China; 18, October 2017: Advertisement has always been one of the most important forms of marketing a business. In order to advertise a product or a service the organization requires good models that have professional experience. Those models can help in promoting the product or service through TV ads or print advertisements. One of the companies that have been providing professional models to various organizations is Model Factory.

It is important to make a proper research before selecting a specific model. The clients should go through the list of models available on the website. They have the option to select the person whom they feel is suitable for their advertisements. The Hong Kong model agency provides detailed information about the professional models available on their website. Whether it is a campaign or an event the company needs to select a model that has the experience to present the products properly. Before hiring a model the organization should also go through the reviews posted by previous clients. Going through the reviews and reading the detailed description makes the job much easier.

The agency trains the models before sending them for any event or advertisement. It is important to make sure that the client gets the value for his money. Corporate advertisements require experienced models that have the experience of presenting different products during a television advertisement. The image of the company depends on the advertisement as in today’s world most of the clients get attracted through TV ads. They keep updating their website with some upcoming models. Clients can check out the new face section in order to checkout new models that might meet their requirements.

It is important to get in touch with the professionals at the company in order to discuss about events and advertisements. People in search of a good model can get in touch with the firm through their website or by sending them an email. KOL agency also provides event management service in order to help organization to participate in different corporate events. They send their models in the events in order to help the organization to present their products in a professional way. People who want to become a model can upload their pictures and fill up the form in order to get in touch with the professionals of the firm. Talent acquisition is an important part of model training. Talented model can help the company in getting more sales and help them in marketing. Companies spend a lot in different events in order to get sales. Making proper research and discussing about events can help in getting the value for money.

About Model Factory:

Model Factory is a Chinese company that has been providing different models to various corporate firms. They are also involved in event management and conduct various event management programs for different firms.

For Media Contact:
Company: Model Factory
Phone: (852) 2153 0836


United States of America; 14, October 2017: Skincare care and dermatology treatment has been on the rise. The use of modern technology makes it easier for the doctors to provide skin care treatments to different patients. One should make sure that he or she is in contact with experienced doctors who can help them with efficient skin care treatments. One of the clinics that have been providing different aesthetic skin care treatments is Newage Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. 

It is important to make a proper research before finalizing any clinic for skin care treatments. Skin is known to be very delicate and one cannot take risk with dermatology treatments. Getting in touch with professionals and discussing all the queries regarding to the problem makes the treatment much easier. People situated in Los Angeles who have been in search for a tummy tuck treatment can try out the Tummy tuck Los Angeles skin care treatments provided by the clinic. 

Patients should make sure that they go through the reviews provided by previous patients who have been treated. The reviews make it easier to take good decisions and finalizing a good clinic. Along with experience it is also important to have a creative mind in the field of skin care treatments. Cosmetic surgery has helped people to reinvent themselves and get into shape. Sometimes it can become really embarrassing when people get out of shape. In order to look fitter and improve their personality people can use the tummy tuck treatments. The by Dr. Ruben has helped many people across US to look fitter and get back to shape. 

Along with facial surgery people can get different areas in the body operated. Cosmetic surgery has made it possible for everyone to use this technology towards their benefit. Patients can easily take appointments through the website and get in touch with the doctor. They can even go through the techniques followed by the doctor at Newage Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in order to have an idea of the treatment done at the clinic. The website comes up with new updates and brings new forms of treatments for their patients. Getting in touch with a clinic that is accredited with various certification boards provides better treatments. It is important to stay in touch with clinics that have experienced doctors and at the same time who have received nice feedbacks. Cosmetic surgery has been in demand for quite some time now. Communicating with the clinic and discussing the problems can help in getting all the solutions regarding skin care and body treatments. 

About Newage Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: 

Newage Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a clinic based in United States of America. They have been providing different cosmetic treatments for a long time now. In order to know more about the clinic one can check out the website mentioned above. 

