing machines and several other raw material processing machines. These are highly advanced and are the reasons behind the improvement in machine productivity and guarantee for on-time delivery. Each year the company comes up with advanced machines and is constantly working on improving their current range of machinery. The machines have been backed by a strong self-export facility to the customers for import activities. 

About Kuntai Machinery: 

Kuntai Machinery is a manufacturing concern based in China that is involved in production and export of a variety of laminating and cutting machines. The company exports its products to customers across the globe and has been a part of this industry for the past several decades. For more information about their products, please visit their website. 

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Person Name: Job Lu
Company: Kuntai Machinery
Phone: +86 18261228899


Toronto, ON, Canada; 31, October 2017: Finding quality Kratom strains is no more a daunting task, as Canada based Kratom Vendor Company specializes in growing the best quality Kratom because of their disciplined harvesting practices. Moreover, they have developed their own drying apparatus that can evenly dry each Kratom leaf, while preserving the alkaloid content in the best possible manner.

According to Don Morris, who is the founder of, he and his son David started the venture of harvesting and supplying Kratom leaves with an objective of supplying the top quality Kratom at the best prices. “Today, we enjoy the reputation of being the top Canadian vendor of Kratom in the online marketplace because of the highest percentage of alkaloid we preserve in each leaf. You will hardly find such quality Kratom strains anywhere else,” states Don. According to him, the alkaloid percentage remains preserved throughout the year due to their unique drying technology.

Customers who want high quality Kratom strains can visit can learn more about their cultivation methods. They maintain an improved harvesting and selection process and can deliver quality Kratom leaves all round the year. Don’s son David, who is also engaged in harvesting Kratom, reveals, “We harvest Kratom at the most favorable time of the year and deal in only mature crops. This is the reason why we supply Kratom of high quality and with consistency.” He maintains that they have adopted sustainable farming practices that allow them to preserve the quality years after year. One can learn more about their sustainable Kratom farming on their website

Reiterating David’s statement, Don says that they avoid using harmful chemicals and never resort to artificial growth practices. In 2014, they developed their own drying apparatus and which they use now to evenly dry each Kratom leaf. At the same time, they are now capable to preserve a very high alkaloid content in the leaves. One can learn more about their Kratom leaf drying process and can also place an order for the best quality Kratom on the website


Founded in March of 2010, is a small family business founded by Don Morris and his son David. While it began as a hobby, now has seven full-time employees, and they are considered one of the top-rated Kratom vendors in Canada. They provide the highest quality Kratom at the best prices, while offering exceptional customer services.

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Telephone: (647) 697-7425


30, October 2017: Bourbon barrel aged K'Paui is now available in the Bent Kettle taproom at 10 N. Water Street West, Fort Atkinson, WI.

This is a completely different version thanks to nine months in a Heaven Hill barrel along with a few extra pounds of flaked coconut. Its thinner bodied with dark fruit notes, some roast/char from the barrel, subtle coconut aroma & flavor, some lactobacillus tang (slight sour notes) and boozy bourbon. It weighs in at 8.7% and fall seems to be the perfect weather for this beer.

Growlers are available!

About K’PAUI Coconut Porter:

K’Paui is made with real coconut. It has a super solid malt backbone with big dark chocolate and light roast character. Tons of coconut aroma and flavor. Tastes like a candy bar in a glass without the sweetness of candy.

First Brewed: July 14, 2016
Available: Planned year round
Malt Style: Complex American Malt Bill
Hops: Willamette
Yeast: American Ale
Color: Black
IBU: 35
ABV: 7%

Other Bent Kettle Craft Beer Flavors on Tap:

Go Faster Amber Rye Ale
Slight malt, more in taste than body. A fruity oakiness. Satisfying.

Thwack! Smoked IPA
Lightly-smoked for subtle rounding, but the main course is still lipsmacking hops.

K’Paui Wowie Hemp Seed Coconut Porter
Very coconut-y. Like a dark beer made for the beach.

Rum-Barrel Aged K’Paui Wowie Porter
This one is different!

Insolence Double IPA
Bent Kettle’s flagship brew!

Bent Kettle Taproom Hours:
5 to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, although the proprietors reserve the right to remain open "'til close" if there's a good crowd going. In addition, the taproom is available to book for special events and parties.

For Media Contact:
Contact: Mark Cook
Company: Bent Kettle Brewing
Tap Room Location: 10 N. Water Street West, Fort Atkinson, WI.
Phone: (920) 390-9038
Facebook Page:


28, October 2017: It is rather difficult for the owners of guns and rifles to choose the good quality and durable scopes. Many are not even aware of these accessories hence it is important to choose the best ones. Reflex Sights is a blog sponsored, and it was established by the support of a group of bigger companies.

