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Don’t let varicose veins or other problem veins limit your quality of life.

The Varicose Vein Center of New York City is a vein treatment center for all your needs. Led by triple board certified specialist Dr. Dmitry Gorelik, this NYC practice treats everything from cosmetic spider veins to serious venous insufficiency. Let the staff and luxurious office comfort you during your painless procedure. Call today for a consultation.
Welcome to New York’s premier vein treatment center! The Varicose Vein Center of New York City is the best choice for eliminating varicose veins, treating spider veins and addressing other vein problems. Let a medical professional examine your visible veins because they’re sometimes symptoms of underlying illnesses. Don’t let serious medical complications go untreated.
The practice is headed by Dr. Dmitry Gorelik, an extensively trained and triple board certified vein specialist. He listens to your complaints and takes note of your goals during your consultation. He has the knowledge, skills and tools to reach an accurate diagnosis before recommending the most appropriate treatment for you.
The Best Vein Treatment Center in NYC
Why should you choose the vein specialist at the Varicose Vein Center of New York City? The reasons are simple:
Convenient locations in Manhattan, NYC
An atmosphere that encourages confidence and comfort
A highly trained physician with multiple board certifications
Caring, competent staff to see to your needs
Conversant in four languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew and Russian
State-of-the-art diagnostic technology
Modern equipment and proven procedures
Many treatment options to choose from
Medical experience in all types of vein problems
Attention to your health and cosmetic concerns
Thorough testing and follow-up care
Multiple ways to pay for your treatment
In New York City, there’s no better vein treatment center. In most cases, your health insurance provider pays for your treatment because it’s medically prudent to address vein issues early rather than waiting for complications to develop. The Varicose Vein Center of New York City works with you to make sure you get the best care when you need it.
No matter which treatment you need, your chance of success increases when you come to the Varicose Vein Center of New York City. Contact us to schedule an appointment call (212) 400-3966
Unilateral or Limited Venous Duplex Ultrasound cost $250 
Payment: cash, check, credit cards.
Working Hours :
Monday: 8AM–7PM
Tuesday: 8AM–7PM
Wednesday: 8AM–7PM
Thursday: 8AM–7PM
Friday: 8AM–5PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Vein Treatment Doctors
30 Central Park South #1CD,
New York, NY 10019
(212) 400-3966
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