For Media Contact:
Company: NewAge Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Phone: (310) 651-8881


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Hyderabad, Telangana; 12, October 2017: With prices of almost every service or product increasing every day, online shopping has turned into a popular way to shop and save money. With online shopping, customers enjoy the convenience, doorstep delivery, world-class customer support, and last but not the least- exceptional deals. CouponZeta being a popular coupons and deals website makes it easier for the consumers to find amazing coupons for their favorite online stores.

Over the months, the CouponZeta platform has grown by leaps and bounds and has now become a go-to option for consumers looking for services or products online. Shoppers can find 300+ newly added coupons on the site every day, covering all major categories like Swiggy Coupons from Food Category, MakeMyTrip Coupons from Travel category etc.

Recently, they added several ultimate features and design enhancements that can bring more benefits and convenience for online shoppers. According to the Design Head of the coupon website, they understand that by providing enhanced convenience and the best of features to the shoppers they can grow further. He speaks about some of the new and unique features added to the site, which are given below.

-Notification Service

On any particular store on CouponZeta, a customer can see a Bell icon at the rightside bottom of the screen. By clicking on this button, one can subscribe to all the latest coupons and deals from the website and can receive notifications about the latest offers on a desktop or on a mobile device.

-Deal of the Day

Customers can find the “Deal of the Day” button in the menu bar and when clicked, they will land on a page with the best deals of the day, chosen carefully by the CouponZeta team.

-Suggested Coupons

While checking a page related to a particular offer, customers can find a suggested coupon related to the same niche. This is specially suggested by the CouponZeta team to know about the best similar niche offer available from another merchant.

Speaking about this particular feature, the spokesperson of the website reveals while checking for the coupons on electronics at a merchant page, one can find a suggested coupon on the same page with the best offer on electronics from any one of the relevant merchants, such as the Amazon India Coupons page. Along with such an outstanding feature, CouponZeta has around 313 Exclusive Coupons listed in relevant merchant pages which users can only find on CouponZeta Website.

Besides new features, the Design Head of the company also throws light on the design changes that now make CouponZeta the most user-friendly coupon website for Indian online shoppers. Some of these notable changes include-

• The home page of the website recently went through a major update. The design is now much more organized and easy to the eyes. All the different menu buttons, search bar, popular offers, popular stores and trending offers are neatly arranged to offer an enhanced convenience to the users.

• Even the merchant pages have been improved to help the Shoppers. Along with filters, CouponZeta mainly focuses on the user experience by making Editor's pick and Exclusive Coupon identifiable for the visitors.

More Mobile Friendly with the Unique Mobile View Feature

The spokesperson reveals that CouponZeta is now more mobile friendly, allowing shoppers to do shopping from their mobile phones and a special care has been given to make sure that CouponZeta is highly mobile responsive. The mobile view of the website is a great way to get amazing deals and discounts when shopping on-the-go.

The mobile view of CouponZeta is not less than any app as it is fully optimized and more reliable for the mobile users and they are also working on the Mobile App which is expected to launch by the end of this year. With a major focus on user-friendly design, enhanced convenience and 100% genuine coupons, CouponZeta is sure to achieve many more milestones in the future too.

About CouponZeta:

CouponZeta is India's Youngest and Fastest Growing Coupons and Deals website, helping shoppers to save money on online shopping through its comprehensive list of Coupons, Deals, Discount Codes and Offers. Currently, the portal is home to 1842 Merchants, and on around 20,000+ Coupons and Deals are listed on the website. Shoppers can find 300+ newly added coupons on the site every day. CouponZeta attracts more than 500,000+ visitors every month and nearly 50,00,000+ Coupons redeemed on the site till the day.

CouponZeta at Social Media:
CouponZeta at Facebook:
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Lake Tahoe, Nevada; 11, October 2017: Living in an apartment, dorm or condominium can be difficult for many people with a green thumb. Those who desire to plant a garden while living in these types of properties have always had to put off the longing feeling of having a garden of their own. YardYum, a new online platform, has created a solution to this problem.