The blog thus provides informative articles and reviews about various products available in the market. It also informs about the recent launches of the gun scopes, sights and optics needed for hunting. Reflex Sights supplies all required information about products well researched and surveyed for the knowledge of the clients. Sight and scope reviews on the blog are gathered based on individual real user experiences. Surveys are also conducted at times among gun user groups to verify the information. The working team really puts in all efforts and hard work for compilation of all necessary data about the sights and scopes and then publishes a review about the product on their blog. This really helps the users to make up their minds before they can choose and buy the product.

Reflex Sights also finds out good products at discounted prices with optimum capacities and multipurpose usage. Some of the products are binoculars and scopes, gun holsters, gun cases, gun bags and gun scopes. Also, hunting scopes and night vision riflescopes of best qualities are available here. They have premium inputs such as GPS trackers, Wi-Fi, image stabilization, android apps, and shooting solutions.

Enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of red dot sights manufactured by top brands, all kinds of reflex sights as cheap as 20$, long range scopes used for hunting. Hunting scopes may be bought as cheap as 24$. The information includes the features, price, color, product description, specifications, and usage of all the products displayed on the blog page. The reviews of experienced buyers also come along with the product details. All this is done by keeping in mind the utility of the hunting scopes and to provide best guidance for selection.

The blog consists of informative articles about guns, sights for pistols and best scopes. They help to guide with latest news about the products such as top 5 long range scopes that are available at prices under 200$, four vital sights for pistols, and top 5 sights for rifles, articles about the heavy weight optic designs. Also, this platform provides recent reviews from the professionals and experienced about the products, their descriptions and the pros and cons of buying it. In fact a separate column is present on the blog as testimonials. Also questions generally asked prior to purchase are available to clear the doubt. Reflex Sights all in all is a combination of all the relevant information regarding various categories of scopes and sights.

About Reflex Sights:-

Reflex Sights gathers and shares articles about information about holographic sights and reflex, long range scopes and scopes for guns, rifles and pistols. It also supplies latest news and reviews about each and every product which enhances the knowledge and skill of the buyers to choose more appropriately and deal in the smartest way.

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Hong Kong; 27, October 2017: Nachi is a reputed Japanese company that has been a pioneer in the machining technologies since 1928. Today, the company manufactures an extensive range of high quality bearings, and one can now procure these bearings from Bearinga at reasonable prices. Bearinga is a leading supplier of bearings from different brands and they assure of all-time availability of Nachi bearings in their stock besides bearings from other companies.

According to the spokesperson of the Nachi bearing distributor, clients can check the different types of Nachi bearings and their technical details on their website. Nachi has its main factory in Toyama, Japan and also has several other factories in other parts of the world. Bearinga procures Nachi bearings from the authentic Nachi bearing suppliers, operating in different locations and can supply the product to their clients, maintaining best prices and also guaranteeing the genuineness of the quality.

The spokesperson maintains that with about 90 years of industry presence, Nachi has continuously improved its product quality due to their research & development that is combined with the core technologies. This is the reason why there is a significant demand of Nachi bearings from different industries. Bearinga proudly maintains a large stock of Nachi bearings, so that they can supply the product to their clients in a timely manner. Clients can now procure all types of Nachi bearings from the Nachi bearing distributor and can continue with their manufacturing operations without any interruptions.

Being a global distributor of branded bearings, Bearinga assures of the quickest delivery of bearings to clients all around the world. All bearings are supplied after meticulous testing and quality checking to make sure clients get the best products that meet their requirements. The bearing distributor has different Nachi bearings in the stock with different diameters and different rotating speeds. One can check all Nachi bearing models available with them and their technical specifications by visiting the website

About Bearinga:

Bearinga stocks over 100,000 products from the world’s most famous bearing brands, including Sweden’s SKF, Germany’s FAG and INA, USA’s TIMKEN, and Japan’s NTN, NSK, NACHI etc. They have a large quantity of high quality, different kinds of bearings in stock. The kinds of the bearings they have in the stock are spherical roller bearings, Tapered roller bearings, Cylindrical roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, needler roller bearings and other kinds of high quality bearings.

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Telephone: +852-88888888


26, October 2017: In many cultures, a wedding is not just a marriage between two people, but it’s a grand affair involving two different families with different traditions and cultural elements. This is the reason why a wedding photographer has to keep in mind while covering a wedding ceremony, particularly an Asian wedding. UK based Royal Bindi offers the best Asian wedding Photography and Videography, covering all essential rituals and celebrations of the wedding ceremony.

The Asian wedding photographer specializes in the art of capturing all memorable moments of an Asian wedding and creating wedding films that can relive the memories, whenever one watches them. They offer a high-end Asian wedding videography with the help of high-resolution cameras and equipments. More importantly, they have the experience of capturing the essence of a wedding and arranging it in a presentable manner in the form of a film. One will admire the quality of the video and the way the entire wedding is covered in the film.

According to the photography service provider, they have specialized teams to cover weddings from different cultures. For example, for the Sikh wedding photography, a team with a vast experience of covering a Sikh wedding is given the task. One can glimpse through the gallery available on their website to get an idea about the awesome Sikh wedding videography they provide to their Sikh customers throughout the United Kingdom.