Many home owners have land available on their property that they’ve always imagined doing something with, but have never had the time to. Now both gardeners and people with land can connect easily on YardYum.

People can now rent out their land for use by gardeners, and gardeners can find available land for gardening. It creates a win-win for all parties involved. Those interested in renting out their land can simply visit YardYum’s website ( and fill out details about their plot, upload photos, and choose their pricing model. This listing can then be searched by local, potential gardeners. Not to worry though, only an approximate location is displayed publicly, as YardYum takes privacy very seriously.

Once a gardener finds a suitable plot, they can send a private message to the owner. Then, if the owner feels comfortable, they can share their complete address with the gardener, and arrange a meet-up to decide if the agreement is mutually beneficial.

YardYum then provides a contract template that includes the terms such as payments, access days/times, watering schedules, and more. Gardeners and their host can also opt to do a verbal agreement too – it is 100% the decision of both parties. One of the best parts of this relationship, is that the gardener can pay the owner with a portion of the produce grown, rather than simply money. Imagine being able to eat delicious, fresh, fruits and vegetables grown in your backyard, without having to do any work?

YardYum has successfully matched many gardeners with landowners in various cities worldwide. The owner gets to enjoy the benefits of seeing a beautiful garden growing on their property without the hassle of having to do the gardening themselves. Once the gardening contract expires, owners can choose whether to extend it for another season, re-list their plot, or cease use of the plot all together.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Kane Miller, Founder
Phone: +1 619-721-3220


10, October 2017: To beat the summer heat in Sri Lanka, customers can now purchase a wide variety of electric fans that is offering at discount prices. They have different types of fans that customers can use in home, offices, shops and other places. All these fans are from the leading brands, like Boston, Aiko, and Kundhan, and come with a quality guarantee.

According to the spokesperson of the online store, they have a range of Stand Fans( can meet the requirements of different customers. They have 3-blade, 4-blade and 5-blade fans with the stand, available at a price discount of 30% or above. These fans are fixed with powerful motors and can offer different speeds to enjoy cool air in different weather conditions. They have different models and colors for customers that can best fit into their home environment. These fans are energy efficient with a super quiet motor to enjoy the coolness in a noise-free environment.

The online store also sells several types of Wall Fans ( are beautiful in appearance and which blend perfectly with the décor of the built space. The 5-blade wall fan is available with the remote control to switch it on or off and also control the speed from a distance. Available with one year warranty, the fan comes fitted with a 100% copper motor which lasts longer. The fan can clock the maximum speed of 1250RPM and has three different speed levels. With 16-inch ABS plastic blades, the fan can spread cool air all around to cover a large space. also brings Rechargeable Fans( come with the 1600mAh acid battery. They have an Aiko rechargeable fan that also has the LED light. Available in blue and green colors, the fan has three different speed settings and two different light settings. It also has a 0.5W torch and the fan requires 12-15 hour charge time. The fan can be charged directly with the AC or DC power and can also be charged using a power bank through the Micro USB charging port provided in the fan. After charging the fan can be run for around 2 hours at high speed or can give the LED light for 4 hours duration.

One can learn more about all types of fans available on the online store by visiting theirwebsite

About is an online store which is designed and created to encourage users to shop with a better feel of ease and simplicity. This site or better known as an online store will try the maximum possible to get the goods that customers in Sri Lanka dream to own at a price that they wouldn’t find anywhere else in Sri Lanka.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Abdul Rahman, Director
Phone: +94 777 522224


09, Oct 2017: For all FIFA 18 gaming enthusiasts, SOFTISLAND brings handmade coins with the fastest delivery and at the best prices, available online on their web store FIFACOINSBUY. The FIFACOINSBUY membership is available for online gamers to purchase coins for different gaming platforms, including PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android and iOS. 

According to the spokesperson of the company, all FIFA 18 coins they have are 100% handmade by over 150 staffs in the company. These staffs are vivid players of FIFA games and billions of coins are prepared on a daily basis for different gaming platforms. This is the reason why one will remain assured to get the gaming coins with the fastest delivery possible. The spokesperson reveals that they have developed an automatic delivery system that ensures an exceedingly fast delivery of coins for all gamers from different parts of the world. One can get the delivery in seconds once they place the order. 

The spokesperson maintains that they focus on humanized services and more than 50 support staffs remain available 24/7 to help gamers in purchasing cheap FIFA 18 coins from their web store. With an ample stock of FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 gaming coins, they allow players to save time while completing their order and get coins to enjoy their game without any interruption. FIFACOINSBUY is a secure platform to do online transactions and purchase coins for the FIFA 18 game without any hassles. 

Besides supplying coins for FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 games, they also offer FUT 18 coins at cheap prices. Everyday thousands of FUT coins are downloaded from the website onto the Android and iOS gaming platforms from hundreds of players around the world. FIFACOINSBUY supports many different languages, allowing players from different country to purchase gaming coins without any hassles. In order to purchase gaming coins for the FIFA 18 game at cheap prices, one can visit the website 


SOFTISLAND Inc has been a leading FIFA Coin trader platform around the world since 2013. It has over 30,000,000 visits each year and 100,000 regular customers, which are still growing. With FIFA 17 Ultimate Team shoot, they provide FIFA 17 Coins and Points with ample supply and prompt delivery, which let players enjoy the game and save their time. A more than 50 staffs of customer services team is always ready for every customer. 

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Candy
Company: SOFTISLAND Inc.
Phone: +1 530 264 8228


06, October 2017: A book is the best guide a person can have. It is important to read informative books that can help youngsters to learn about the future and the past. People should keep a change on the new systemic enhancements in order to read proper books that bring a positive change in life. One of the writers who have been writing informative books in order to guide youngsters is Justin DeCleene.

It is important to make a proper research on the books available in the market before buying one. The development of a person depends on the kind of books he reads. internet of things is developing fast and it is important for people to incorporate it in their life. In order to keep a track on the latest developments and stay updated with the modern environment youngsters need to read books. New journals and books mainly focus on sustainable development for present as well as future generations. Justin has a creative mind who aims to provide information to all the youngsters who don’t have access to books and the internet. Technology has come as a revolution in the present world and it has brought a big change in every sector.

cognitive science has the ability to help people incorporate positive things from the external environment. Justin’s work on books based on medical science and technology is based on true facts. He came out with a book named “Medical Adventures” and it was based on real life facts. Written in the year 2008 this book was started when Justin was diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis. These books mainly focus on helping people to go through a process of self realisation. In order to train youngsters it is important a book in an interesting way in order to generate a desire to learn.

artificial intelligence is mainly used in the manufacturing sector where machines are involved. Even various e-commerce companies have started using artificial intelligence to incorporate strong database of its users. Youngsters who are on the verge to develop start-ups can go through the books written by Justin in order to learn more about artificial intelligence. Technology, business and science are interrelated. Reading more about the present environment and the history of any region helps in understanding the culture of that region.

internet regulation helps in keeping their account safe through the privacy options. The advent of social networking websites has made people prone to data hacking. Reading important facts about privacy and safety helps people understand the importance. Justin’s books also focus on information systems that make people aware about internet regulation and safety.

About Justin DeCleene:

Justin DeCleene is a writer who has come up with various informative books on business and technology. He writes of various niches and focuses on guiding youngsters.

For Media Contact:
Company: Justin DeCleene


05, October 2017: A UK travel company are reporting a huge spike in holiday bookings to Egypt. A1 Travel is delighted to see that a number of UK holiday goers are choosing Egypt as a destination to spend the coming months of winter weather. 

The travel company has seen a particular spike in holidays being booked to visit Red Sea destinations such as Hurghada and Marsa Alam. Hurghada is the perfect destination for a family looking for a trip in the winter and even has it’s own wet and wonderful water park. As well as this, there’s a stunning aquarium with a variety of aquamarine life and an open-air museum with astounding sand cultures. 