Royal Bindi also specializes in the Muslim wedding videography and is one of the well-known names among the Asian Muslim community living in the UK. They know the culture and traditions of a Muslim wedding and can click the camera at the right moments to capture every bit of the wedding. They offer a flawless Muslim wedding photography, where every essential wedding element is captured with great care and competence.

They have the special expertise on the Indian wedding videography, as India is an amalgam of different cultures and each culture has its own distinctive traditions. Whether it’s a north Indian wedding or a south Indian wedding, they can offer the best Indian wedding photography to suit every requirement of the client. One can learn more about their photography and videography services by visiting the website

About Royal Bindi:

Royal Bindi offers fine photography and videography services for Asian, Indian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Gujarati, Punjab, and Tamil weddings and receptions. They are located in the Heart of London and are available throughout the UK & Worldwide. The company enjoys a reputation of producing very high quality wedding pictures and videos.

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Telephone: 0208 090 2180


Sheffield, UK; 26, October 2017: Both male and female customers who want to get rid of their unwanted hair can take advantage of the discount offer that Wax-Inc Beauty Salon in Sheffield is offering now. They are offering 40% discounts on all laser hair removal treatments and 60% discounts on the underarm hair removal till October 31, 2017.

According to the spokesperson of the beauty salon, they are offering safe and reliable laser hair removal Sheffield services at discount prices for customers to get their soft, smooth and hairless skin without any risks. The laser therapy has a long-lasting effect and there is no risk of razor burns or chances of cutting. At Wax-Inc, customers can get the best underarm laser hair removal by expert estheticians and can feel happy about their hairless underarms to wear sleeveless dresses without any fear.

The spokesperson maintains that their Hollywood laser hair removal Sheffield is painless and both men and women can appreciate the wonderful smoothness of the skin they achieve after the laser treatment. The laser treatment experts at the beauty salon Sheffield can efficiently remove any volume of hair from different body parts, such as legs, abdomen, armpit, chest and back. They employ the soprano ice Sheffield technology, which is rare throughout the UK and which can guarantee the best results. The soprano ice system targets the specific hair follicles and not the surrounding hairs. This is the reason why this particular laser treatment is more effective.

Besides laser treatments, Wax-Inc also offers Hollywood wax services for both male and female customers. With a great attention, the beauticians pull out every single hair from legs, arms, back and other areas. They also offer male waxing to remove hair from the chest and other parts of the male body. The spokesperson maintains that they offer the best prices for the full leg wax Sheffield and allow women customers to get a hairless pair of legs to wear micros and minis without any apprehension.

The salon also has a team of Brazilian wax experts for customers to achieve a long-lasting smoothness at an affordable cost. One can learn more about their laser or wax hair removal treatments by visiting the website

About Wax-Inc Beauty Salon:

Wax-inc beauty salon has a team of qualified beauticians who offer a near painless wax treatment. Based in the heart of Sheffield, the salon offers a warm and friendly atmosphere to all customers. They provide a full range of beauty treatments for both male and female customers. Having received top quality training and gathered over 10 years of experience, the beauticians employ the unique techniques that give the best results.

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Telephone: 0114 327 2850


United States of America; 26, October 2017: Clothes and accessories are largely inspired from the celebrities or stars that are popular across the world. Their sense of fashion is an inspiration for their fans to dress up and resemble the look and feel of their idols. Getting genuine products are a problem and not every store has a collection of that is all inclusive. For the aspiring fans of Justin Bieber, the online store by Bieber Clothing is an exclusive arena that has an exhaustive collection. All the products are designed and developed as per the style and sense of fashion that has made Justin Bieber so popular. The store has them all from the purpose world tour hoodie to the basic hoodies that has been a style statement of the star. 

The store has been launched by promoters who have been a part of the clothing industry for the past 4 years. It has been running since 2016 and over the past year it has added 100s of clothing options and designs. The simplicity with which the site has been developed makes it easy for customers to browse through the categories for each kind of product featured on the online store. In order to make a purchase, the customer needs to register on the store and login using the credentials. Each of the products featured comes with detailed descriptions, multiple high definition images, and a size chart to select the best fitting options. Payments can be processed using multiple payment platforms which include PayPal, Credit Cards, etc. and the company accepts payments in US Dollars. 

Hence, be it the Justin Bieber Off White hoodies that you have been so fond of or the Justin Bieber Pants and shorts, the website has 100s of options to choose from. The products are shipped to customers directly using the services of reliable shipping service providers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. In case of any queries related to orders or any grievances, the customer care team can be reached using the customer support email or the contact us form on the contact page. The easy returns policy entitles a customer to return the products within 7 days of receipt. One may opt for a refund or exchange products depending on their preferences. 

About is an online portal that features an exclusive collection of clothing inspired from the fashion style of the singing sensation Justin Bieber. The store features the products in USD and is available to customers from around the planet. To start buying or to reach the customer care representatives, please visit their website. 

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Tyler Liu
Company: Shenzhen MiBaoSpace Technology Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 13058706453