Marsa Alam is filled with resorts perfect for relaxing, with beautiful golden sands close by. With its incredible beaches stretching for miles, Marsa Alam is the ideal place for fun in the sun for couples and families on winter breaks. 

These incredible locations have led to a massive 22 percent increase in holiday bookings compared to bookings last year during the same time period. According to A1 Travel, the many tourist activities and attractive destinations aren’t the only reason why Egypt is so popular. These destinations present a cheap, affordable option for families looking to escape the winter chill without breaking the bank. 

Nick Lima, of, commented: “Egypt has always offered great value, fantastic weather and a good selection of quality hotels to suit any budget. There are currently some great all-inclusive deals to the region, so we’d recommend people consider because Egypt is the perfect destination for some affordable winter sun.” 

A1 Travel is a website dedicated to bringing cheap and cost friendly holiday options to UK customers. The business prides itself on having a website that is easy to use and that regularly lists a wide range of different offers and opportunities for holidays around the globe. A1 Travel is run by Chadwell Travel LTD, an independent travel company with more than thirty years of experience on the market. Their site regularly offers some of the most competitively priced holidays on the market, ensuring that UK customers can always find the best deal. 

The company is delighted to see that doom and gloom media stories have not put a dampener on the desire of British families to enjoy a few weeks in the sun. A1 travel are thrilled they can provide this opportunity with fantastic deals throughout the winter season. Winter is becoming a more popular option for UK families eager to get their time on golden sands away from the crowds and Egypt seems to be one of the most popular destinations for this. With low prices on holidays readily available and fantastic deals, A1 Travel certainly expects this trend to continue in the coming months. 

Information on Egypt holidays and packages available from A1 Travel can be found on their website. Alternatively, the company can be contacted directly with the information provided below. 

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Nick Lima
Address: 1st Floor, 516 High Road,
Ilford, IG3 8EG United Kingdom
Phone: 07788421683


03, October 2017: On 04, October 2017, author Jayne Joan-Grange launched her very first Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to convert her novel Bewitched, into an audiobook. Jayne has created a story, which brings to light the power of tolerance with the message that love can surpass all boundaries – culture, political influence, gage and even the most uncertain peril.

Many people ask her why she decided to launch an audiobook. In present’s world, people have less or no time to sit down, relax and read a book. However, that does not denote that they do not enjoy escaping to one. Audiobooks are a great way to share stories to a huge deal of people whatever they are doing.

Bewitched isn’t just an ordinary audiobook. It’s an audiobook one will love to listen to while cuddling against their other half. It’s a love story that will surely carry tears to one’s eyes, a story that will bring on for years and years and story one should remember.

All proceeds raised for this project will go straight towards producing the digital audiobook of Bewitched at the Voice Trax West Recording Studio along with Actor Glenn Ratcliffe and Andrew Feliciano. The actor Glenn Ratcliffe will be the main narrator of the audiobook and will it will be directed by Amy Rubinate.

Further, once the campaign goes over the first stretch of $30,000, they will add new marketing programs as they go along until the full marketing campaign is achieved. The list includes:

- Newsmaker Publicity Campaign Advertising
- Book Placement, Signings, and Galleries
- Book Reviews
- Online Marketing
- Publicity Campaigns
- Publicity Services
- Radio Services
- Video Marketing

About Jane Joan-Grange:

Jane Joan-Grange grew up in Kenya and then, later on, moved to France together with her husband and two lovely children. She now lives in Los Angeles, California.

About Kickstarter:

Launched on April 28, 2009, Kickstarter is a huge global community that helps people; from filmmakers, musicians, artists, designers and other creators to find their resources and help them to make their ideas a reality.

For more information, kindly visit the Kickstarter page at or contact the creator below.

For Media Contact:
Contact: Jane Joan-Grange